Rebuilding The Florida Keys After Hurricane Irma

The Florida Keys

Hurricane Irma has gone down as one of the largest, most intense tropical storms in history. Its pure size and destructive power left much of Florida, particularly its southern and coastal regions, in disrepair. But no area was quite as devastated as the Florida Keys.

In just one night, resorts, residences and businesses were all but leveled in Irma's wake. Vast sections of the region lived without power for weeks. Restoring what had been lost would be no easy task; for many electrical companies, it would be impossible.

Electrical works is proud to be the company on call in the Keys, restoring power and pride to the RV and mobile home resorts that were destroyed there. Pads and pedestals were missing. Trenches needed digging. Power installations needed to be completely replaced.

No job is too big for our professionals. We accomplished in weeks what would have taken another company months. New pedestals. New wiring. A new start. No matter the job, big or small, Electrical Works makes it work.

Serving Florida

We are proud to have served the Florida community for the past 20+ years. Our customers stretch across many different counties across the state.

10 Tips To Prepare For Summer Storms

10 Tips To Prepare
For Summer

Florida’s stormy summer season is upon us. It’ll be muggy, it’ll be windy, and it will rain—prime conditions for a park-wide blackout. Though your seasonal RVers are long gone, those who remain may not know what’s coming or how to prepare. Here are our six storm preparedness tips to pass along, as well as four tips for your own grounds:



Take down awnings in stormy weather. Make a habit of taking them down at night, no matter what. In particularly bad weather, consider pulling in your slide-outs as well.


Invest in an RV-safe surge protector. In a park-wide power surge, an extra layer of protection could save your circuits.


Have battery-operated devices on hand. Flashlights, fans and radios. Some people stock LED lanterns for a wider range of light. Don’t forget the batteries!


Keep your devices fully charged at all times. Invest in a car charger in case the outage lasts longer than your battery life.


Stock up on water and non-perishables. Ideally, you should have enough to last everyone 3 days. Don’t forget a manual can-opener.


Have a backup plan. In the event that winds or storms become hurricane-force winds, an RV is not a safe place to stay. Plan on relocating to a shelter or to a friend or family member’s home and keep an emergency bag handy.



Clear the area around your power equipment. Any trees, plants or unsecured equipment and debris can come loose and damage your equipment, which can quickly turn a short-term outage into a long-term one.


Install manual overrides in electric devices, such as security gates and utility boxes. Be sure you know how to use them.


Invest in upgrades and maintenance. Electrical Works specializes in RV and Mobile Home park maintenance. We can make your park more powerful, more efficient and less costly to you.


Keep your residents informed. Have a communication plan in place so they know when to expect power to be restored.