Grounded And Ungrounded Receptacle Outlets-Is There A Difference?

The rising cases of electrocution and electric fires in Atlanta homes have made many of us think about the kind of conductors that we should ask Atlanta Electricians to install in our homes to make them safe.

In old Atlanta homes, especially the ones built before the 1960s, it is common to see 2 pronged ungrounded receptacle outlets as compared to 3 pronged grounded receptacle outlets that are used in modern buildings. One of the biggest benefits of using a grounded electrical conductor is that it can reduce your family from fatal electrical shocks whenever you are working on an electrical appliance.

It was during the '70s that the National Electrical Code (NEC) made it mandatory to install grounding conductors in every branch of a home electrical circuit. Also, with many Atlanta residents getting increasingly dependent on various electronic gadgets for their daily needs, electrical contractors in the city got many calls to upgrade their 2 pronged outlets to 3 pronged grounded conductors so that there are lesser chances of injury due to electric shocks.

If you are trying to decipher the difference between ungrounded and grounded conductors, call electrical contractors in Atlanta for more information. In case of an ungrounded receptacle, you can surely find yourself lying on the floor if you touch a loose wire or try operating an electrical device during voltage surges. On the other hand, a grounded conductor provides an easy path to the access current to flow to the world best conductor, the earth, in case of a voltage fluctuation.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not ground your electrical appliance simply by replacing a 2 prong receptacle with a 3 prong receptacle. You will need to rewire your entire home if you want your home and all the electrical gadgets to be properly grounded. Rewiring your entire home may place a lot of burden on your pocket and so, the NEC has issued guidelines, using which you can safely ground your devices without spending thousands of dollars. In fact, if you replace the receptacles only, it is considered against the electrical code and is illegal. You can contact reliable electrical contractors in Atlanta to help you ground your devices by spending very little.

As per Section 406 of NEC 2008, the following can be done in case your home in Atlanta has ungrounded outlets:

  • Replace existing 2 pronged outlets with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.
  • Replace the outdated receptacle with a grounded receptacle that supplies power through Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)
  • Changing the complete wiring and the receptacles is a good option for people who are planning to renovate their home or have installed any new electric gadgets in their home. If you cannot afford complete rewiring, you can replace the outlets you use more often first.

To ground your valuable electrical devices and to keep your family members safe, get your electrical outlet checked by efficient Atlanta electricians.

Solutions to Minor Electrical Problems

It is impossible to imagine your life without electricity in present day Atlanta. From preparing our morning cup of tea to using an elevator, we cannot survive without electricity, and therefore, we need to immediately make repairs if there is any problem with our wiring or electronic gadgets back home. We often need to hire the services of a trained Atlanta Electrician for making the repairs, as electrical wires and gadgets should be handled with care.

The Basics Of Home Automation Systems

If you like convenience you will probably be interested in home automation. Florida has some of the best companies in the country delivering just the type of service you are looking for. These Answers will combine your audio and video equipment in a single, functional, and easy-to-use system.

A company specializing in full service home automation in Florida will service the entire Southeast region. They believe that technology was created to enhance our lives, and not complicate it. For that reason, they have studied their field of expertise so thoroughly that they are now able to provide their customers with the highest level of customization possible today. Their team is so skilled; they can create a smart home in which all the electronic amenities are consolidated into one simple operating system, with a user interface consisting of wall mounted key pads, touch panels, or even wireless touch panels.

If you are considering home automation in Florida, you will have to decide which components you want to incorporate into your system. The following list entails some of the features many consumers will ask to be incorporated when planning their home automation system.

• Home theater systems – It is very convenient to control your TV, DVD player, tuner, etc. with a few buttons or screen touches.
• Audio systems – One remote control for your entire surround sound system will make it so much easier when you are having a party.
• Lighting – Setting the mood is a breeze if you do not have to leave the couch.
• Surveillance systems -In your futuristic home you can also control your security and surveillance equipment all with one universal controller.

Occupancy Sensor Switches – What Are They and How Can They Help My Electric Bill?

Did you know that by making use of occupancy sensor switches, one can bring about a saving of almost 35-40% on electricity bills?

The energy crisis and growing inflation has forced homeowners and corporate houses in Atlanta to think about drastic measures that can help them save electricity. Leaving lights and fans on in an unoccupied room is one of the major sources of energy waste in homes and offices alike. It doesn't come as a big surprise that Atlanta electricians are getting a large number of calls to install these automatic devices at various locations across Atlanta.

What are occupancy sensor switches?

An occupancy sensor is a kind of motion detector. These sensors can analyze and determine whether a room is occupied or is empty, and therefore turn the lights off and on as per the requirements. These automatic sensor switches can be installed easily, and can be easily fitted into the existing system. Occupancy sensors not only help in controlling the lights in a room, but can also be used for controlling the air conditioner in the room. These switches can be installed both in the interiors of homes and businesses.

Benefits of using these devices:

  • Enjoy energy savings with these motion detector switches: – You may be indifferent about the energy lost if you step out of a room with the lights still on for about 15-20 minutes, but if you repeat the process a couple of times during the day for the entire month, your power bills will witness a huge surge. Therefore, calling an electrical contractor in Atlanta to install occupancy sensors is a good idea if you do not want to waste energy needlessly.

You may be an eco-friendly person and want to make every effort to switch off the lights when you step out, but your friends, family, and colleagues may not do the same. Instead of constantly nagging such people, opting for these devices makes more sense.

  • Lower electricity bills as a result of consumption of electricity will help you save on your bottom line. Save money with these occupancy sensors.
  • Convenient and cost effective device: Occupancy sensor switches can prove to be extremely helpful and would also assist you in saving time during various situations. For example, you do not have to fumble in the dark to locate the wall switch after you arrive home late at night. Sometimes, while entering or exiting the room, your hands are so full that you are unable to switch on / off the light. Again, these automatic devices come to your rescue in such cases.

The biggest advantage of using occupancy sensor switches is that they can be easily installed in your existing room by an experienced Atlanta electrical contractor. Enjoy sustainable energy and money saving by opting for these eco-friendly devices.

The Power Machine

Electricity is considered as the most basic and common form of energy. It contains positive and negative charges. These charges are the ones involved in an electrical reaction. How electricity is created is indeed a complex thing to discuss. It requires a deeper understanding in terms of physics and other branches of science such as chemistry. At this present generation, the entire universe is using electricity in all aspects of life.

Electricity or power is one of the most essential things that must be supplemented in a certain house. Even though a house can still survive without the presence of electricity, it is still more convenient to have a stable supply of power at all times. It protects the family from possible accidents and other forms of danger.

People nowadays entrust their daily activities on electricity. At this modern generation people depend on electricity for them to accomplish or finish the tasks that are assigned to them. Computers are indeed one of the things that help humans to finish their tasks easily; however computers and other types of machines are still useless without the presence of electricity. The main thing here is the importance of electricity.

Sudden blackout and power shortage are among the common problems when it comes to power. There are unexpected instances that power becomes limited for its consumers. Accidents and other calamities may also contribute to the reasons why sudden power shortage occurs. Without the presence of electricity, people will surely have a hard time doing their jobs. They will no longer finish their tasks on time because of the absence of power.

The entire community will be affected when there is a power interruption. The lives of several people might be in danger due to such incident. However in order to prevent these things from happening, gas generators were created and introduced to the public. It is now one of the essential things that a certain establishment must possess in order to ensure the safety and quality of their production.

Gas generators are more convenient to use compared to other forms of generators. It is powered with gasoline and it can also act as an electric generator. The good thing about gasoline generators is that it mainly depends on the amount of gasoline that you are going to use. You will have the chance to divide the amount of gasoline that you are going to use depending on the length of time. During power shortage or disconnection, generators take place as the primary substitute. It allows its users to continue their work even without the presence of electricity.

Nowadays several stores are selling generators in very affordable prices. Even though generators would usually cost you a big amount of money you are assured with its performance and ability. It can save you from all sorts of accidents such as fire due to candles. It also allows you to continue your work using your computer without any delay. However you should also be prepared with its noise.

All About A Whole House Surge Protector

Many electronics like computers, DVR's, and digital answering machines are sensitive to fluctuations in electrical current. These electrical surges or spikes are caused by many things including lightening storms, faulty wiring, or an issue with the power delivery lines. A common surge or spike protector is a great defense against these issues as it will divert any excess electricity to a grounding wire instead of passing it along to the connected devices.

This ensures the devices plugged into the protector will receive a steady supply of power. Another option to protect these devices is to simply unplug them. However, many of these items will be left plugged in when a person is not home and things like spikes from the transformer lines cannot be predicted or anticipated.

Therefore a great investment for a family with a houseful of expensive electronic equipment is a whole house surge protector.

A whole house surge protector is wired directly to the electric panel of the house and will automatically siphon off any electrical surges before they even enter the wiring of the home. This is extremely convenient as the individual protectors will no longer be required.

Even sensitive equipment can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet without fear that it will be damaged during storms or other issues. Most of these protectors will require installation by a professional electrician. Whole house surge protector is rarely sold to the public and must usually be purchased through a supplier or the electric company.

Some manufacturers even offer a warranty for electrical equipment if it is damaged after the protector is installed.

Does My Property Need Electrical Testing?

All electrical installations deteriorate over time due to general wear and tear, this can cause issues such as an electrical shock hazard or an electrical fire. Regulations also change or are updated as new equipment becomes available and when thoughts on electrical safety change.

A domestic property should be tested at least every 10 years although I believe it should be every 5 years, electrical testing for commercial property should be done every 1 to 5 years depending upon it's purpose. Having an electrical inspection and test completed on your property is essential as although the lights, electrical sockets and other electrical equipment may seem to be working perfectly well that may not be the case behind the scenes there may be a loose wire or broken terminal, or the electrics may have not been installed correctly in the first place and if there was to be a fault the fuses or circuit breakers may not operate properly if at all!

If you are moving into a property or recently moved into one and you are not sure of the state of the electrical installation then it is well worth instructing a qualified electrician to check out the electrics, you never know the previous owner may have been a DIY cowboy thinking he or she could do their own electrics to save a bit of money and 'cut corners' without even knowing it.

So what's involved in electrical testing?

Firstly an inspection of the accessories (sockets, lights and switches) is carried out. this takes up about 70% of the process and most problems can be found during this time, next testing of the wiring is completed and the results noted on the inspection certificate along with the particulars of the electrical installation and any problems that may have been observed . the time it takes to complete an electrical inspection and test depends on the size of the property and how many circuits there are, generally for a 3 bedroom house it would take approximately 4-6 hours if the electrician you have hired does it properly. Do be aware if an electrician says they can do a full inspection and test quicker than this, then they will not be doing a good job and it'll be money wasted and you can not be sure the installation will be safe.

If you do not have a recent electrical report or certificate for the installation then it is advisable to have one done ASAP.

Electricity Comparison Websites and Their Benefits

In current Texas energy market, there are lots of options available to energy consumers in deregulated areas. Yet it's a hard decision to decide which one is the right provider since each and every retail provider has his own terms and conditions for electricity contracts. So, there was a dire need of someone who could guide the power and gas consumers take the right decisions by choosing the right energy provider. This phenomenon helped comparison websites evolve as problem solvers. Today there are as many Electricity Comparison websites available as one can think and power and gas consumers are using them.

If someone tells you about your deficiencies, it will be easy for you to make them up. The comparison websites also perform the same function. They tell you where you're standing and what have you consumed so far. They guide you how much you can save in case you switch to another provider. There are comparison of electricity rates provides by different retail electric providers and it becomes easier for you to assess which one is better for your energy needs.

On the basis of a couple of simple questions, Comparison Websites provide you with all the data about your previous year electricity consumption. They tell you about your savings on electricity usage and also guide you what can your further save if your switch to another electricity provider. All this data and analysis is provided for free and you can do it on your own. A simple search on search engine will open up a lot number of sites offering these comparisons for free.

Switching to a retail electric provider has been a time consuming process and that's why a large number of people avoid switching and remain stick to their previous provider. However, with the emergence of these websites, this difficulty has been solved and now people can easily switch to an electric provider of their choice.

What Are The Most Common Electrical Problems?

There are four common electrical inconveniences which may cause an electrical fire and needs to be dealt with immediately by a expert electrical service professional, who may effortlessly discover the inconvenience and resolve it. The inconveniences are irregular power levels, Power surges, reoccurring circuitry and over-powered circuits.

Irregular power levels happen if there's a inconvenience inside the circuitry, which is often loose. Check out the circuitry from the line to the plug whether it's frayed or unprotected. In case of frayed circuitry get rid of the defective portion of the circuitry with a cutter. Utilizing strippers you can get rid of the plastic covering, unprotecting the wires and afterward connect back getting your electrical unit starting again.

Power surges cannot be controlled by the consumer, due to the fact that they occur if there's a raise of power levels from the electrical energy company. The system gets over-powered and the electrical device is shut off. If you mount power bars, you can connect your electrical gear to it. With its in-built system all Power surges pass through it, not causing any other harm. Reoccurring circuitry often happens when not all circuitry is used, and live wires are left open without being non-connected. This may occur if you have relocated to a new house.

If you add on power levels outlets utilizing the prevailing circuitry, you may be confronted with over-powered circuitry. It's a shortcut process, and if a number of electrical devices are plugged, there may be short fuses. Electrical service professionals may check out the power levels drain on each and every system and correspondingly organize the circuitry, to make sure that there's equal power in each and every system.

Check out the source of any sort of electrical inconvenience that happens in the house, whether you're having inconveniences with unsteady lighting or computer crashes, for the reason that it's often a circuitry inconvenience and may effortlessly be repaired. Keep in mind that when it comes to electrical inconveniences, it is never not best to contact a expert Electrical service professional to mend the fault.

PVC Coating on the Wire – The Difference It Makes

Polyvinyl chloride refers to the third most preferred and produced plastic. Its main application is in construction as is very durable, easily assembled as well as cheap. The main use of PVC is in coating the wires; PVC coated wire and PVC insulated wires comes with great benefits. PVC is most commonly used for insulation of electric wiring. One of the most important aspects of PVC is that it prevents fire hazards; this aspect makes it very popular in the electrical domain.

When you are dealing with electrical wiring it is essential to ensure that safety is given first priority. Risk for fire increases greatly where electricity wiring is not done properly. Wire with PVC-coating can release HCl fumes; chlorine assists in eliminating free radicals and cause fire retardation. HCl on the other hand liquefies. As a result coated or insulated wire serves a vital purpose in the electrical domain to create power cable, etc.

Power cable which is polyvinyl chloride coated not only prevents fire hazards but also remains preserved from moisture and water.

PVC is low in cost and serves as an excellent corrosion resistance. It has retarded oxidation properties, insulating, and resilient properties which makes it an excellent material to coat copper and aluminum wires in power cables and electrical power cable. PVC coated wire has a longer service span and comes in various colors in case the customers gets more choice. They mostly come in lack, white and green.

PVC coated iron wire also has a common use as chain link fences used mainly in industrial security fences, tennis courts as well as freeways. PVC coated fencing is known to be one of the bets kind of fencing providing an aesthetic look. It can also face extreme harsh weather including heat of up to 50 degree Celsius; it is also resistant to ultraviolet rays. The PVC coated wire comes from 2.0 mm to 6.0 mm. They are resistant to corrosion, aging and different kinds of weather.

There are various metals used in making wiring which are coated by PVC. The wire products include copper, iron wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized iron wire as well as brass wire. However the main use of PVC coating is still in making electrical wiring using copper. PVC coated wire drastically reduces fire hazards and makes wiring safer. With the increasing utility of PVC the overall PVC manufacturing is assumed to exceed 40 million tons in few years.