Various Ways of Installing Kitchen Plugmold

The average American kitchen is comprised of different kinds of kitchenware, including appliances such as microwave oven, coffee maker, bread toaster, convection oven, food processor, electric stove, blender, and other food preparation appliances. While other appliances can be plugged on the wall's outlet, the number of appliances that can be plugged is limited, in which case, a kitchen plugmold becomes necessary.

Kitchen plugmold is just like any other outlets. The difference lies on the installation. While typical wall outlets are embedded on concrete, a kitchen plugmold is installed on the surface where you can see where the surface raceway is mounted.

Kitchen plugmolds can be installed in several ways:

Under the cabinet kitchen plugmolds. The plugmold is mounted under the cupboard, just above the backsplash. This is done if you want to hide the plug strips and do not want to mount plugmolds on the wall of the backsplash. One disadvantage is that you can't actually see the outlet when you need to plug your appliances and you may need to duck every time you're going to plug or unplug it. Finding the right length and splicing the plugmolds can also be a problem so if you want under the cabinet kitchen plugmold, hire an electrician that suits the job.

Bottom of kitchen countertops. Plugmolds are located just under the countertops and the backsplash. While this configuration also hides away the outlet and the dangling cords, the cords itself can be a problem since you can trip on the cord (if the cord is too long) or accidentally remove it since you are moving frequently inside the kitchen.

Angled kitchen plugmold. The plugmolds run on the side of the cabinet and can be spotted directly, which makes it easy to plug and unplug appliances. Angled plugmold can also be installed under the cabinet, just mount the flat plugmold on an angled surface (wood, metal, etc) and you can still achieve the same effect of angled plugmold on the side of the cabinet. However, angled plugmold (cabinet side) limits the number of outlets that can be installed. Appliances with short cords can also be a problem with angled plugmolds.

Over the backsplash. This is the most common location where plugmolds are mounted. The plugmold strips are mounted just above the tiles, sometimes running halfway to the end of the tiles.

Kitchen plugmold is mounted on kitchen countertops and over the backsplash to add new outlets where traditional outlets are not applicable. If you need to install or mount plugmolds on your kitchen, refer to the National Electrical Code to ensure that you can mount plugmolds on the kitchen's specific area. The plugmold must also be protected with a GFCI or a ground-fault circuit interrupter to ensure that the plugmold does not overload. There are specific wiring assemblies that need to be followed when mounting outlets on wet locations or locations where the surfaces are frequently washed or damp. To ensure safety and protection, hire a licensed electrician to install and mount the kitchen plugmold for you.

How Does an Electrician Bid?

An electrical service provider bid can look steep to you, but it's essential on your behalf to understand the projects that an estimate ought to consist of in an attempt to recognize what should be in the bid. If a certified professional electrical contractor offers you an estimate, it must consist of a clearly-written listing of all the assignments that need to be finished. It should consist of the asking price of the overall construction, a detailed presentment of the job, agreements of fee and the amount of hours demanded for the job. A sufficient electrical bid will as well include any extra payments that might occur at the time of the work.

There are basically two ways of calculating electric bids: configured on square foot or an itemized estimate. New job electrical bids are configured on a square ft. root. The electrician quotes the varying estimates by the square foot of the new construction and includes everything his prices in that estimate. If you phone an electrical contractor for restorations or supplements in a service that already exists, you will receive a written down quote. The jobs which have to be carried through and the supplies which are demanded will be itemized. Charges are written distinctly, including expenditure hourly and expenditure of materials. You should not have a problem knowing the details in the electric estimate. In case you do not apprehend something, it's better for you to inquire about it before the electrical contractor begins the work.

Specify the fee terms before beginning with the job. If the job is a very large new job, most electrical service professionals ask for a downward expense, which is an acceptable practice. But if the fixes are less than $ 1500 and the service professional requests a downwards expense from you, you ought to be suspicious. The previous fee must be made when the job is completely done, and has been reviewed by you and you are fully satisfied.

If the job is big, it's ill-advised to agree to an un-restricted agreement. A certified professional electrical contractor's bid will present you a completion day. For brand-new assignments, set-backs might happen but make certain their justified. The electrical estimate must include any extra expenses, for instance, unexpected construction might add various added costs. It is highly recommended for you to have the entire electric quote on paper, because a quote is a binding contract. Don't be fulfilled with electric quotes which are given from word of mouth. Printed paperwork is helpful equally to the satisfied customers and the electrician.

The Many Uses Of Electricity In The Home

Electricity is an invention that has changed the lives of everyone in the world. Starting in the home, electricity has many uses. If one finds that their electricity is not working, then they may want to invest in some lighting parts or lighting supplies to fix their lamps. Lamps are useful because if you have it on then you can see in the dark. Electricity can heat a whole house instead of people depending on burning wood or coal for heat. Because of electricity, people can be comfortable in their home in the winter time. Electricity heats air and then proceeds to blast it through a labyrinth of pipes and passages then warm air emerges from vents that are placed strategically throughout one's house. Air conditioning is also fueled by electricity and works in the same way but has the opposite effect rather than adding warmth to the home, the air conditioning make it cool and is often used during the summer months.

Electricity is used in food preparation in most modern households. Ovens can be used to cook a variety of things including casseroles, cookies, meat, fish, cupcakes, and even sausages. Most ovens have the option of choosing the temperature that one want to cook something at. There is also usually a timer so that one can time the meal or treat that they are cooking. Microwaves are an invention that uses electricity and cooks smaller things in a much quicker time. One can make pasta, hot drinks, soup, eggs, and broccoli in a microwave. One can even reheat a previous meal and eat it as leftovers. Popcorn is a popular microwave treat. Refrigerators also use electricity and they work to keep food cool and fresh so that its shelf life can be longer. This allows people to go to the grocery store less since they can save more food.

Television is more of a form of entertainment but it uses electricity as well. Many people watch TV shows and often have a favorite. There are thousands of channels and there is something to watch for everyone. If one does not want to watch a channel, then they can watch a DVD. There are movies that fall under every genre and every interest topic. One can even purchase movies from cable channels if they do not have any DVD's. Things such as an Xbox, a Wii, and a game cube are gaming systems that plug into TV's. People can play all kinds of games and fitness activities on these devices. They are especially popular with elementary to high school age boys.

There are all sorts of smaller household gadgets that people use that need electricity to work. Alarm clocks are used by many people in order to wake up in the morning. Many women use a curling iron, hot rollers and blow dryers in order to style their hair. Clocks, lamps, and stereos are also popular. Computers also use electricity and are probably the most popular device in the world. Printers also run on electricity.

Protect Your Home From Floods With A Sump Pump Battery Backup System

When looking for a primary or secondary unit, a sump pump battery backup unit will protect the home from many types of water catastrophes that may occur unexpectedly.

There are several reasons to consider purchasing one of these units and they will provide greater piece of mind when a homeowner is away for any length of time.

Flooding can occur at any time. Whether it happens because of torrential rains for several days, a water main breakage or rapidly melting snow, it can get into the basement quickly and cause damage to the home, not to mention the items that may be stored down there.

Incidents of flooding can lead to a cracked foundation, which a homeowner may not be aware of while on vacation. The device works to remove water quickly and in most cases does a great job.

There are plenty of times when severe storms, heavy snowfall and several inches of rain can lead to power outages. In such cases, a regular electric device will no longer be able to function and remove water from the basement.

Using a product that has a secondary non-electric power source is a great idea to keep the base dry in such instances. In some cases it may save the home from damage or from insurance claims, which may raise rates.

Products like this are sold in many places where home products can be found, such as in hardware stores, home improvement centers and building supply stores.

Prices range of sump pump battery backup is from $ 200 to $ 500, depending on brand and output of the secondary power source. You will find names like Craftsman, Zoeller, Wayne and Pentair.

How An Electrical Contractor Can Help With Telecommunications

Electrical contractors are just not limited to electrical installation and repairs. They can also help with data / telecommunication installations.

Technology has moved such a rapid pace that phone systems are now being integrated with various computer systems. Phone companies are focusing their attention elsewhere than telecommunication installation. It is becoming more common for an electrical contractor to do telecommunication installations. Electrical contractors can do installations in both residential and commercial buildings. The advantage of having an electrician doing different types of installations is that it is a one-stop shop. You save time. You also only have to deal with one contractor rather than two or three.

Having an electrical contractor help with telecommunication installation is especially helpful in the commercial area. Businesses buy computers, intercom and elaborate phone systems that can be very complicated to install. The equipment needs to meet special power requirements to run properly. The items also need to have certain wiring in place. An electrical contractor will have the experience to wire all the components together. The contractor will also make sure everything has the correct power sources.

Industrial buildings, like warehouses and factories, are also places were contractors with electrical experience are doing more telecommunication installations. They will often help install cabling, wiring and computers. The projects may also include installing phone and intercom systems as well as networking wiring and equipment.

If you need to upgrade a system, then a skilled electrician can also help with the upgrade. Like any other system, computers and communication tools need to be replaced. An electrical contractor can inspect your current system. Contractors can see what components are starting to wear out. When upgrading the system, they will make sure everything is up to code. Making sure everything is up to code ensures safety.

Finally, a service more people should take advantage is surge protection. Power surges can damage electrical equipment, especially computers. By having surge protection, you can protect your investment. A qualified electrician can install surge protection in a certain area or throughout an entire building.

With all the many changes happening with telecommunications, an electrical contractor is a great resource to have. Many electricians continue to obtain training to make sure they adapt to the changing technology. By continuing to learn and train, they can give you advice on the best products out there on the market. At the same time, they save you time on different types of installations.

Using a Commercial Electrician for a Residential Rewire

Last week, our company was secured to re-wire a house in the inner city of Atlanta. We found the house robbed of all the wire in the Attic and some of the wiring in the walls had been stolen. I took a Commercial Electrician and A Residential Electrician with me to perform the residential Re-Wire the home as fast as possible. The house was about 1,900 square feet in size. I purchased almost eight hundred dollars worth of wire. As I assessed the job, I had the guys to look over the job. My residential electrician only has three years of experience. The Commercial Electrician has fifteen years of electrical construction experience.

After several days of following electrical circuits throughout the house, I realized that my Commercial Electrician was not able to perform the Electrical Troubleshooting needed as well as the inexperienced residential wiring expert. As a Master Electrician, I understand the difficulty of troubleshooting this property. As a Commercial Electricians, we use power sources in different ways. Most Residential Electricians run the Grounded Circuit, otherwise known as the neutral, into the switch boxes. In a Commercial Electrical Construction setting, the Electrician would never enter a switch box with the grounded conductor. Also wiring circuit colors are limited in residential wiring settings. Usually only black, white, and sometimes red wires are used. It makes it difficult for the Electrical Technician to remember what electrical circuit goes with what Wire Color. In any event, both Electricians performed their Installations properly, with minimal problems. Just because someone tells you that they are Electrical Contractors does not mean that the group is specialized in that Electrical field. Generally, Commercial Electricians have the most well rounded skill wise. Generally their skill level far exceeds the Electrical Knowledge of the Residential Electrician. In this particular instance, the residential electrician had superior electrical service ability.

The Evolution of Electrical Surge Protector

I am a Master Electrician from Atlanta Georgia. I have been an Electrician for over twenty years. In the past few years, the evolution of surge protectors and or suppressors has been huge. At this point the National Electrical Code does not require Electrical Contractors to install surge protectors on electrical panels. I have installed over ten of these devices in residential electrical applications this year. Some of these Surge Suppression range in price, from fifty dollars to over three hundred dollars, for single phase, two circuits applications. The more expensive protectors provide electrical protection for the 120/240 circuits, also including telephone line and cable source buffers. They also include replaceable components so in the event of damage to the unit, a licensed electrician can replace the part without removing the entire suppression unit, while maintaining electrical protection.

Three phase Surge Protectors range in price from five hundred dollars to over two thousand dollars. The price depends on the electrical supplier and the amount of protection needed to ensure the electrical circuit's integrity. When I install these types of protection I usually charge my customers a flat hourly rate. Although this electrical installation is not the most difficult install I perform, I would not recommend installing this Electrical buffers yourself. Most insurance companies are beginning to provide discounts for property owners who have electrical upgrades installed on their property. Eventually, the National Electric Code will require Electrical Contractors to install this protection on all electrical panels. This protector is not the primary over current protection for your electrical system in your property, however, the protective equipment could be the most important component in protecting your property from fire damage.

Get The Most Effective Surge Protector In The Market

When a power surge occurs in your power supply, you can count on a surge protection device to prevent the excessive power from damaging your electronics. A properly installed protector will prevent all your connected electrical appliances and keep the internal components from failing or blowing up. This device can also prevent any fires that may occur due to overheating caused by faulty wiring. Faulty wiring is the main cause of fires in homes. By installing a good quality surge device for your appliances is crucial for your safety and the safety of your device.

When shopping for a good surge protector, make sure it has a high number in joules rating. Joules rating indicates the maximum amount of power the protector can accommodate before it fails. A protector with a high rating is the most ideal for homes. Check on other ratings on the surge protector to make sure that the protector can support all you electrical appliances' needs.

A surge protector has an electronic component called a MOV, which is a semi-conductor metal oxide varistor. This semi-conductor stops any power surge when the power supply fluctuates. it detects and attracts heat energy from appliances to a grounding area where the heat is safely dissipated. When there is a surge, the MOV heats up and triggers a mechanism that redirects power supply to the grounding mechanism. The grounding element diffuses the power surge by heating itself up using the excessive power then cooling off thereby neutralizing the threat.

Surge protectors may offer the best protection against power surges but it does not offer protection from lightning. Lightning causes power surges when it strikes. When lightening directly hits the power lines connecting your home, a surge protector will not be able to protect your electrical appliances. In fact, the power surge due to lightning will most likely damage all the electrical appliances connected to the power supply in your home even the surge protector will be damaged.

However, if there is an indirect hit that causes a power surge to your home, a power surge protector will be able to protect your devices. There is a different surge protection mechanism for home theaters and it involves Ethernet and phone line security and coaxial line protection used in conjunction with the normal outlet protection.

Basically a surge protection system offers protection to your appliances from surges that last for a few seconds or the whole day. However, you should know that even the best surge protectors fail, knowing when to make a replacement is important. Fortunately, modern devices have a mechanism that alerts you when the device fails.

Tips On Handling Power Outage

Power Outage is not something that we look forward to but in some countries, this is the norm for them. Yes, they would be faced with this challenging problem for at least three times a week or more and, the outage may last for more than two hours each time.

However, for countries that seems to have a grip of this valuable supply, occasionally, a line is cut unexpectedly, perhaps due to a storm and things along this line, occurs, we are faced with this challenge.

Some families may have a generator, in their homes and they would be able to give electricity to their family. However, all of us do not have this and during these times, the following suggestions may be helpful as we wait until the electricity supply is once more flowing to our home.

Keep Refrigerator Closed

It is best not to enter the fridge and freezer too often during this time because this would allow hot air to enter it and cold air to escape from it, thereby causing the food to spoil.

Then, if two hours passes and the electricity has not been restored, and the refrigerator and freezer, is not packed with food, get a lot of ice cubes, or crushed, it does not matter.

Then, if you have a cooler, put the ice inside of it, along with as much food as possible, from the fridge. It is best to put only the foods that would spoil quickly, inside of the cooler. This should help to keep them a bit longer.

Lamps Instead Of Candles

When it is possible, it is a good idea to use a lamp instead of a candle, to give light to the entire household. Additionally, if it could be hung, hanging it from a secure location and away from clothing material, paper, wood etc. would be best.

However, if using a lamp is not possible, care should be taken when using candles. Things should as outing them, when no one is in the room, keeping them away from the window and from children and things along this like should be observed.

Keep Children Close

When there is a power outage in the night, some children may not be too happy about it. They may not be able to watch their regular programs, play their usual games and do the things that they usually do. Additionally, they may be sacred.

Therefore, keeping them close-by would go a long way in calming them and this may be a good time to play some family games, tell some stories and things along this line.

How An Electrician’s Home Energy Audit Can Save You Money

The idea of ​​a home energy audit is simple. An audit checks areas of the home to see where energy is wasted or not efficiently used. Once these areas have been discovered, they can be properly addressed. An electrician who is trained to specifically look at common areas where energy is wasted in homes can conduct home energy audits.

Although homeowners are tempted to conduct a self-home energy audit, hiring an electrician to complete this audit will more than likely save you money in the long run.

As part of the energy audit, lighting will be looked at. An electrician would look at the different lighting fixtures. He or she will also look at what types of bulbs are used. Most of the energy used by incandescent light bulbs do not produce illumination but rather heat. The main purpose for using light bulbs is to illuminate a particular area. Throwing off heat is not its primary function, nor is it typically a wanted one. Replacing these inefficient light bulbs with Energy Star approved high-tech compact fluorescent ones will result in instant energy savings. LEDs are also becoming a popular alternative to replacing incandescent light bulbs.

How the lighting is controlled can be a big energy saver. Programmable timers, occupancy sensors, motion sensor lights, photocell controls are all good ways to save energy by controlling its use. An electrician can examine a home and determine which lighting control products are a good fit.

The greatest source of energy loss is with older appliances that eat up electricity or gas. Appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers and dishwashers use a lot of energy. An electrician can recommend energy efficient appliances that require a certain amount of investment upfront, but will be more economical to operate and maintain in the long run.

On a commercial installation, an electrician would do a cost savings and payback analysis for the company. This analysis would compare the savings achieved if the business were to convert to lighting that is more economical. There are also rebates available from local utilities as well as the federal government. An electrician can estimate how much customers would get back and assist in the application process.

Hiring an electrician to conduct a home energy audit is a small investment that could result in huge savings due to an increase in energy efficiency. An electrician will also provide tips and suggestions on how to further improve the energy efficiency of any family home.