Electrician Tips for Dealing With a Power Outage

If you are faced with a power outage the first thing NOT to do is panic. If possible call your electric company to check on the status of the outage. Most electric companies have a recording that will give you information on outages in your area and estimated time of restoration.

If you live in an area that is known for having power outages you should have basic supplies on hand. Water, canned food, blankets, flashlights and batteries are some of the basic supplies you should have. Three days worth of supplies is a good idea for emergency preparedness. A generator is another backup supply that is ideal to have on hand. There are several different generators on the market, ranging from low-powered ones that will run a few items to high-powered ones that will run a whole house.

Refrain from opening the freezer and refrigerator unless absolutely necessary. Keeping the doors closed will keep the cold air in and preserve your food longer. Food can normally stay in a refrigerator for up to 24 hours and in a freezer for up to 48 hours. Unplug any items that could be damaged when power is restored. Your television, stereo, computer and microwave our just a few of the items you should make sure are unplugged.

Tip: Leave one light on so you know when the power has been restored.

If you are faced with a power outage that's yours alone. You'll probably need a local electrician. If you're in Atlanta, for instance, you will want to do a few simple things before calling in an Atlanta electrical contractor. First you will want to check if the whole house has lost power or just a section of the house. If only a section of the house has lost power you can normally fix this buy flipping the proper switch on the breaker. If your house is affected by the outage contact your electric company to see if there is some sort of problem on their end.

If you are unable to restore power by flipping the breaker and talking with your electric company you should contact a professional. Messing around with electrical wiring when you are unsure of the issue can be dangerous and sometimes even deadly. A professional Atlanta electrician is your best bet to help you get power back on safely and quickly.

How To Look For A Good Electrician

If you are being troubled with your electric wires, appliances, or any other electrical problems, it is necessary that you immediately call an expert electrician. Probably, the very first thing that you will do is to attempt to solve the problem yourself. If you know that you cannot handle it, you will get your phonebook and look for an agency that can provide you with electrical services. And probably, the very first agency that your eyes will lay on will also be the one that you will call. If this is what you are doing, then there is a big chance that you might just end up with an inexperienced person. Perhaps, you may also be charged with very expensive fees and this can be very troublesome.

First and foremost, there is a need for you to be certain that the electrician that you are hiring is really professional. He should have also undergone numerous trainings and seminars so that he can hone his skills. Most importantly, he should be qualified. He should also have a license so that he can perform various electrical jobs. It is also much better if he already has years of experience behind him. This is very essential because you do not want to entrust your electrical problems with someone who is untrained and incompetent.

As much as possible, you should also already have an agreement as to what he will do and how much you will pay him before you actually start. You should also know the materials that he is going to use and how much they cost. You should not pay more than 30% of the initial cost. This is essential because you do not want to end up overpaying on some materials that are actually very cheap. It is also essential that you agree on the fees so that you will not have any problems afterwards.

As much as possible, you should look for an agency that can provide you with competent personnel. If you want, you can also browse through the internet and look for a good service. This is actually one of the easiest things that you can do as it is very convenient and practical.

You have to make sure that you will consider these things whenever you look for an electrician. These tips can help you make sure that you will get a good service with the right price.

Electricians Protect Against Electrocutions

Isn't it bizarre the way we only call in the help of specialists in some fields after our dilemma has reached the point of no return? That leaking water pipe in the bath room is usually left until the whole pipe blows up and the entire house ends up receiving an instantaneous wash! Why did we contact the local plumber sooner? And that bizarre noises the vehicle is all of a sudden making is typically dismissed until the engine ultimately blows up and we are trapped in the fast lane on the highway in peak hour traffic! Why did we phone the mechanic sooner?

In terms of electricity, we behave no different. Usually electricians are only called in after severe damage has already been caused! And with something as high-risk as electricity and wiring, that is naturally not such a responsible action!

It is easier than you think to detect small problems ourselves. Normally when a table lamp won't turn on, we'll first verify if the lamp fixture is correctly plugged in and switched on at the outlet. The next thing should be to check out if the light is working. Still no luck? With a bit of expertise on electrical power, it would be possible to ascertain if the lamp's switch is properly working and if the cable is not faulty. But other than that, there isn't a great deal more that the typical person on the street should experiment with. Don't try to be a super hero and electrocute yourself in the process. Call in the assistance of qualified electricians – the problem is perhaps more complex than it might appear in the beginning.

Just like any other professions, experienced electricians undergo in depth training. When wiring a house, business, car or even an aircraft it is of vital importance that the job is performed properly to avoid malfunction, mishaps or even electrocution!

Some people tend to be unwilling to call in the help of electricians until it's practically too late. Because electricians generally charge a callout fee on top of the work involved (even if the job takes them only five minutes to take care of) the client can often be left with (in their minds) a large bill. This is sometimes difficult to understand, as electricians are very competent and knowledgeable professionals. Would you, as a financial consultant, be prepared to drive to a customer for a meeting and offer your time and effort and professional advice free of charge? Or if you are a medical doctor, would you carry out a consultation without charging? Why then is it any different when it comes to occupations such as electricians, plumbing technicians and locksmiths? Even if your faulty socket took only 5 minutes to straighten out, it still probably took at least an hour out of the electrician's day.

Remember that electricity is a valuable resource that must be taken care of! In order to avoid using unnecessary electrical power; always unplug appliances when it's not being used. Make an effort to properly insulate your house so that the home stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter – by doing this you'll be able to cut back on your air conditioning and heater usage too!

Great electricians are friends in need – never forget what an important role they play in our lives!

Tips On Finding A Great Electrician To Take Care Of Your Wiring Needs

When you need an electrician, it can be a pretty daunting task finding the right one for the job. You should look for one early before you need them; that way you have time to look around and find a good one. Here are some ways to find a good one to do your important wiring work.

Ask A Friend

Everybody needs an electrician sometimes and there's a pretty good chance a friend of yours uses one they're happy with. The first place to look for this type of professional is with friends, co-workers, family members and anybody else you're close to. Getting a referral is the best way to find a trustworthy professional; if they're happy with the work, they'll be happy to pass them on to you.

Get Leads Online

These days, nearly every electrician has their own website. This gives you a taste of what they have to offer without you even having to leave your home. They'll usually explain their services and maybe even offer some information on their site that might be helpful. You can have a look at many in your local area using the web as well as their sites to narrow it down.

There are also a number of other resources online designed to help. There are websites especially designed to help you find this type of professional. As with most professions nowadays, there are also sites where you can see their ratings. Customers who have used their services before can leave ratings and comments to let you know how well they did their job. These can help greatly in avoiding hiring somebody who does less than professional-grade work.

Check Their Qualifications

Every electrician should be licensed. This means that they have to pass tests and log a certain number of hours working in their field. These professionals learn their trade through apprenticeships, and this certification shows that they've done theirs. They'll also have a valid permit from a building inspector. They will probably show you this upfront, but just in case they don't, ask them about it.

Just like anything, electrical work has many different subfields. Make sure that they're qualified to do the kind of work that you need them to do. If possible, find somebody who specializes in the kind of work you need, whether it's snaking wires, checking power circuits or maintaining service panels.

How Do They Communicate?

You'll need a professional who is easy to communicate with. You should start paying attention when they first pick up the phone. Are they easy to talk to? Do they ask lots of questions, and are they interested in your electrical problems? They should be friendly, courteous and interested in your problem. They should also be able to explain everything in layman's terms so that you can understand. After all, you're just a homeowner and not an electrical whiz.

Pick several services in your area and narrow the list down. Once you find a good electrician who does an excellent job, keep them and refer them to others. They'll come in handy whenever you need them.

Uninterrupted Power Supply With Power Distribution Units

Power distribution units or the PDU; occupy a prominent place in our daily lives. The need for uninterrupted power supply is essential in many places like hospitals, airports, data centers and so forth. The PDU is mainly used in places where there is extensive requirement of electricity.

What is exactly a Power Distribution Device?

The PDU is a device which distributes electric power to several smaller components. It provides power to several outputs from a single electrical input. There are many types of power distribution units available today. The most useful among them includes the portable PDU which aids in supplying non stop power for different uses.

The PDU is manufactured with the latest technological features which makes it an efficient and useful device. It is used in combination with UPS for ultimate results. These units are used for domestic as well as industrial purposes.

The power distribution units are greatly useful at times of power outrages. These units are made available in different configurations according to individual requirements. Some of the different types include the portable PDU, the vertical stand unit, the low profile horizontal unit and so forth.

The portable unit is widely and commonly used as it is compact in size and is easy to use. These units are also quite easy to install and is basically portable. Known to provide excellent back ups during power shortage, it is also called temporary PDU.

The power distribution units are used in construction and mining sites. The portable PDU is useful in areas where quick power back up is required urgently. It is also capable of sustaining rough climatic conditions and tough handling. Besides, it is capable enough to balance high amounts of power load.

Technologically Advanced PDU

Today there have been major technological breakthroughs in the production of power distribution units. The server cabinets are manufactured with smart strips that aid in measuring the power consumed through each electric unit.

The invention of remote controlled PDU is another major discovery which enables better utility and easy access. Most of these units are designed with simple features which makes it easy to use them. There are many benefits of using these units in data centers such as

Quick identification of problems

– Ability to resolve problems quickly
– Reboot the system
– Level of humidity, power and temperature of the center is monitored
– Logging events and reports are monitored precisely

There are mainly three types of power distribution units – the basic units, the metered units and the switched units.

The PDU can be bought along with the power distribution transformers from the business web portals. Before the purchase of these units, there are a few factors to consider such as the amount of power requirement, the price of the unit, the capability of the unit and the type of unit.

There are many varieties of PDU which can be bought at affordable rates from the online electrical stores. The PDU is the best alternative to meet unforeseen power outrages and to meet power shortages.

Should You Install a Home Surge Protector?

You never know when you may have something happen that can cost you thousands of dollars in damage. When most homeowners hear a statement like that, they typically think of a fire or an earthquake or something destructive like that. However, there are some destructive forces that you can't see that can completely ruin all of the electronics in your home. These destructive forces are known as power surges and they can easily cost you thousands or more in damage if you don't protect yourself from them. To stay protected from a power surge, it's recommended that you install a home surge protector, for your peace of mind and also to save yourself loads of money in the long run.

Searching for a Powerful Home Surge Protector

If you are like most homeowners, you want the very best surge protection for your home. That's why you need to do your homework to ensure you get the right brand and the right model for your home's needs. That includes going online and searching through products reviews, it requires going to your favorite online electronics or home theater shop to see which brands and which series are best sellers, and also to compare prices.

You don't want to trust your computer, your home theater or anything in your home / office to just any home surge protector. Instead, you want to do everything you can to make sure your home, your office, and even your garage are fully protected in case anything should happen. There are many surge suppressors to choose from, but only a few are going to fit directly with your requirements.

Asking for Help

If you're still not sure which brand and model series you should choose when searching for home surge protection, don't be afraid to ask someone. You could, for instance, contact your local electrician to ask him what home surge protector would be best for your house and all your theater quality electronics. You may just find that the electrician has a preferred brand, such as Belkin, and he may even offer to install it for you.

Speaking of installation of the home surge protector, make sure you get it professionally installed if you're not very proficient with handling electricity. You would hate to put yourself in danger when you're just trying to do your best to protect your home from any incidents. Even if it costs more than you'd like to spend, it's worth it when you know your home surge protection is perfectly installed and that all your electronics are safe.

Your job now as a homeowner is to shop for products that fit your needs and that will let you relax a little bit knowing that your home is safe from fire, break-ins, and, now, even really powerful power surges.

An Electrician Explains Circuit Protection Devices

Electricians install and replace circuit protection devices in many homes every year. They are an important part of an electrical system. The devices are also a crucial part of keeping your home safe.

Circuit protection devices automatically stop or reduce an electrical current's flow when a problem occurs in the system. The most well-know electrical problems are an overload or a short circuit in the wiring system. Common circuit protection devices include fuses, circuit breakers and ground-fault circuit interrupters.

Fuses and circuit breakers interrupt the electrical current when it goes past a safe level. The devices are located in your electrical panel to prevent overloading and fires. Overloading occurs when appliances demand more electricity than the electrical system can handle. Lightning can also cause the system to overload.

If the current goes past a safe level, a fuse opens once to stop the electrical current. A fuse must be replaced to reconnect the circuit. If you are unsure about replacing a fuse, then make sure to call an electrician to help.

A circuit breaker “trips” its switch to open the circuit. The circuit is reconnected by closing the switch manually. There are mainly two different types of circuit breakers used in houses. One has a control handle that swings all the way to “OFF” position when tripped. The other has an intermediate position close to the “ON” position. This position is sometimes it is difficult to see. An electrician can help pinpoint what is tripping your circuit breaker if you are uncertain. Both types of circuit breakers must be reset manually after you figure out what is overloading the system.

Fuses and circuit breakers prevent wires and other components from overheating. If the devices fail to work for some reason, it can cause an electrical fire.

Ground-fault circuit interrupters, or GFCIs, are used to prevent electrocution. Ground faults happen when a small imbalance occurs between the hot and neutral conductors. If the GFCI senses a change in the current, then it interrupts or stops power. The most common places for GFCIs are in outlets, however they may also be located as part of a circuit breaker. Many homes built before 1973 do not have GFCIs. They were not required before then. Homeowners who do not have GFCIs should have an electrician install them as the National Code specifies. Outdoor areas where tools are used should also have GCFIs.

An inspection by an electrician can determine if anything in your electrical system needs replacing, including circuit protection devices. It is important to maintain your electrical system for the safety of your home.

Interior Lighting to Improve the Aesthetic and Increase the Value of Your Home

Interior lighting greatly helps improve the aesthetic appeal of a home. This sets the mood in any room and can greatly enhance the beauty of the various elements present inside. The first time “feel” of a room is set through lighting and hence it is an integral part and also one of the most important parts of interior decoration in general.

Homeowners need to take lighting seriously not only because they can appreciate their own home much better and derive greater pleasure from it but also from an economic point of view. Homes with great interior lighting have a much higher resale value compared with homes that do not take this seriously. Thus the value of your home depends a lot on the interior lighting and you should make sure that you understand this important aspect of your home.

Different kinds of homes require different kinds of lighting. Also, different areas within a home need different kinds of lighting to add to their aesthetic appeal.

General lighting is the most common and its purpose is simply to illuminate the whole room. This is well suited for the living area and some bedrooms. One very good thing to consider with general lighting is to have the ability to dim the light to an ambient value, so that you can adjust the brightness.

In addition to general lighting, homes need to feature accent lighting as well. In contrast, the purpose of accent lighting is to illuminate only a certain portion of the home, usually an object or architectural element. Thus if you have an antique sculpture or a great piece of art, you would like to include accent lighting for it to highlight this object. Accent lighting helps give importance to objects in the room. It can also be used for bookcases, showcases, etc. that are prominent in a home.

Another type of lighting that is commonly overlooked is the task lighting that provides sufficient light for a particular task at hand, such as cooking, reading, etc. These lights are specialized and used for a certain purpose only. These are important if you want to carry out a task effectively and can be hugely beneficial. Task lights can also add a great element of style to the room. It is important that task lights make things easy without straining your eyes, so they should be glare free.

These lighting elements need to be combined in a home for each room. When selecting these kinds of lights, make sure you know what the purpose of the light is. For example, it is best to have soft and diffused lighting in the bathroom. Such diffused lighting is also ideal for a bedroom meant for a romantic encounter, as it sets just the right mood. On the other hand, this kind of lighting is ill suited for the kitchen or living room.

How to Discover Cheap Electricity

Due to the effects of what is globally known as global warming, there are a lot of people today who are looking for a device or an alternative to access cheap electricity. They are searching for one that could just have a minimal impact on the mother nature. But is there such a way to get cheap electricity without doing much damage to the environment?

The number one source of energy ever since the civilization of mankind is coming from fossil fuels. Second dominant source is water or also known as hydroelectric power. Followed by solar, wind, and the most current development, magnetic energy or magnetism. All sources mentioned above except for magnetic energy, require a huge cost to sustain their start-up needs together with the operation and maintenance expenses.

Aside form inventing technologies that could be less harmful to the environment and devices that saves a lot of energy like bulbs, humans are looking for ways to boost up the recent available power. Making or producing cheap electricity through unique but effective ways is the best means to have cheap electricity. There are vast manuals, do-it-yourself instructions, plans and blueprints available on the internet. All you have to do is to download them and use them as your guide to make alternative ways to create cheap electricity like wind turbines, solar panels, and magnetic generators.

Among the three alternatives, you have expenses to watch out for and material needed in setting up the instruments. Magnetic generators are the cheapest alternative. There is less danger in setting up this kind of instrument inside the house and the materials needed are widely available in different electronics and electrical shops.

Tamper-Proof Receptacles – What Are They and Are They for Me?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, about 236 children in Atlanta recently suffered severe burns and electrical shocks because they inserted their fingers or metallic objects in electrical slots.

It is also true that every year 2400 children across the US receive electrical injuries and over a dozen children below the age of six lose their lives due to the absence of tamper proof receptacles in their homes.

You need to be extra cautious if you have toddlers running around in your homes. They are inquisitive by nature, and you need to keep poisonous as well as sharp substances out of their reach; Also, you have to be extra cautious so that they do not insert their tiny fingers into electrical parts.

Taking into account the numerous injuries suffered by the infants, the National Electrical Code (NEC) issued guidelines in 2008 to include tamper proof receptacles in locations such as residential homes and daycare centers. All the municipalities and states have to follow the revisions mentioned in the 2008 NEC that clearly states the use of these receptacles with all the 15-20 Amp 125 volt outlets in single-as well as multi-family homes.

How does tamper proof receptacles protect us is the next logical question that comes to mind. The answer is simple. These receptacles have a shutter system that automatically closes the electrical slots as soon as plugs are removed from the outlets. Therefore, whenever your child tries to insert a sharp metallic object or stick their fingers in the socket, he or she will not come in contact with any live electrical components.

Although Atlanta electrical contractors have recently started installing tamper proof receptacles in homes after Georgia adopted the 2008 NEC, these outlets have been used in pediatric wards of hospitals for over two decades. Atlanta Electricians can easily replace your existing outlets with tamper resistance receptacles, because they do not require any special installation or wiring. The shutters present in these devices do not hamper the normal insertion or removal of plugs.

Tamper resistance receptacles are not required in homes built before the 2008 NEC. Nevertheless, it wouldn't hurt to have them installed in your home as soon as possible as a precaution, as you never know when you may have children of family and friends for a visit. There are several advantages of getting tamper resistant receptacles installed in your home by hiring the services of electricians in Atlanta.

  • These devices are hard-wired solutions and therefore, you do not have to worry about losing, breaking or inserting the device.
  • They are much better than plastic outlet caps that we often fail to replace
  • They offer automatic protection even after the cord and plug has been removed

By hiring an electrician in Atlanta to replace standard receptacles with tamper-proof resistant devices may cost you more than buying a child's car safety seat, but they will offer them greater protection for years to come in the comfort of their home.