Smoke Detectors – Where Should They Be Installed?

The skyline in Atlanta, Georgia is becoming dynamic due to the numerous high-rises that are being constructed at an accelerated pace. Tall buildings are being constructed for commercial and residential purposes.

In present day Atlanta, space has become a precious commodity, with many offices and residential complexes packed together in tall, narrow buildings. An accidental fire in one of these units can quickly spread into neighboring areas, and if not stopped in time, it could damage the entire structure.

With the city of Atlanta losing $668 million last year in accidental fires alone, the installation of smoke detectors by Atlanta electrical contractor has gained a whole new significance. The recent rise in the number of fire accidents has made the Georgia Government issue strict directives to installation of these devices and fire alarms in every building at specified locations.

The following guidelines are being issued by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and should be kept in mind when a new install is taking place in your home:

· They should be placed on every floor of your home or at every level of a building, including finished and unfinished basements. They should be installed inside each bedroom, the exterior of each bedroom within ten feet and interconnected.

· A qualified Atlanta electrician should install hard-wired smoke detectors with a battery back-up and work using the electrical current running in your home. These detectors are interconnected so that they raise the alarm irrespective of the fire location.

Interconnected smoke detectors are beneficial for people who are used to sleeping in rooms with doors closed so that if there is a fire in one room, all the alarms in the house are sounded.

· If one of your family members is deaf or is hard of hearing, you need to install a smoke detector with flashing lights/vibrators in addition to raising the alarms. One should never paint or attach stickers to smoke detectors, as it can interfere with its operation.

· Smoke Detectors should be installed on ceilings and should be placed at least 4 inches away from the nearest wall. If the house has vaulted ceilings, seek the expertise of an electrical contractor to install these devices.

· Do not install these devices near doors, windows, or ducts where drafts can interfere with their operations.

Although it is not recommended that you install these devices yourself. You should check with a licensed electrical contractor in Atlanta, Georgia about the rules and regulations related to the installation of smoke detectors in your home.

Can Replacing Switches With Dimmers Save on My Energy Bill?

Want to enjoy a romantic dinner with your significant other at home while enjoying cost savings on your electricity bill at the same time? Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Well, this has been made possible thanks to the introduction of dimmer switches.

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, is one of the fastest growing cities in North America. The cost of living in this city is increasing, with residents looking for more ways and means to cut costs. There has been a continuous increase in energy prices in Georgia over the years, and energy conservation has become a top priority in many people’s lives.

A little bit of care could help you introduce a big cut in your electricity bills. From using electronic devices having energy star logos to switching to compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) bulbs, people in Atlanta and across the globe are trying everything available in the market to save energy, and rightly so.

However, many people are still hesitant to use dimmers instead of a regular switch in their homes. For one, people feel that installing dimmer switches would require them to rewire their rooms. There is also a misconception that dimmer switches can create fire hazards.

The good news is that the newer devices are extremely easier to install and help the user enjoy great energy savings while also creating the right mood at the same time.

Older dimmer switches don’t help much in power savings, as these rheostat type dimmers consume the same amount of power even when the bulb is dimmed down. This is because the old dimmer switches just minimize the amount of power that is supplied to the bulb, while the rest of the power is dissipated as heat.

The new generation of dimmer switches makes use of lesser power as soon as the lights are turned down. When you dim the light by 25%, these dimmer switches help you save 20% on electricity, while you can save 40% electricity when the light is dimmed by 50%. The good news doesn’t end here, as these devices also help extend the life of a light bulb.

To install a dimmer on an existing lighting fixture you should seek the help of the electricians in Atlanta, Georgia. Installing these devices is not as easy as it may appear in a book. When you replace your existing switches with a dimmer switch you can enjoy bright light while reading or dim the lights for a romantic setting.

The Importance of Having Your Panel Directory Labeled

Global warming has made Atlanta summers turn warmer and has made many residents opt for ceiling fan installation, but due to unlabeled panel directories, many homeowners pay extra money to Atlanta electricians in order to locate the right circuit to make the necessary modifications for ceiling fan installations.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) also recommends the labeling of panel directories, as this could act as a perfect road map to direct you to shut down the right circuit breaker in case a fire breaks out.

A correctly labeled directory can be a circuitry map of your home and will give you complete knowledge about the circuitry wiring. Just like a Global Positioning System (GPS) helps you find your way when you are stuck in a maze of roads, a labeled panel directory would help you clearly understand the complex wiring system in your home and direct you to the correct circuit breaker to switch it off in case someone is getting electrocuted.

Panel directory labeling will not only make a new install of any additional electrical installations easier, but would also considerably reduce the time and effort to make electrical repairs in your home.

To get your directory labeled, you will need a floor plan of your home. Enlist the help of your friend or family member to correctly mark the different circuit breakers by logically numbering each electrical circuit in your home.

Your mind will obviously be clouded with doubts as to whether you should actually go through all this trouble to get your panel directory labeled. Well, here are some additional benefits of having your panel directory labeled properly:

  • Make things easy: Panel labeling makes it easy for an electrician to work in your home. Electricians are be able to trace your electrical circuit efficiently and will be able to make repairs or additions in your electrical system in less time.
  • Makes you more knowledgeable: When creating your electrical map or labeling your panel directory, you will have a better insight about the different circuits that are operating the different rooms in your and your appliances.
  • Makes you pass home inspections with flying colors: Panel directory labeling has become necessary in newly constructed residential and commercial buildings. In fact, an electrical inspector will not approve of a final electrical inspection in Atlanta, Georgia until the panel directory has been properly labeled.
  • Makes life easier for reselling your home: More and more today a directory that is not labeled is showing up on a home inspectors list as a violation. In fact, home inspectors are requesting that an electrician be hired to correct this violation before the home is sold.

Label your directory to save money on electrical repairs and installations to make your home a safer place.

Can I Use Just Any Size Fuse or Circuit Breaker?

Our love for electrical gadgets is on the steady rise, and at the same time, there has also been an increase in the number of accidents caused due to the improper use of electricity. In Atlanta, Georgia properties worth thousands to millions of dollars are being lost annually due to accidental electrical fires. In order to protect their homes, Atlanta property owners are taking different safety measures like making sure their properties are electrically grounded and replacing fuses with circuit breakers.

If the building you live in is more than two decades old, then in all probability, you are still using a fuse box, and not a modern circuit breaker panel. The electrical circuits in your home may not be able to handle the load of the modern electronic devices, and as soon as you begin to operate it, the fuse may blow.

More than often many people would replace the blown fuse with a higher amperage fuse thinking this will resolve the issue of fuse blowing, but then, you have unknowingly invited a bigger trouble for your home electrical wiring. True, a larger fuse allows more current to flow through the electrical wiring of your home, but there is an increased chance of the electrical circuit overheating, which could lead to a fire.

In modern Atlanta homes, circuit breakers have replaced traditionally used fused circuits to avoid fires caused due to overheated electrical wires. Using the correct size fuse or circuit breaker is essential if you want to protect electrical wiring system in your home from excessive heating.

If you use a lower amperage overcurrent protection device (OCPD) such as a fuse or circuit breaker to protect an electrical circuit, then it will trip frequently, thus causing inconvenience to the user. On the other hand, using a larger size overcurrent protection device is not the solution to the problem, as a larger fuse will allow excess current to flow through the wiring that it is not rated to withstand. Again, this can lead to fire hazard.

The solution to the problem is simple. Engage the expertise of a licensed Atlanta electrician to find the correct amperage of circuit and install the proper size fuse or breaker that you need to protect the wiring in your home. The National Electrical Code mandates a 15 ampere overcurrent protection device for protecting 14 gauge wires, 20 ampere OCPD for 12 gauge wire, and 40 ampere OCPD for 8 gauge wire.

Knowing the true load of a circuit is very important to how much more can be added and can only be obtained by an experienced person who has been trained in the in the electrical industry. To ensure the safety of the electrical wiring in your home hire a qualified electrician to calculate the load of the circuits and install the correct size overcurrent protection devices that are needed for your electrical system.

Electrical Works to partner with Lake-Sumter State College for electrician apprenticeship program.

The Florida Pathways to Career Opportunities grant program has donated $299,840 to Lake-Sumter State College for a new electrician apprenticeship program.

“The Pathways to Career Opportunities Grant puts funding behind a time-tested workforce education model focused on talent development and reducing the statewide skills gap,” says Governor Ron DeSantis in a press release from the Florida Department of Education.

We at Electrical Works have partnered with LSSC to offer this new Electrician Apprenticeship program. Electrical Works will serve as the Registered Apprenticeship Employer and provide structured on-the-job training. Apprentices will receive related technical instruction from LSSC.

“We are excited to begin offering the electrician apprenticeship program. Our industry partners tell us that quality electricians need to have a deep understanding of the craft to troubleshoot an electrical problem and provide solutions. We believe that our partnership with Electrical Works will train and create best-in-class electricians.”

The US Dept. of Labor projects a 9.3 percent growth rate for electricians from 2018-2026 in Lake and Sumter Counties, including over 1,000 expected job openings in that time.

“As a Lake County native, I’m proud to partner with Lake-Sumter State College to offer apprenticeships to the next generation of electricians,” says Joe Ciceri, Owner of Electrical Works. “At Electrical Works, we promote a culture of integrity, excellent service, and community involvement. I look forward to bringing those same values to this program.”

LSSC expects to begin recruiting apprentices later this year for enrollment starting January 2021.

Why Should I Consider Installing Security Lights?

Do you remember the movie “Home Alone” where a kid intelligently made use of lighting to fool the burglars and forced them to believe that the house was occupied even when the family was out on vacation? With crime rates steadily increasing in Atlanta and all across Georgia, it comes as no big surprise that a dark home can become a soft target for unwanted burglars to break in and steal your precious belongings. By installing security lights, you can give a big boost to the security of your home and loved ones.

Can Space Heaters Be Hazardous?

Normally during the winter season fuel prices tend to rise and most residents in Atlanta, GA will be making use of space heaters to kill the chill. According to a report published by US Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC), more than 25,000 residential fires are caused by these heaters, which also cause about 300 deaths. More than 6000 patients are admitted to hospital emergency rooms for injuries caused due to contact with the heated surface of these heaters. Since space heaters carry a much higher risk of fire than a central heating unit, people who are planning to use these during the winter months should be extra careful. These heaters have proven to be hazardous, mostly due to human errors like placing them too close to combustible substances, leaving them on without the supervision of an adult and improper maintenance.

Can Fluorescent Lamps Be Used With Dimmer Switches Effectively?

Atlanta has seen a tremendous growth in the last couple of decades that has been true to its motto “Resurgence” or Rising Again. With expansion, many changes have been made in our lifestyles. Modern electrical gadgets have made their way into our homes, and have caused a steep rise in our power bills in the process. Atlanta residents have been looking for a number of ways to cut their energy usage so that they can save money and do their part for the planet by reducing their dependency on non-renewable sources of energy. A shift in using fluorescent lamps or CFLs (compact fluorescent lamp) is one such step.

Are Zinsco and Federal Pacific Panels Outdated?

Electrical system safety is of paramount importance. You might be curious about your system and whether or not Zinsco and Federal Pacific panels are outdated.

Why Take a Cable Speed Test?

Are you aware that the speed of your cable varies depending of the pattern of usage of your neighbors? Cable services providers share the width of the band through the subscribers of a locality. This means that the same cable line is connected to many households. So it makes that if a lot of your neighbors will access the Internet at the same time, then it’s possible that the cable speeds for you and for your neighbors will significantly decrease in that time.