How Beneficial Residential Smart Meters Really Are

There is a lot of buzz about smart meters in the air. What exactly are smart meters all about? They are a meter to measure your utility consumption. Unlike the non -smart one that you have got, it is programmable and the utility companies can instruct it to send the information of your consumption daily or even hourly. This provision of automatic 2 way communication between one and the central system for exchange of information and instructions is called Telemetering.

The importance of taking meter readings is not trivial. Non-smart ones must be read on a regular basis. At the ground level, there usually there are not enough resources for them to be read frequently. Consider a billing cycle. There are hundreds of consumers and a few meter operators who go to check these non-smart meters. There is many times that the meter operators are not able to do a routine check on all the conventional meters in accordance with the billing cycle and some meter readings are not provided to the meter operators. If the customers do not call the consumer services and inform them of the meter readings, then many a times the bills are estimated. This situation is evident mostly in the first summer bill. If the non-smart meters’ reading has not been provided, then the bills will consider the winter consumption of gas and electricity as the average consumption and the estimations considered accordingly. Such bills can be ‘rude shocks’ (as some customers insist). Such issues require regular non-smart meters’ reads and accordingly meter reading appointments are booked. While the procedure gets rolling, the customers’ billing report gets sent to credit agencies and the utility company also suffers losses due to delayed payments and the subsequent procedures to procure the bill amount.

Also if a utility company would want to know about the peak times of consumption of an area or household on a daily or bi-weekly basis, there is no way to ascertain it accurately.But all of these hassles can be eliminated by the installation of smart meters. They automatically send updates and meter reads to the utility companies on a regular basis. If it is required, then they can send update every hour also. This helps any utility provider to assess peak consumption hours during the day and be prepared to provide gas or electricity in the region accordingly. This information helps them manage the regulation of resources better and therefore not only the efficiency increases, but also there is a better supply to all the customers.

If there is a disruption in the supply at a property, then the first thing that they do is to send a signal to the utility provider, and gets them ready for the situation and also helps in a pre-emptive prevention measure be put into place. This helps in an enhanced customer experience.

Smart Meters Are A Better Option For Home Owners

Long gone are the days where you had to worry about your gas and electricity bills being read correctly? There were always hassles about the non-smart meters being read correctly or not. The situation has changed. Now you can ask for and get the smart meters installed to do away with your energy billing and meter reading issues.

No more estimation. Smart meters see to it. In the past, you would go out on a vacation and if the billing quarter would fall in that period, then in most cases, the utility companies estimate your gas, electricity or your dual fuel bills. This is a certainty in case of non-smart one which are installed inside the house. They become inaccessible to meter operators if one turns up to read it. Hence, bases the previous consumption, the bills are estimated.

The reading of the meter is crucial to assess the pattern of the consumption as well. Earlier on, the billing companies assessed the average consumption yearly and in case of an estimate bill, the amount that was calculated would try and make up for any shortfalls in the average consumption, irrespective of whether the energy was used or not. In most of these cases, the customers found their bills to be grossly over estimated. While the amount being charged in excess would always get adjusted against the future bills, the customer either would have to go down a cellar or any place and get actual non-smart meters’ readings or else pay the estimate bills in full.

In the latter case, the customer would bear a lot of inconvenience in case of high bills in summer months. This has been cited as one of the biggest reasons for them to switch to a different energy supplier. Also, earlier on, the customers had to wait for non-smart one operator to turn up and read the non-smart ones and in case of an appointment, had to wait for whole day at times.

All these issues have been addressed and the solution lies in smart meters. The benefits of them are many. First of all they allow you to receive the most accurate bills for your gas and your electricity. They also allow you to receive an accurate assessment of your gas and electricity consumption over quarters, or if you choose to do so, on a monthly basis. They report the exact reading at the time of the generation of the bill and therefore you do not have to pay any amount in excess of what you have consumed. It also eliminates the problem of tedious meter reading and also any room for estimate reading. They automatically report the reading, the bill is generated and dispatched and you can pay it right away. If you have assessed your consumption right, then you can opt for paying the bills using a direct debit facility as well.

How Are Smart Meters Beneficial to Dual Fuel Customers

The United Kingdom is planning to get smart meters installed in all the homes by 2020. What is so exceptional about them and how are they beneficial to customers?

There have been many countries where they have been successfully installed and these countries have proven that they are not just a facility but a necessity.

Between 2000 and 2005, Enel SpA, a utility major in Italy installed 27 million of them ensuring that its entire customer base was taken care of. These meters since then have proved to be extremely useful. They have proved to be extremely useful in many ways.

They have many facilities like remotely controlling the supply of gas/electricity to the property, automatic information relay to the company, immediate reporting of any outage, detect any unauthorized use of electricity and even change the amount of electricity that a customer demands at any time. They also can be converted from prepayment meters to credit meters with regular bills and vice versa from the remote service location. Any change in the tariff plans also become effective with a remote instruction.

Compare this to the situation where they are not installed. Let us assume a locality in a country has got digital non-smart meters installed. These non-smart meters have to be read regularly so that the bills can be generated on time. This causes excessive work load on meter operators and the utility companies alike. The customers usually expect the meter operators to read the non-smart meters and this misinformation can cause a lot of errors in the bills leading to customer dissatisfaction and extra work being done to rectify the errors caused due to estimation, taken in absence of an actual read.

Also, in the U.K. all those who are unable to pay their gas and electricity bills get a prepayment meter installed at the property if the utility company deems fit. All the debt is transferred on the prepayment meter and every time the customer tops the meter up, an agreed amount is deducted from the top up that goes to settle the debt. This is how a utility company is able to recollect any unpaid bills. To achieve this purpose, the whole meter unit has to be exchanged and this exchange is free of cost for the customers. This is a huge investment for the utility companies.

Smart meters help eliminate all such issues that had to be previously borne by utility companies. This has been successfully proven by the use of these smart meters in Italy. This is why many service providers have found the impetus to get smart meters installed at the consumers’ houses.

Why Smart Meters Can Benefit Customers

So you think that the installation of smart meters has helped you with your billing only? Then think again. They have not just been installed for the benefit of billing. There is more to them than meets the eye. But first let us understand what was the utility bills scenario altogether before the installation one.

Consider this situation where you have the traditional digital or analog meter installed at the property. The analog non-smart meters are almost non existent, but wherever they are, they pose a difficulty in reading accurately sometimes. If one would want to know how much of gas or electricity has been consumed at one particular time, then it is difficult to find the answer accurately except if you have smart meters. There might be times when the dial will be halfway up the next digit. Such concerns can be dealt with and the digital meters (and smart meters) have been the answer to the issue. The smart ones eliminate all reading issues.

However, when it comes to the billing and the assessment of consumption, these meters do not help a lot. A customer’s average monthly or quarterly billing can be assessed by knowing the consumption for that billing cycle. The trend of consumption cannot be established till before the meter reading has been monitored for a long time, usually a year. They are a suitable alternative. This is because all the seasons should be monitored for consumption. The consumption automatically drops during summers and shoots up during the colder months of the year. Therefore the timeline of at least a year is required for the correct assessment which they can help with.

In an event of meter reading not being provided either by the meter operator or the customer, the utility companies opt for an estimated non-smart meters’ reading. This is based on the customers’ consumption over the last few quarters.

This is true especially in case of customers who have shifted home recently. The consumption might have been theirs or of the previous tenant or home owner, but the consumption trend will not be right. Consider the consumption of 5 people living in the house and then the new owner lives alone. A trend in consumption in the past will give the new homeowner a bill that will be way higher than what he/she can possibly consume. This holds true especially in case of estimations. They eliminate all such possibilities and allow every home owner to know what he/she is supposed to pay from the time he/she moved into a property.

The other situation can be that the non-smart meters operator could not take the non-smart reading for a summer bill. Then the bill can get estimated basis the consumption during winters which will lead to a very high amount payable.

Buying Used Circuit Breakers Can Save Business Owners Lots of Money

Many electricians work hard to keep their clients happy, but the one way that most clients are kept happy is through great prices. Everyone wants to be competitive but as costs rise in our general day to day lives, it becomes harder and harder to charge what is considered a reasonable price for work of this nature. Electricians now have to charge quite high labor rates for their work, and this often results in people trying to deal with their electrical problems on their own without the help of a qualified electrician, which is never a good idea!

There are ways in which electricians can save themselves and their clients a bit of money though. One such technique is to buy used breakers. The great thing about used breakers is that they are put through a rigorous process of testing to make sure that they are up to the job. After they have been tested and reconditioned they are returned to the original condition to such an extent that the sellers of the breakers are able to offer the same warranties as would be expected from a new breaker. The great thing about this is that used breakers can be far cheaper to source, which gives the electrician a great opportunity to either save themselves some money, or pass on their savings to their clients, which will hopefully result in a happy client who will make sure that they use the same electrician the next time they need any work doing.

There are many benefits to using used breakers, and one of them is the fact that you are helping the environment whenever you buy a used breaker. The basis for this argument is that if a used breaker is used, a new one has not had to have been built, which means that we are using less of the world’s resources. As well as this, it also means that it is one less old breaker which is just thrown away, destined to end up in a land fill site.

You can find circuit breakers very easily online but it is worth contacting the vendor when you find some to make sure that the breaker has been fully reconditioned and has a decent warranty. You will find that most of the top manufacturers produce breakers that can be reconditioned, and Square D, General Electric and Westinghouse all fall into this category.

Buying used breakers makes so much sense in so many different ways that it is hard to fathom why anyone would try to source new ones. Save yourself and your clients some money and find used breakers online.

Finding A Suitable Residential Generator Location

Many people who buy a generator for the home many not understand all that is involved with them. Homeowners in this situation may need Residential Generator Help to make sure they get the devices working properly. There are certain things that homeowners should bear in mind when having one of these on the property.

Some may be portable and others can be installed permanently. When using the portable variety, homeowners may need to think about where to keep them when they are not being used. They should not be placed somewhere that is difficult and inconvenient to reach when the time arrives for the generators to be used.

It would be of little benefit if homeowners had to spend an hour trying to get the portable device working. By this time the power may have already returned and then all that would have been achieved is a massive waste of time. All the accessories to the power supply should be stored together as well. This will save time and energy as well.

These accessories include fuel, power cords and anything else that relates to the machine. A person should be delegated to sort out the restoration of power. This person should be proficient in being able to set it up with minimum fuss.

Most importantly the machine should be set up in an area that is well ventilated. This should be out of the vicinity of people and of any pets. Children especially should be kept away from the portable device.

Homeowners tend to prefer permanently installed generators. This is because this is very convenient. Many of these are not more space consuming than a central air-conditioning system. Many times people have these installed near the air-conditioning unit. These should not be near windows as there is risk associated with the harmful carbon monoxide fumes that it will emit when working. Additional Residential Generator Help can be obtained by speaking to the dealers.

Residential Generator Options Available Today

Today we have come to rely on private companies and the state to provide us with essential utilities such as electricity. A situation may arise in which due to an unforeseen circumstance your power supply is not available for a certain amount of time. This could be down to damage caused by a storm, or load shedding when the demand cannot match the supply. By having access to a residential generator help would be available in an emergency scenario to ensure minimal disruption to your life.

To make sure you choose the right generator option you should analyse your needs carefully as well as having an understanding of the differences between the various designs. It is important to invest your money wisely if you want to ensure you have adequate power when the need exists.

The first piece of information you should check out is the capacity of the generator. The higher the capacity, the more devices you would be able to run. Consider whether you would want to provide power to every electrical item in your home or just essential appliances such as a fridge and a heater. A model in the range of 2500 to 4000 watts should be sufficient for a medium size home.

Residential generators can have various fuel options. There are those that run off gasoline while others would use diesel or propane. There is a now also the possibility of buying a solar powered emergency generator. A solar powered design would be a suitable choice if you live in an area that has a lot of sunshine.

Another important factor would be the portability of the generator. Ask yourself whether you would want a model that can be moved and stored with ease or one that is to be left in your basement or garage on a permanent basis.

Improving Electrical Systems in Old Houses

These days a lot of people put stock in the value of purchasing homes which need a lot of work doing to them to bring them up to modern standards. By doing this you can save yourself a lot of money on the purchase price of the house, and you may find once you have refurbished the property that the value of the house will be more than the sum of the purchase price and the money spent putting the house right. It can be a good investment, and a good way to make a little bit of money should you ever decide to move on, and it is also a good way to find a home that you can really make your own.

One thing to watch out for though is any properties which have not been re wired since the sixties. Prior to the mid sixties electrical systems were not designed with breakers, which help to protect against power surges. Any system without circuit breakers can now be considered to be dangerous and you will have to invest in a new wiring system. One way of saving money when you do this is to buy used breakers instead of new ones. You can make yourself a big saving here, and used breakers should be just as functional as a new one. Used breakers have to go through a very thorough test to make sure that they are safe to use. They are completely reconditioned and they even come with a warranty that is as water tight as a warranty found with a new breaker!

When you are making repairs to a house or you are refurbishing a house then you need to make as many savings as you can wherever you can in order to make back your money. Budgets can get squeezed quite quickly, so buying used breaker can be a great way of saving a significant amount of money.

If you decide to buy used breakers you can also feel good about yourself because you will be doing your little bit for the environment. Every time someone buys a used breaker it is one more person who is not buying a new breaker. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But this means that one less breaker is needed to be created, and this obviously helps the environment. There is a double whammy effect as well, because when you buy a circuit breaker it is another occasion where an old breaker is not just thrown away, adding to the land fill problem. Obviously if just the odd person buys used breakers it will hardly make any difference at all, but if everyone bought used breakers instead of new ones then we could really make a difference to our planet.

As you can see there are so many reasons to buy used breakers if you are trying to bring your home to its former condition. You will end up with a safer house for less money, and you will be helping the environment along the way!

The Benefits Of Owning A Residential Generator 20kw

A residential generator can be a great purchase for anyone no matter where they live. By purchasing one of these items, you can protect yourself against power outages, power spikes, and just about any other issue you could possibly face with your electricity. When you have a generator backing up the electricity flowing into your home, you will always feel safe and secure, even if a big storm is heading your way.

The peace of mind afforded by these products is not the only benefit of owning one of these devices though. In some areas where large storms hit regularly, the threat of power outages occurring for weeks on end are rather normal. If you live in one of these areas, you can protect yourself against the dangers of being without power for extended periods of time by purchasing a generator.

When you have one of these products installed at your home, you will have instant access to the electricity you need to power all of the electronics and light bulbs in your house. You will even have access to the power you need to keep your air conditioner running if you purchase a 20kw generator.

Along with having easy access to the electricity you need to give your home light during power outages, you will also have the electricity you need to keep your refrigerator running during these times of crises too. Since it is very important that your home be fully stocked with food throughout the duration of a large storm, you will certainly be happy that you can keep your food from going bad if a storm takes out the power in your neighborhood.

A 20kw residential generator is a very large power producer that consumes very small amounts of gas. For this reason, they are very convenient to use. Whether you are looking for peace of mind, or you just want to enjoy the conveniences of modern luxuries when your power goes out, you will certainly find your investment into a generator to be a good idea in the long run.

The Ultimate Residential Generator Guide

Many homeowners seek Residential Generator Advice. Today the need for generators has escalated, as there are often outages and this causes frustration and inconvenience to many homeowners. Homeowners who work at home will especially be frustrated when there is a power outage. Most people today work on a computer and this just disrupts the work and can translate into significant loss of income.

Economically speaking it is best to use a generator appropriate to the amount of power that is required. Typically this would start at about four thousand watts. From this homeowners can run extension cords to the appliances that need to be powered up in the home.

Alternatively and electrician can be hired to install a power transfer switch to the electrical panel in the home. Homeowners then only need to run one cord to the switch. This will power up the necessary appliance and reduces the risk of electrical backfeed. Electrical backfeed is dangerous as it can injure utility workers who are busy with repairs to the power lines that are affected.

Homeowners are able to power up power tools, hair dryers, TVs and small kitchen appliances with a small portable generator. Generators like this are fueled by gasoline. Camping out in the woods in a wooden cabin would require this size machine.

Construction sites can make use of these portable ones as well. AC powered tools such as paint sprayers; compressors, drills, saws and other such tools can be powered up in this way. Many of them are fueled by gasoline and others are diesel operated. Others can be fueled with gasoline, natural or propane gas.

Residential Generator Advice tells homeowners that power can be restored to the home in as little as twenty seconds after a power outage. Generators simply switch on once the power outage has begun. This will continue until normal power is restored to the home.