6 Tips For Buying Used Breakers Online

Buying used breakers has become a common practice for electricians replacing industrial and commercial circuit breakers. One of the best times to buy used breakers is when replacing a device that is obsolete or no longer available. Here are some tips on how you can save money when buying used breakers online:

1. Compare prices of new and used parts before deciding. Even though nearly every time it is cost effective to buy a used part, always make sure you check the prices of new as well. Many sites that sell these parts often list both new and used condition right beside each other, which makes your decision much easier.

2. Buy from reputable stores. Everyone knows you should only buy from reputable stores, but in the breaker industry, there have been some ‘fly-by-night’ stores popping up. Make sure you purchase from stores who have a phone number listed and seem to have large inventory.

3. Watch out for high-priced shipping charges. Many stores will offer low prices on parts, but then charge very high shipping and handling charges. Due to the weight of these breakers, shipping charges can be high, but be wary of any store that charges a handling fee or requires extra fees to process orders.

4. Only buy from a company that offers warranties. Many suppliers have started offering 30-day or even 1-year guarantees on their new and used breakers. These companies are putting their own warranty on parts from Square D, Westinghouse, Cutler-Hammer, and Siemens.

5. Check the return policy of your supplier. Sometimes the wrong used breakers are ordered, so make sure the supplier you order from accepts returns.

6. Choose a supplier located close to you for fast and less expensive shipping. The closer a supplier is located to your state, the faster you’ll get your parts. If you’re dealing with an emergency this can save you lots of money.

By using these tips, you’re sure to have a good buying experience when buying used breakers online.

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