A Few Basic Electrical Safety Rules

For the most part, the electrical system is very safe and effectively isolated and insulated from everyone in the home. This helps to ensure that we stay as safe as possible when using this essential utility. Whenever small children are present, or you are working on your home, you will want to follow a few rules to further ensure your safety. Despite the fact that electricity makes many of the things that we take for granted every day possible, it can be potentially deadly if the proper precautions are not taken.

Keeping Children Safe

Children are the most intolerable to electrical injury due to their natural curious, exploratory nature. As a parent or someone who regularly cares for small children, you should make sure that your home is as safe as possible from electrical hazards. Start by repairing any damaged electrical lines. This includes loose sockets, frayed wiring and outlets that are missing their covers. If any of these issues involve loose or frayed wiring, you should employ the services of a licensed electrician to help safely and completely fix the issue. You should also replace or repair any electronics that have damaged or frayed power cords. In most case, it makes most sense to just replace the entire device.

One of the best ways that you can keep you and your family safe from electrical mishaps is to have a knowledge of how electricity works and what to do if there is ever an emergency. There are extensive resources online, as well as many electrical safety training DVDs available that can help you learn exactly what steps to take if there is an emergency. If you would benefit from a more hands on approach, many local electrical utilities offer electrical safety training free for community members. The more you know about electricity, the safer you can be.

Once you fully understand the potential dangers, and the steps to take whenever there is an electrical emergency, you can better safeguard and childproof your home. One of the most effective steps to take in childproofing is to install childproof outlet covers over all of the envelopes in your home. This will help prevent any small children from sticking conductive items into your electrical outlets. Naturally, you will want to choose protective covers that are not easily removed by children, as this would be contrary to their purpose.

In addition to the steps that you take to protect your children, you should also take a few general electrical safety preparations. This includes purchasing a fire extinguisher that is specifically designed for use with an electrical fire. During an electrical fire, you should never use water to extinguish the fire, because it can cause the fire to get bigger. Because of this, you should own a chemical fire extinguisher that is checked annually.

Although large electrical emergencies are very rare, it is important for everyone to understand not only the dangers that electricity poses to us daily, but also what to do when something hazardousous occurs. By being educated and aware of the dangerous possibilities, you can not only handle an emergency in the proper manner, but also take the steps that need to be taken to prevent anything from occurring in the first place.

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