A Look At Residential Generator Sets

The term “Residential Generator Sets” means that it is the engine and the alternator sold together as a ‘set’. Obviously, you need both of them to be able to power your household requirements. When there are brownouts, and even ‘blackouts’, occurring more often, there is a good reason to have a backup power system installed for your home.

Although local repair crews are dispatched immediately to correct any downed lines, or other causes of power outages, it could still be many days before electricity is restored to your home. In the process, all food and beverages in your refrigerator and freezer can become spoiled and present a health hazard. During cold weather, your central heating system may not work because the thermostat has no power to force the relay.

There are two types of generator installations which you should consider as backup power supply for your home. The stationary unit is a permanent model which doesn’t have to be wheeled into place and cranked to start restoring power. There is also a portable unit which is not intended to be left outside when conventional power is restored.

A permanent generator set can be installed to completely replace the incoming power from your local utility company, but most units are installed on a relaying system so that when there is a power outage from the utility company the generator starts almost immediately and your home continues functioning at normal capacity.

The portable generator is for use anywhere you might need electrical power, and depending on the wattage rating can power at least the most important appliances in you home. These portable units are often used to ensure electrical power for anyone who may be dependent on some type of medical equipment to sustain life, such as an oxygen machine.

There are many reasons to plan for a backup source of electricity to your home, or office. Most computer backup systems are only batteries which last for a few hours, at most. Choosing from the available Residential Generator Sets could save you money and protect lives, as well as computer data.

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