A Thorough Guide to the Gable Attic Fan

What exactly is a gable attic fan? If you’re asking this question, you can join the millions of other homeowners considering an install of one of these units in their house. While most people are concerned with efficiency when it comes to cooling their homes as well as preventing moisture damage, a proper ventilation system is often overlooked. These projects are one of the easiest ways to remedy any problems that you have concerning your attic.

Adding this type of system in your home will not only cool off your attic, it can reduce your air conditioning cooling cost by up to 30 percent. There aren’t too many people who would stick their nose up at those kind of savings.

How do They Work?

These fans will automatically power on once the air in the attic reaches a preset temperature. Their main priority is to expel hot, trapped air that is collecting in your attic and acting like an insulator. Without the help from these units, your cooling system has to work overtime and you see the result in your energy bill.

A Gable exhaust fan does not rely on wind or excessive venting to create a positive air flow. Since there is an abundance of venting involved with installation, it is rare that your attic would ever be the victim of moisture damage due to the infiltration of snow and rain.


Your first consideration will be making sure that you buy a system that will move the volume of air that you need to ventilate your attic. This is done by determining the fan rating which is based on a cubic feet per minute equation of how much air the fan will move.

Sizing is important because if the fan that you choose is too small in regards to the space, it will not effectively circulate the air regardless of the run time. However, before you get the idea that perhaps you should just purchase the largest fan available, you should be aware that this is not a practical option. Not only are they expensive to buy and install, they will cost more to run and may require a special electrical circuit.

Therefore, your smartest choice is to evaluate the length, width and height of the attic as well as the roof configuration. If your roof is peaked, it allows for more volume. Before you choose a gable attic fan to install, take the time to determine your actual needs and then shop around for the best price.

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