Alternative Power – A Way You Can Save Money AND the Environment

If you think the above statement sounds too good too be true, think again because there ARE ways to drastically cut your home electricity bills using eco-friendly power solutions that don’t harm the world we are living in.

We currently use fossil fuels 100,000 times faster than they can form and the need to find an alternative energy solution is getting desperate.

Most people are aware of solar and wind power and some of us even have solar panels installed or are using wind turbines to provide our homes with power. The problem is both these methods can be costly and of course weather can be unreliable which is where magnetic power generators come in.

Flying under the alternative power radar, information about magnetic power generators is not widely known, mainly because the energy-providing corporate companies don’t want you to know about them! However these generators have been thoroughly tested and are even acknowledged by the industry to be a thoroughly viable alternative energy source in the not too distant future. But of course, the big guys don’t want you to build your own as you’ll be cutting off your reliance on them!

So how do Magnetic Power Generators Work?

As the name suggests, a magnetic power generator, uses magnets and magnetic force to create perpetual motion. It needs no external power source and runs by itself, without stopping. This enables the generator to produce a larger amount of energy than it actually consumes – you can then harness this surplus energy to power your home or business. For free and without producing any harmful byproducts.

Some Benefits of Magnetic Power Generators:

  • They can save you between 30 and 50% off your electricity bill (or power your home for FREE depending how you implement them)
  • Are eco-friendly do not create harmful by-products or gasses
  • Do not need unreliable sources such as the sun or wind to work
  • Compact and safe to use in any home – even if you have small children running loose
  • Easy to build with one of the readily available DIY instruction manuals – even for novices
  • Parts can be found in your local hardware or DIY store for under $100 (£64)

Just as solar, wind, hydro and geothermal power are accepted alternative energy production methods, magnetic power generators are also a serious option to consider, especially if you’re a regular home owner who can’t afford solar panels, don’t have the space for a wind turbine and certainly doesn’t have the means to build a hydro-electric dam in your back yard!

There ARE achievable solutions to the energy and financial crises that affect us on a personal and global basis and it’s time to consider cutting the ties that bind you to the big electricity companies and finding a newer, cleaner and cheaper way to power your home or business.