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Eliminate Wire Mess With a Retractable Electrical Cord Reel

Wire mess is a pain to manage. Not only does it make workplaces unorganized, it poses as a safety hazard as well-it can cause electrical shorts, not to mention freak accidents from people and things tripping over them. A very simple and cost-effective solution is to use retractable cord reels. A retractable electrical cord reel […]

So What Is an ‘RCBO’?

RCBO stands for Residual Current Breaker with Overcurrent. An RCBO is actually a composite unit of two separate electrical devices, and so to understand what one is and what its purpose is, it is necessary to first look at the two devices that have spawned its development. Residual Current Devices A Residual Current Device (RCD) […]

Why Make Use Of The Internet To Find Electrical Contractors?

With regard to any electrical problems you may have it will be in your favour to use an electrical contractor as they are the most reliable, qualified and specialized people within this field of work. Electricity is very dangerous and highly specialized, thus with “do it yourself” can be life threatening and unforeseen accidents can […]

Cable Management Kits Are an Ideal Solution for Managing Cables

As modern workplaces and homes have become more sophisticated and utilise ever more technology, so the masses of cable that permeate our daily lives have grown proportionally. To prevent becoming lost in the tangle, effective cable management is essential. Fortunately, with a wide range of products and cabling accessories on the market, this task is […]

How to Fireproof Your Cabling Using a Cable Management Strategy

Modern businesses utilise a wide array of electronic and IT equipment. Most businesses of any reasonable size will have a server room in which is housed the core of their computer network and their data centres. With such equipment inevitably come masses of interlinked cables, and consequently an increased risk of fire. Many fires, particularly […]

Fluorescent Light Bulbs More Efficient Than ‘Normal’ Light Bulbs?

In the early 21st Century, energy efficiency is of prime importance. Not only does energy wastage cost substantial amounts to consumers and businesses, it also harms the environment and depletes natural resources at a rapid rate. Fortunately, there are energy efficient lighting solutions available on the market today, such as fluorescent bulbs. To determine whether […]

Telemecanique Variable Speed Drives Can Save You Money

The key to a successful business lies not just in maximising profits but also in minimising overheads. Energy costs resulting from the operation of machinery used for industrial manufacturing applications and other uses can form a substantial part of annual costs. Many machines such as pumps, fans and conveyor belts consume large amounts of energy […]