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Free Electricity – Get Cleaner Energy

The thought of having free electricity sounds almost unbelievable but it is actually possible for you to get this in a legal way. OK, maybe it is not very free if you consider the fact that you will be making use of a generator. Yes, generators are generally noisy and an irritation but if you […]

How to Wire a Switch Leg For a Light

A lot of older homes have light fixtures that must be switched on by means of a pull chord or pull chain hanging from the light fixture itself. Because the light fixture is normally in the middle of the room it can be really inconvenient having to walk into the middle of a dark room […]

Five Benefits of Portable Power Generators

Having a portable power generator on hand can be extremely useful in many situations – whether you are caught in a storm with the power out or you are working on a construction project in a remote area. Here are five benefits of owning a portable generator. Emergency Power. This is probably the most obvious. […]

How the Electrical Industry Is Going Green

Conservation is a big deal right now.  Conserving energy, recycling, and re-using things has become a mainstream movement, and as a certified electrician I’m starting to see it in my industry as well. In the past, when a customer upgraded or repaired a device, whether it is a light fixture, breaker panel, or even circuit […]

How to Replace a Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are made to stop an overloaded circuit or to prevent a short circuit.  In a home, many breakers are 15 amps.  If you plug in a stereo system that tries to pull 16 amps, the breaker will trip, or turn off, so that 16 amps do not travel through the electrical system in […]

Benefits of Buying Used Circuit Breakers

A lot of factories across the world spend a small fortune on new breakers whenever they have a circuitry problem, and the honest truth is that they could be saving themselves a small fortune! I am no expert in the field of breakers, but I know a great deal about the cost of them. I […]