Why Electricians Recommend Replacing Outlets

An outlet is one of the last things a homeowner thinks about replacing over the years. This part of the house is often overlooked because many homeowners do not think they need to replace any of their outlets. However, as an electrician, I recommend that a homeowner should at least get their outlets inspected over […]

Protect Your Children With Tamper Resistant Outlets

Everybody who has children knows about the constant feeling that you need to be monitoring their safety as they roam around the house playing and discovering their surroundings. Every table corner, flight of stairs, or small object is a potential hazard to a toddler. Home electrical outlets have always been on that list of things […]

Things You Should Know Before Hiring an Electrical Contractor

Electrical contractors are people who hire electrical technicians to work for them. Their work is to provide the complete installation of electrical wires and sockets and other electrical items. You can choose these contractors to setup complete electrical wiring of your new building or home or any other project. These people come for even minor […]

Will surge protection adequately protect a home’s equipment from lightning strikes?

Lightning is one of the leading causes of damage and destruction of electrical and devices in the home. Surge protection by itself protects your equipment from close lightning strikes and surges from the power company. It does not protect you from a direct lightning strike. The only thing that will protect your home from a […]

Safety Issues in Homes and Businesses

Background on Mandatory Safety Issues in Western Australia Rental Properties Property Owners MUST have RCD’s checked in their rental properties every 12 -24 months, as per Australian Standard 3760. This is not optional it is a mandatory requirement. Failure to be able to provide proof of regular inspections in the event of a claim is […]

Sensor Operated Bathroom Mirrors or Pull Cord?

If you have a light in your bathroom other than the main bathroom light, perhaps on your bathroom mirror how do you want that to function? The International Protection Rating (sometimes known as Ingress Protection Rating) is an internationally set standard to provide classification as to the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of […]

Signs That Your Main Electrical Service May Need to Be Upgraded

Atlanta, Georgia is home to offices of more than 75% Fortune 1000 companies. So, it doesn’t come as a big surprise that there has been a huge inflow of migrants from different parts of the country as well as from around the globe to this amazing city. With a population of around 5.4 million people, […]

When to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel Box

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the fastest growing cities in North America. Many ancient buildings are giving way to the high rises. Also, thanks to the tax break which has been introduced by the US government on home renovations; a large number of people are now re-decorating their abodes. One of the major challenges faced […]

Can Having Smoke Detectors Save Lives?

“Smoke and poisonous gases are the leading causes of death in fires, and can kill a person long before the flames will.” Mayor Jonathan Fritz, Fire Prevention Week 2010 Do you know that last year $6 billion worth of property was damaged due to home fires? Do you know that almost every 3 hours a […]

How to Change a Light Fitting

Changing a standard ceiling pendant for a new decorative fitting can be difficult depending on the type of new fitting and how well or poorly the original pendant is wired in the first place. As a rule, there are normally three cables at a ceiling light fitting, that means when you remove the shroud from […]

Recessed Lighting Improves the Lighting in Your Home

Energy efficient homes are finding many takers in the ever-expanding Georgian city of Atlanta. Besides their naturally good looks, these homes are cost efficient and require very little. So, it does not come as a big surprise that many buildings being constructed in Atlanta are now going green. Homeowners and corporate offices both like to […]

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) What’s Their Purpose?

You would have grown up seeing your grandparents often replace fuses or in recent times reset circuit breakers when there was a sudden voltage surge or current fluctuation in your homes. In generation next, these fuses and circuit breakers are fast replaced by what is known as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters or GFCI. These devices […]

Fitting Dimmer Switches

Replacing a standard plate switch with a dimmer switch should be a relatively straight forward procedure provided that a few golden rules are followed; The most important thing to remember when fitting a dimmer switch is not to under load or overload it. If a dimmer is under loaded it will not work correctly, usually […]

Some Important Things to Consider When Choosing an Electrician

Are you considering hiring a Los Angeles electrician? In this article we are going to talk about what you should look for when it comes to an electrician from your area.

Some Things to Consider When an Electrician Comes to Look at Your Faulty Wiring

If you are considering moving to Los Angeles then there are a lot of things that you need to think about. When you are buying a new house you really must think about how the wiring is. If you get a house and the wiring is bad then you are going to have a lot […]

What You Should Expect Out of Your Electrician

Are you wondering what you can expect out of a Los Angeles electrician? I say that you should expect no less than the best. There are awesome companies that employ electricians who have very high standards and you should ask for nothing less than that. Let’s go on to talk about some things that you […]

Using Solar Gable Attic Fans With the Appropriate Vents

Solar Gable attic fans are an environmentally-friendly option for cooling and protecting your roof and attic. These remarkable systems can literally save 30 percent on your home cooling costs. Depending on where you live, your attic can easily exceed temperatures of 160 degrees, acting as an insulator and making your air conditioning unit work overtime. […]

An Electrician Can Help Install Generators

There are many benefits to having a generator system, especially if you are living in the more rural areas. The rural areas have a tendency to lose power more often than the urban areas for various reasons. If a wildfire occurs in a rural area, the utilities are usually cut. It is unknown when those […]

Discover The Many Types Of Circuit Breakers Available For You To Choose

A circuit breaker is that item that controls the electricity that flows in and out of your home. It prevents appliances from getting burned or blowing up due to electrical instabilities. This type of useful breaker is specially designed to keep you safe from electrical shocks too. Many kinds of circuit breakers do exist and […]