Common Light Switch Problems

Problems with light switches can be a very common occurrence in the home. Although sometimes the solution can be quite simple, fixing a switch problem often requires a certain comfort level for working with electricity. Without the proper electrical knowledge, performing your own repairs can be quite dangerous. If you have a light switch in […]

Choosing an Electrician

Most homeowners need the services of an electrician at one time or another. Even if you are comfortable performing many of your own simple electrical repairs, you probably need the services of an expert for more complicated electrical additions and repairs. There are some important factors you should take into account when you are looking […]

Attic Vent Fan – How Easy Are They To Maintain?

After shopping for an attic vent fan and completing the installation process, the next step would be to know the proper steps for maintenance. Although the cost of fans used for attic ventilation are more affordable today than ever before, you still want to do all you can to ensure the system lasts as long […]

Electrical Hazard Detection

Over 180 families will have a fire in their home today due to an Electrical Problem! There are more than 100 thousand electrical fires a year in the United States accounting for hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries and billions of dollars in property damage. At CurrentSAFE we understand that not everyone will have a […]

Electrical Services – Can You Handle Electrical Trouble on Your Own? (Part 1)

Everybody knows that the electrical energy is so powerful and can really harm or in the worst scenario even kill you, if you aren’t careful enough. If you aren’t an expert you better stay out and don’t get involved in fixing electrical troubles at your home. Even the people with little bit more knowledge and […]

Why Your Bathroom Extractor Fan Must Have A Heater

The great thing about this type of fan is that it works amazingly well in both the kitchen and bathroom. However, we wanted to focus this article specifically on an extractor fan for bathroom use designed with a heating feature. Just imagine having a bathroom that is not filled with steam, a room with clean […]

5 Questions You Must Ask When Buying An Attic Vent Fan

With the market quickly becoming saturated with so many different types of attic vent fans, it is easy to see why trying to choose the right one could quickly become an overwhelming experience. To make the buying process less complicated and to ensure you end up with the ventilation system that is going to work […]

How to Choose an Air Compressor – A Brief Guide

So, your company will need the compressor. Consequently, you will have to find a job and submit it to superiors their proposals. Selecting the compressor – it is responsible. Before you go shopping, you should determine in advance what kind of machine is right for your purposes. 1. What does the compressor? The compressor compresses […]

The Advantages of Sensor Light Switches

Motion sensor light switches are becoming more popular in homes, and for good reason. Not only are they simple and inexpensive to install, but they can also save money, help conserve natural resources, and provide added safety and security in your home. Here are some good reasons why you might want to consider adding one […]

Cloth Insulated Wiring – A Shock and Fire Hazard

I’ve been an electrician in the Los Angeles area since 1979. In that time, I’ve worked on many older homes with wiring systems that were insulated with cloth that’s been varnished. Surprisingly, prior to 1950, many electrical systems relied on this type of insulation. Who would think to put flimsy cloth around a live electrical […]

Tips for Adding Electrical Outlets to Your Home

Electrical outlets are an indispensable part of most homes. In fact, you might even find that you need a few more electrical outlets in one or more rooms of your home in order to support the appliances and equipment you wish to use. In order to safely add new outlets to your home, there are […]

Common Problems With Electrical Outlets

If your home is like most, you probably have numerous electrical outlets. Although most times you can simply use these outlets without giving them a second thought, sometimes problems do occur. If you are noticing any problems with one or more outlets in your home, you should immediately evaluate and remedy the problem. If left […]

Electricians – How To Find The Best One Near You

Few people feel confident to do electrical work around their house or business, even in Southern California. If they want to add a light fixture, replace a ceiling fan, or need a telephone system installed in their new office, they will have to call upon an electrician in Orange County to get the job done. […]

Generators for Household Use: Some FAQs

Who can overlook the wintertime storms of 2009/2010? Perhaps the storm that stands out for a lot of was the slow mover that pounded the Northeast Unites States at the stop of February with large snow, rain, sleet and hurricane-force winds. According to Fox Information, more than 1 million residents misplaced energy during that storm. […]

Engineering Services And Emergency Backup Mills

Emergency backup generators are included in two forms: home level and commercial grade. Utilizing a domestic product normally consists of discovering a handy area inside a basement or electricity room, or locating a house outdoors with the dwelling, and getting an electrician seasoned with generator hook up hook up the dwelling’s power source to the […]

10 Tips for Electrical Work and Your Safety

When you’re considering electrical work you should put safety first. This article gives a few pointers regarding electricity and safety for you, your family and your home. 1. Never take risks where electricity is concerned. Electricity can cause serious burns, health problems and kill. 2. If you’re not qualified to do electrical works then get […]

Don’t Fall Prey To Cowboy Electricians

Many home owners are not DIY experts or even enthusiasts and so they require professionals to carry out work on their house. This might be a builder, a roofer, a plumber or an electrician among others. When you let someone into your home, you want to feel that they are reliable, professional and fully qualified, […]

Paying Your Electricity Bills On Time Will Help You Save Money

These days, electricity prices have been getting more and more expensive and with winter season almost approaching people are finding ways as to how they can save on their electricity bills. This article will provide you tips on saving money from electricity and can be applied immediately if you want to. Companies that supply their […]

Electrical Wiring Upgrades: The Safety and Efficiency Behind It

Your home or business’ electrical wiring is an often overlooked component to your electrical system. Many assume that just because the lights turn on and your electrical devices work, that there is no discernable problem your wiring. However, wiring degrades over time and can pose a significant danger if not properly tested and replaced. Additionally, […]

The Best Features of Generac Portable Generators

Portable generators are very popular because they can be used just about anywhere. One of the most popular brands is Generac portable generators because they are one of the few companies that strive to meet industrial, commercial, and residential needs and they do all three quite well. While there are many great features about the […]