Why Should I Consider Installing Security Lights?

Do you remember the movie “Home Alone” where a kid intelligently made use of lighting to fool the burglars and forced them to believe that the house was occupied even when the family was out on vacation? With crime rates steadily increasing in Atlanta and all across Georgia, it comes as no big surprise that […]

Can Space Heaters Be Hazardous?

Normally during the winter season fuel prices tend to rise and most residents in Atlanta, GA will be making use of space heaters to kill the chill. According to a report published by US Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC), more than 25,000 residential fires are caused by these heaters, which also cause about 300 deaths. […]

Can Fluorescent Lamps Be Used With Dimmer Switches Effectively?

Atlanta has seen a tremendous growth in the last couple of decades that has been true to its motto “Resurgence” or Rising Again. With expansion, many changes have been made in our lifestyles. Modern electrical gadgets have made their way into our homes, and have caused a steep rise in our power bills in the […]

Are Zinsco and Federal Pacific Panels Outdated?

Electrical system safety is of paramount importance. You might be curious about your system and whether or not Zinsco and Federal Pacific panels are outdated.

Why Take a Cable Speed Test?

Are you aware that the speed of your cable varies depending of the pattern of usage of your neighbors? Cable services providers share the width of the band through the subscribers of a locality. This means that the same cable line is connected to many households. So it makes that if a lot of your […]

Enjoy the Ultimate Viewing Experience With the Digital Coaxial Cable

Here are some specifications for the new digital coaxial cable on the market. These cables are similar to the standard RCA analog cables. These cable are thicker than the RCA cables and are shielded just like regular cable TV coaxial cables. Outside signals’ interference is minimized with greater shielding. They have a larger bandwidth than […]

Power Supply Tester Review

What is orange has a snake tail which it can lose or replace at will and respond to CM code name 700? Simple, it’s a modular power supply tester and is today on bench tests.

Grounding in Older Homes

The electrical grounding of electrical systems was originally done by connecting a heavy gauge copper ground wire, known as a bond wire, to the main water supply pipe. In those days, a main water line was comprised of galvanized steel, an excellent conductor.

Safer Wire Supplies

It now comes to your latitude. There are numerous new market companies that are gladly to help you with you wire supplies, but this is now a serious matter. You have to pay a few bucks extra to get newer, better and longer lasting wire supplies, because you’ve all seen accidents that can occur with […]

What Is Electric Wiring?

Electric wiring is a means by which a consumer of electric energy can operate his items of electrical equipment as and when he wishes. The wiring extends from the consumer’s terminals, where it is connected to the electricity supply mains, to the various outlet points such as ceiling roses and wall sockets.

Will Your Wiring Survive Christmas?

A recent interview with a fireman on the radio brought the shocking comment that the majority of fires nowadays are in premises occupied by the poor and the elderly. Whilst the latest official fire statistics released by the Government don’t include a breakdown of fire causes, a survey from 2005 puts cooking at the top […]

Safety Tips About Power Inverters

These days there are lots of appliances that are out in the market. Some of them may differ from your regular socket in your house. It may cause trouble on your appliances if you don't know it. More people these days did not benefit from the product they buy because it may differ on the […]

If You’re Moving Into a Home or Doing Home Improvement, You Need a Qualified Electrician

Are you in search of a Los Angeles electrician? In this article we are going to talk about a couple of reasons why you may want to contact a Los Angeles electrician. There are so many things to think about when it comes to home improvement or moving into a home. If you are thinking […]

Importance of Having Quality Power Inverters

Inverters are devices that would usually help you to have access in using electricity because it would convert direct currents to alternating currents. After that, with the use of other devices such as transformers, you will get to use the converted current at any frequency or voltage which is required by your gadgets, appliances and […]

Importance of the Anti Static Mat

Hundreds of companies of ESD material providers are in a lot of trouble thanks to their miserable materials. They have been sued all over the world because of their bad anti static mat. Tests indicated that the supportable anti static mats provided by those companies are not conductive materials for ESD applications. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) […]

Electrical Disaster Recovery Services

One of the most important things to an area is the power that is available to the residents. Many natural disasters, whether it is a thunderstorm, or a hurricane, can cause entire areas to temporarily lose power. Having a disaster recovery service to come in and get the power back on in a very timely […]

Hire a Professional Electrician for Better Work

While replacing a light switch is an easy task, there are a lot of other circumstances where a professional electrician in Colorado Springs is needed. Electricians deal with an area of ​​life that can be potentially dangerous, and the majority of people out there do not fully understand electrical units well enough to fix anything. […]

Watch Your Wattage – Buy a RCBO

Reducing the energy used by your house or office can save you money. Introducing dimmer switches or timing devices on lighting can save you a packet. The latest way to save money is the installation of an electric shower. This is an economical way of washing, because the amount of water used is about a […]

Unbelievable Benefits of Using Solar Power Attic Vents

Heat and moisture can be controlled through the installation of solar power attic vents. These are a smart and energy efficient alternative to your traditional roof louvers that are seen in most houses. Solar varieties collect the power that they need from the sun's rays to convert it into electricity to operate during the day […]

Evaporator Coil – Shopping for the Right Kind in Your Device

There are a lot of different stores out there worth checking out if you want to get a decent evaporator coil for your air-conditioning unit or other device. There are multiple varieties to take your pick from; With a lot placing emphasis on what exactly it is that you are looking out for. Once you […]