What It Takes To Be An Electrician

Most places require electrical technicians to be licensed. Although licensing requirements vary from one state to the other, most electricians needs to must an examination that tests their knowledge of electrical theory and procedures, the National Electrical Code, and building and electric codes. They should be able to answer easy questions like what is inside the electrician tool kits.

An electrical contractor who serves the public requires a different kind of license. They must also have a certification as master electricians. Of course, their work is not similar to that of common electricians. You should have at least 7 years of experience as an electrical expert or a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. A course related to that field may also be considered.

A person should also undergo at least a four year apprenticeship program. Applicants who are vying for an apprenticeship usually must be at least 18 years old. It is necessary that he must have a high school diploma or a (General Equivalency Diploma) G.E.D. If you are one who is interested to apply, you need to comply with other requirements and pass the test.

To become an electrician, you should have enough or above par electrical skills. There are tons of risks if you become a mediocre. Someone might get an electrical shop when you don’t do your job properly. That is why you need to have a good manual dexterity, excellent eye-hand coordination, a good sense of balance. You also need to be physically fit. An electrical technician must not be color blind. This is because one will be dealing with electrical wires wrapped in different colors. Moreover, employers and apprenticeship groups require you to have a good work history. You should also have electrician tool kits to be able to work hands-on.

The Five Most Important Things That You Need To Know About Contracting Electrical Work

There are few things that are more frustrating for the average homeowner than having to contend with the inevitable complex home repairs that come up again and again. Not basic landscaping, or the occasional clogged rain gutter, no, the worst problems are the ones that are so complex, they require the services and expertise of a trained professional. This means that you will have to contract with an electrician, which means you will need to discuss whatever your issue is with several of them. The first place that you will want to start when looking for an electrician in Atlanta or anywhere else is by gathering referrals from family and friends. Your own personal network will be able to generate some leads for you.

When it comes time to pare down the list, and select the electrician that you want to work with, there are five important criteria by which you must judge them.

Full Licensure And Certifications

First, you will want to do your homework, and ensure that each of the electricians on your list have full certifications and licenses, and that they are in good standing with the State of Georgia. Those electricians that you come across who do not meet these criteria can be safely dropped from your list of consideration.

Excellent Rating With The Better Business Bureau

A great way to discern the simply good electricians from the ones who perform stellar and timely work is to check out each of them with the Better Business Bureau. Any company that has an A+ rating will be a good fit for you and your project.

Ability And Experience With Both Installation And Repair

Always make sure that the electrician that you contract with has experience in both installing electrical systems (whether residential or commercial) and in repair or maintenance of electrical systems. This is the number one indicator of extensive experience, and when it comes to electricity, that is what you want. This should be high on the list of criteria for an electrician in Atlanta.

The Ability To Offer A Warranty On Parts And Materials

Also, make sure that the electricians that you are discussing potential work with will offer some form of guarantee on the work that they do, and the materials that they use.

A List Of Satisfied References From Prior Clients

And, ask each and every one of the electricians on your list for references from past and previous clients to ensure that they do a consistent level of good work for every one of their clients.

Three Things That You Need To Consider When Contracting With An Electrician

It is the nightmare of any proud homeowner. When the lights begin to flicker, a homeowner’s stomach sinks just a little bit, and that queasy feeling belies something a more sinister waiting in the wings. For any homeowner who has had to watch helplessly as the lights pop off throughout one entire section of the house simply because someone had the audacity to use the toaster oven, it is a horrible reminder that, no matter how much you would like to think that you can do it all yourself, there are things in your home that require the expert touch of a trained and experienced electrician. Especially with electricity, it is never a good idea to go fiddling around yourself if you are not completely sure what you are doing.

If you are looking for an electrician in Atlanta, there are a number of good ones, a few great ones, and it can be incredibly difficult to tell them apart. But, with a little preparation and effort, and by keeping these three things in your mind, you will be able to find the electrician that is right for you.

Call Around And Line Up Multiple Quotes

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you get taken for a walk by an unscrupulous electrician is to simply take the first quote that comes along, without comparing it to any others. Remember, the best deals will come through comparison, and it is always a good idea to get as many professional eyes on your problem or potential project as possible. While there is a good chance that all of the electricians will be in consensus regarding the best course of action, there may be one or two that have an entirely different and better way of doing the repairs or installation.

Have An Idea About What May Be Wrong

Even if you are completely ignorant about electrical systems, Google the problem, try to wrap your head around the fundamentals of what is going on, and what some of the best courses of action may be. This can help you clearly explain to the electrician in Atlanta that you ultimately choose to hire what the project requires, or what repairs are needed.

Remember That The Cheapest Quote May Not Be The Best Quote For The Job

This is true in most everything. Just because a quote or price is the cheapest, does not mean that it is the wisest choice.

How An Electrician Helps You in Your Living

The world needs electricians and so does the residents of Birmingham. Without Birmingham electricians we could be in a lot of trouble. Just about every aspect of our society relies on electricity. Even some of the cars we drive today use electricity as a fuel. An electrician is a specialist that keeps the electricity flowing where it needs to go. Without the services of these people the world as we know it would soon come to a screeching halt.

Basically an electrician is a technician who designs, installs and repairs the wiring necessary to carry electricity from one place to another so that it reacts in a safe manner.

While all Birmingham electricians are trained and licensed, just like with any other job there are specialists in the electrician’s field that requires advanced training. Some electricians are considered electrical engineers. Electrical engineers are the people you turn to when you need a completely new electrical system designed or an old system overhauled and redesigned.

When it comes to new construction, an electrical engineer may be the person to design the system but often it is an electrical contractor and apprentices who install it. The first thing Birmingham electricians learn is how to correctly read a map or blue print of how the electricity will flow. This map shows where each wire, circuit breaker and outlet plug is to be installed. Depending on the installation this can be a very easy or very complicated system.

Once the blue print has been gone over an electrician will then begin the work of the installation, one piece at a time. They will run tubes and pipes into walls to pass the wires through. These wires are what electricity passes through. The paths that electricity takes are called circuits.

Circuit breakers, transformers and other equipment that controls the ebb and flow of electricity must also be installed all along the wires and pathways. Each part of the system must be carefully understood and evaluated to make sure that the correct amount of electricity passes through the right section and size of wiring. The wrong current can pose a danger. Think what would happen if a 220 watt current was passed through a 110 watt wire and fed to a 110 watt appliance! It could cause a fire and definitely damage the appliance. And by the same token if a 110 watt wire was released to a 220 watt appliance the appliance would not work at all.

Birmingham electricians also track and repair problems with an electrical system. A short in a wire can cause electric shock, a fire or other problems that can be deadly dangerous to the denizens of the area.

How to Eliminate Electrical Hazards in the Garage

When people tend to think of garage storage, they usually only think of it as a means of getting organized, but there are actually additional benefits as well. Not only do you end up with a much cleaner place, you also save money through a variety of ways and it makes a much safer environment for your family to be in.

Each year, thousands of accidents in the garage require medicals visits of some kind, due to either a fall, being struck by a sharp object, fires, or some other type of accident. In addition to those mentioned there is also the risk of potential poisoning from the chemicals that are stored in the garage as well as electrical hazards. When people tend to think of electrical hazards, it springs to mind the images of a downed telephone wire with sparks flying every way. There are some things to be aware of when it comes to eliminating any potential for electrical mishaps. Follow these key tips to help keep your family safe and protected.

Always check the cords to see what condition they are in before and after use. If they looked damaged or split, be sure to get them replaced before using them again. Check any appliances that are running in the garage monthly to make sure the wires are in good condition as well.

Check the ratings for electricity on any appliances or tools that are being used to make sure they are being correctly used. This goes for extension cords as well, you never want to attach an extension cord to something that has a higher electrical rating. If you are going to use extension cords, make sure you are using the right type as some are labeled specifically for inside or outside the house.

Any outlets that are not in use should be covered if there is nothing in it. This will keep children from sticking anything in the outlet outside as well as to prevent dust and dirt from building up. Clean the garage periodically to make sure dirt and dust have not accumulated that could possibly affect any of the electrical current. It is also important to keep any electrical equipment dry and not wet when they are plugged in or in use.

Tips on How to Hire an Electrician

Anytime you need to have professional work done on your home, your first thought may be how you are going to pick out a quality professional who will do a good job with the home improvement and will still be within your budget.

Your home’s electrical systems and wiring are definitely something you do not want to take chances with, so when you need electrical work done, you will want to hire the right professional. Here are a few tips on how to hire an electrician who will do the best job on the project you need completed.

One of the best ways to determine the true quality of an electrician’s past work is word of mouth. You will be able to find out more honest advice on an electrician from the testimonials of real past customers.

When choosing an electrician, one of the first steps would be to try and determine their reputation. If you have heard from more than one person that the professional does quality work, then you know you are on the right path to hiring the right person for the job.

Cost can be a big factor in choosing the right electrician. Of course, you do not want to choose a cheap electrician in an effort to worry about cost only, and then discover the work is sub-par. The key is to consider more than one professional, compare costs, and determine which professional can offer you the best quality of work while remaining fair in price.

When choosing the right electrician, one last thing to consider is whether or not they are certified. It is best to only choose a professional who is certified within their profession since this is like a stamp of approval that the work they will provide will be quality. If you are considering a certain electrician, do not be afraid to confirm that they are certified by inquiring before asking them to provide an estimate.

Anytime that you will be hiring someone to work on your home, you will, of course, want someone who will provide the best quality of work along with a fair price. Choosing an electrician does not have to be difficult or confusing.

To find the right professional, consider the ones who have the proper certification, who have a good reputation among past customers, and who can provide a fair price for the amount of work that you need completed.

Advantages of Hiring Licensed Electricians

Electricity is one of the most important aspects of life today. There are thousands of appliances that human beings have to depend on in their daily life. Most of these devices either give comfort or ease the work process. Hardly can anyone spend much time without the use of electricity nowadays. Thus maintaining the electrical appliances and devices and seeing to the safety is also very important. It is not desirable that every household would have a person who is knowledge about the complex electrical circuits and the other facets regarding electricity. So electricians have to be referred to whenever there is any electrical problem which may either be large scale or small scale. But the knowledge of residential electrical wiring is minimum for many, thus you have to rely solely on the electrical contractors.

There are thousands of residential electrical service providers available online so it becomes tough to choose the best from the worst. But bad choice of electrician can jeopardized the safety of the residents. Thus whenever you are looking for an electrician makes sure you hire licensed electricians. The electricians should have a valid ECRA or ESA Electrical Contractor License. Such a license authorizes an electrician to “engage in the business of carrying out Electrical work” within a specific region. The electrical contractors are judged from various aspects before they are handed their licenses. The government will issue a license only when it is completely assured that the electrician can perform an electrical work with the best skills possible.

Some people commit the blunder of hiring electrical contractors that charge less servicing fees. But if they are not licensed electrician then you might have to pay a hefty lot at the end of the day behind regular repairs and other installations. Not only this with even a minor fault of the electrician your sweet house could go up in flames and risk the safety of you and your family. At times the costly appliances that you have bought with your hard earned money might get damaged due to poor wiring or other electrical malfunctions. The licensed electricians go through a stringent screening process thus they have to be highly skilled in their profession. Though they might charge a little more than others but you can be rest assured that there will be no hassles after they are gone. Such electrical contractors have a vast knowledge in all types of electrical jobs such as maintaining, repairing, installing and handling defects in meters, wiring, switches, power stations, energy plants, etc. They are the professionals who can identify even the smallest of problems in your electrical wiring and fix the residential electrical wiring in quick time.

The licenses are issued under the electrical safety code. Under this code the licensed contractor is also insured from workplace injuries sustained. Thus if there is any accident then the cost that you will have to bear will also be low. The licensed contractor will charge you the fees according to the government standards and thus there is no chance you being duped. So hiring licensed electricians for all your residential electrical works is a great idea!

How An Attic Vent Fan Will Lower Your Energy Costs

Did you know that your attic can reach up to one hundred and sixty degrees in the summer months? If your home lacks proper energy efficiency due to poor insulation, this can increase your air conditioning cost because of all the extra power it will take to cool down your home. Did you also know that an attic vent fan can do as good or even a better job than some other cooling systems and even provide ventilation for your entire home with less power and give you a cheaper utility bill?

As previously mentioned, your attic can get as hot as one hundred and sixty degrees during the hottest parts of the summer. This can turn your attic into a giant simmering oven that can cook any prized personal possessions and cost you hundreds of dollars in increased utility prices. In the winter months, even though your attic is cooler, moisture from rain or snow can seep into your home and interact with the air in the attic to cause mildew, mold, and floor damage. However, it would not be very practical to spend money heating your attic to prevent such things. Don’t worry though! The solution lies in the installation of a fan in your attic.

An attic fan works by sucking in air from outside of the home and propelling it through the vents inside your home with no extra equipment required. This will ensure that every room from the bedroom, family room, to the kitchen is properly cooled. Basically, in the summer months, once your attic hits a certain preset temperature, the fan will pull cooler air inside the house and push the warmer air outside the house. Some of these fans also come with a humidistat. This is important during the winter months because a humidistat will pull the moisture from the cooler air thus preventing mold and other damage.

An attic vent fan, due to its efficiency, is also capable of cooling your whole house without you having to exhaust all of your financial resources, give up the quiet of air conditioning, or sacrifice the cooling efficiency of a central air system. This can save you money and still allow you to enjoy all the comfort and luxury you deserve. So if you are looking for the next best solution for your cooling needs, look up to the fans from your attic.

6 Tips For Buying Used Breakers Online

Buying used breakers has become a common practice for electricians replacing industrial and commercial circuit breakers. One of the best times to buy used breakers is when replacing a device that is obsolete or no longer available. Here are some tips on how you can save money when buying used breakers online:

1. Compare prices of new and used parts before deciding. Even though nearly every time it is cost effective to buy a used part, always make sure you check the prices of new as well. Many sites that sell these parts often list both new and used condition right beside each other, which makes your decision much easier.

2. Buy from reputable stores. Everyone knows you should only buy from reputable stores, but in the breaker industry, there have been some ‘fly-by-night’ stores popping up. Make sure you purchase from stores who have a phone number listed and seem to have large inventory.

3. Watch out for high-priced shipping charges. Many stores will offer low prices on parts, but then charge very high shipping and handling charges. Due to the weight of these breakers, shipping charges can be high, but be wary of any store that charges a handling fee or requires extra fees to process orders.

4. Only buy from a company that offers warranties. Many suppliers have started offering 30-day or even 1-year guarantees on their new and used breakers. These companies are putting their own warranty on parts from Square D, Westinghouse, Cutler-Hammer, and Siemens.

5. Check the return policy of your supplier. Sometimes the wrong used breakers are ordered, so make sure the supplier you order from accepts returns.

6. Choose a supplier located close to you for fast and less expensive shipping. The closer a supplier is located to your state, the faster you’ll get your parts. If you’re dealing with an emergency this can save you lots of money.

By using these tips, you’re sure to have a good buying experience when buying used breakers online.

What Is Armored Cable?

Whenever the question of building wiring is raised, one comes across the term ‘Armoured Cables’. After all, what is armored cable and why is it so important for electrical wiring systems. Let’s know about it.

Armored Cable Definition

Armored cable is a power cable made up by assembling two or more electrical conductors, generally held together with an overall sheath. This electrical cable with high protective covering is used for transmission of electrical power, especially for underground wiring needs. However, these cables may be installed as permanent wiring within buildings, buried in the ground, run overhead, or may even be kept exposed. They are available as single conductor cable as well as multi-conductor cables.

To be more precise, armored cables can be explained as electrical cables with stainless steel or galvanized wire wound over the conductors and insulation. They often have an outer plastics sheath for main distribution supply and buried feeders.

Why is Armored Cable Significant?

As can be made out from its name itself, armored cable is significant due to the ultimate protection it provides keeping in view the most risky job of electricity transmission. It acts as a circuit protective conductor (CPC) and thus provides earthing to the equipment supplied by the cable. However, its earthing capability has been a much debated subject.

Armoured Cable Earthing

A single conductor armoured cable does not have a ground wire. Its sheath is only for protection purpose. Therefore it is always recommended that one core armor cable should not be earthed on both ends. When both the ends are grounded, a “circulating sheath current” can flow between the armour, to ground then back to the armour. Grounding only one end is meant to allow bleeding of any voltage that might be induced into the sheath without creating a circulating current.

Single core armoured cables do not have magnetic fields generated by the other two phases. In a three phase cable, the sum value of the three magnetic fields is zero. In a single core cable, there is no “cancelling” effect and therefore a voltage will be induced in the armour by the magnetic field surrounding the conductor.

To prevent any kind of problem, a single conductor metallic armoured cable having lead, aluminum, stainless steel, steel or copper armors should be bonded to ground, usually at the source end, then isolated from ground along its length.

To know more about this power cable, read Armoured Cables