Some More Common Cabling Problems

Some More Common Cabling Problems

During the transition from Tough Rubber and Vulcanised Rubber Cabling to the more modern PVC / PVC Flat Twin & Earth Cabling used nowadays, lighting cabling (1.5mm cross sectional area or less) was Twin and Earth as it was fitted with a CPC (Earth).

During the 1970s the vast majority of light fittings in houses consisted of either Bakelite, wooden or plastic ceiling pendants which did not require an earth and the regulations did not stipulate that lighting circuits had to be wired with one. As a result, the vast majority of early 70s house (and before) do not have a lighting CPC and this can be dangerous.

Even in an installation fitted with Class 2 fittings throughout, the chances are that there will be metal back boxes behind the light switches and these back boxes do need to be earthed (because they are in contact with the screw heads holding the switch on which are obviously accessible and could very easily become live). When twin cable was used the back boxes for lighting circuits had plastic lugs for the screws to attach into so the screw heads were insulated from the back box but these aren't made anymore.

Where this cabling is found the best solution is to re-wire the affected parts, particularly the switch drops. Where this is not practical, Class 1fittings (ie those requiring an earth) should never be fitted and if there are already Class 1 fittings installed these should be removed immediately. Only fit standard pendants or class 2 fittings (should be marked with an outline of a black square inside a larger one) and consult with an electrician immediately to discuss what can be replaced.

All About Electronic Ballast

Electronic ballast, also known as the control gear, is found in most of the electric circuits to keep a check on the allowable limit for supply of electric current to the circuits. They act more like resistors and are used in neon bulbs and LEDs.

The uses of electronic ballasts for high power installations are not recommended as the resistance varies greatly in complexity and depends much upon the capacitive action of inductors and capacitors. Most of the ballasts are remote controlled and come with digital technology to be used in fluorescent lamps. In general the ballasts help in stabilizing the overall current load. With negative supply of current flow, the ballasts draw power from a high voltage supply and distribute it at an appropriate level for the circuit to be stabilized. By deriving positive resistance, the ballasts limit the supply of current and a good example would be the gas discharge lamp.

The concept is more based on the reduction of current to increase the voltage drop. There are automobile ignitions with ballasts to regulate the level of voltage drop to bring it in positive circuit from the negative resistance of current supply. Take the case of LEDs, they are devices which react in a positive way and have no controls over the current consumption from varied sources of high voltages. Most of the LEDs or light emitting diodes emphasize on the use of electronic ballasts to regulate the flow of current and stabilize the mode of connection for LEDs. A lot of light emitting diodes use simple resistive ballasts and are found to be good for power distribution.

Most of the ballasts take advantage of the solid state ignitions for proper functioning of the electrical devices such as the lamps and fluorescent tubes and are quite an instant hit with the HID lamps. With more and more lamps operating at a higher efficiency that rate about 9% of the estimated standard mains of 10 KHz, the ballasts improve the overall ideal reactance required for regulating the current limit for any electrical device. With higher resistance, the use of capacitors combined with electrical ballasts as a resistor provides optimum utilization of current.

It is widely known that electronic ballasts work on SMPS modules and regulate high frequency supply of current with capabilities for dim controls with remote operations. They offer superior lighting quality that helps in conserving energy to the maximum. This provides a long life to lamps and tubes for efficient performance in operation. They are very cost effective and have a range of lighting models for the various needs of home and commercial purposes. With versatile and improved performance of electronic ballasts, they help in regulating safety in the indoors as well as the outdoor environment and light up the ambience of a place.

Electronic Ballasts – Facts to Consider Over Other Types of Ballasts

Electronic Ballasts – Facts to Consider Over Other Types of Ballasts

There are different types of lighting systems available these days. While many people use still use those old-fashioned lights, some make it a point to get attractive fluorescent lamps that can consume less electricity. Of the number of lighting systems available, choosing to use electronic ballasts lighting system can be a great choice.

Advantages of Copper Wires Over the Iron Wires

Advantages of Copper Wires Over the Iron Wires

Copper wires are the most preferred choice for electrical wiring, main reason being the high electrical conductivity of this metal. High conductivity of copper allows easy passage of electricity through it without being much heated up. These wires are the raw material for Cable Industries for manufacturing different types of wires. Some of the electrical power cable drawn from copper include, tinsel wire, submersible winding wire, copper strip, special cable and control cable to name a few. In addition to this copper is also use in manufacturing several other instruments as well as machines.

The other metal used in manufacturing power cable is iron. PVC coated wire and PVC Insulated wire drawn from this metal are the most popular plastic for the coating of electrical wires. It is relatively more fire retardant low in resilient, price and also possesses excellent insulating properties.

Wires drawn from these metals have become the most popular metal for both the residential as well as commercial wiring. Some of the features of copper that gives it an upper edge over the other metals is that they are highly flexible and are known to have high resistant against metal exhaustion. Durability and malleability of this metal make it possible to draw them into any shape and size in a very convenient manner. Moreover the durability aids copper wire to stand to any climatic condition ranging from high heat to extreme cold.

Braided wire is largely used as flexible connector in electric appliance, storage batteries and electric stove. They are made up of super quality round copper wire composed of tinned flexible copper wire which is braided in to multiple-thread. The DC electrical resistivity braided copper wire is comparatively low. Copper strip are used in automatic machines for enhancing the production and reducing wastage of electricity moreover they are resistant to corrosion. Copper strip manufacturer facilitates customized strips in accordance to the customer's demands and specifications. Bare copper strip are further useful as a raw materials for various industries, they are best suitable for the places having high salt content in the soil.

Different forms of electrical power cable drawn from copper and iron are very popular for power distribution. Among them PVC coated wire , braided copper wires are low voltage electrical wires and are made by wrapping many copper foil strands or by doing plastic coating around the textile core. Copper wire in India is largely available in different sizes and forms owing to the increased demand. Significance of copper has been proven across the world as the wires drawn from this metal are been largely used for both the residential as well as commercial electrical appliances. With the increased demand of copper wires the number of copper wire suppliers has significantly increased across the globe.

Reasons Why You Need to Invest in a Professional Electrician

Whenever presented with an electrical project, you have to exclusively hire qualified, fully credentialed electricians to take care of the project. Money should not be the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to hiring qualified and experienced Johannesburg electricians. In order to get the job done well, you may need to invest a bit more money than you normally would with an unlicensed or unprofessional company. Where electricity projects are concerned, you need to be confident that the job will be done well, as people very safety is at stake.

Electricity is not only hazardous and dangerous to work with, but it also poses safety risks if the people working with it do not know what they are doing. Many people have burned their fingers with trying to cut corners and save a bit of capital, only to find mere weeks or a few months later that serious complications occur. Overloaded circuits are not only deathly annoying, but can cause problems and fire hazards, the same goes with faulty wiring.

It is for this reason, among many others that you need to ensure you know who you are dealing with when researching potential Johannesburg electricians. Speak to friends and acquaintances that have experience in the construction and electrician industry to get referrals of licensed and professional Johannesburg electricians. Take the time to thoroughly research these referred companies, in an effort to confidently decide on which company to go with. Ask for previous clients' contact details, and follow up on the references.

Johannesburg electricians vying for your business should also provide the adequate and necessary insurance to complete the job safely. The last thing you need is to expose yourself to endless trouble should something not go according to plan on the site, and you need to cover your bases here. Do not only take the estimates and quotes into consideration when considering which Johannesburg electricians to go with.

Know Which Electrician Will Get the Job Done Right, and Make an Informed Choice

One of the biggest killers in South Africa today is electricity, and although we all fancy ourselves electricians nowadays changing a light bulb or plug do not qualify us to mess around with circuit boards and other electrical components which could get us killed in the blink of an eye. Using your butter knife to try and unscrew a plug's screw is not very wise, contrary to popular belief! What is advisable for residents in Johannesburg? Call a Johannesburg electrician to rather do the job however seemingly simple it may be!

Choosing the right electrician in Johannesburg for the job is very important as you get different electricians who deal with different electrical components and sources. For instance, you can get a lighting electrician who deals with the installing of lighting in houses and buildings, or appliance electricians who deal with fixing appliances. There are also major electricians that specialize in fixing and installing circuit boards. As you can see, it is important to determine what your electrical need is before setting out to find the electrician that your husband refused to get because he was going to fix everything himself, only to end up in making it worse in the end.

Once again the cheapest is not the best but at the same time the more you pay does not mean the better workmanship you will get! Always shop around for quotes. There is no shortage of electricians Johannesburg electricians, and you can find most of these electricians online. Searching online for electricians in Johannesburg means that you can receive quotes from at least five different electricians without any effort. This will allow you to make a more informed decision.

Power Savers

Power Savers

One of the major problems faced by electricity consumers in today's modern world is that the electricity supply we use is subject to surges from time to time, which result in spiking of decrease in voltage that can be damaging to your household electrical appliances. These spikes simply waste our valuable electricity in form of producing excessive heat, resulting in overheating of the electric devices under use, which shortens the life of our electrical appliances and wiring of our home. In very extremely dangerous and delicate cases electrical spikes can cause burns, blow outs and even power cuts.

The Power Saver technology helps to stabilize voltages during these crucial times of need and reduces the amount of currents in your power supplies. In the other hand it also improves the power factor by reducing the amount of electricity that is to be paid to our service provider utility company. This vital task id fulfilled by supplying electricity locally at the load by the specially designed capacitor. These advanced capacitor store the additional electricity so that it may be projected into the power line for stabilizing electric current within an inductive load for the usage in common house holds.

Therefore, the amount of this soon to be extinct electricity purchased from utility company can be greatly reduced by a power factor optimization and once again resulting in power savings for our home or office. Also fulfilling our social obligation to take a recognizable step in order to save the electricity we waste. Now, with the help of Power Saver widely available in market, this has become an effectively smart way to reduce up to 30% of your electricity consumption by each month. It reviles us from the hassle of high electricity bills to be paid so that you could use your desired ratio of electricity with acceptably less cost. Electrical power is also lost naturally when in the process of transmission to its consumers through wires or at such times when electrical appliances are turned on. Power Savers themselves do not consume a large proportion of electricity itself.

So in order get obtain maximum benefit from this highly effective device, which conserves a lot of electricity by running it self on electricity, You can simply just keep it on continuously 24 hours a day all around the year without its affecting your electricity costs. Power Saver is suitable for large number inductive and capacitive appliances which commonly in use our household to keep our daily lives on the modern desirable track, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, stereos, fluorescent lamps, electric fans, televisions, etc. It is so easy to use these modern power savers; Just plug the Power Saver in any of the indoor outlets of single phase 90V – 250V / 50 Hz – 60Hz supply line. You would be to get more beneficial results from this electrical evolution if you choose a location where there are electricity consumption appliances nearby and closest possible location to the electricity meter provided by the utility company.

Outdoor Electrical Outlet And What You Must Know

An outdoor electrical outlet is great if you need an easy to reach power source within the confines of your garden for regular use.

Although they're not often used in colder climates where the garden is rarely visited, in hotter countries or even hotter parts of countries south as southern America or Australia the gardens are used a lot. Swimming pools and electric barbeques are two things that feature a lot in the gardens of hotter countries. In fact in most hot countries there's also a lack of rain which means that electrical appliances are used far more frequently outside.

With regards to the electric barbeque for example, if it were in a colder country it would only be taken out rarely for use. Seeing as it wouldn't be used that often it's much more acceptable for a long, twisted extension cord to meander its way through the kitchen to the outside. Now looking at a hot country such as Australia where there are far more barbeques, perhaps several times a week, it's not a good long term solution to have an extension cord.

If on the other hand you have an outdoor electrical outlet attached to an outer wall then you can very easily connected to the mains electricity very quickly. Most houses in hotter countries come with them already attached to the wall. If you do want one installed (and I do recommend it), then you have to contact an electrician who can install one for you. The parts to install one aren't expensive, usually just 30 dollars or so, but the actual electrician will cost more.

Tips to Hiring A Qualified Electrician

People who wish to get their electrical job done correctly will need a perfect electrician for the required work. There are various kinds of electricians but it is always advisable to find the right electrician to get the job done correctly. Here are some tips that may help to you find a good, qualified electrician in your area.

Why Only An Electrician Should Upgrade Your Service Panel

Why Only An Electrician Should Upgrade Your Service Panel

Electrical demands created by modern technology put more stress on older electrical systems. Also, insurance companies have started to deny renewals to homes equipped with electric panels that have been known to cause electrical fires and have not been replaced by an electrician.

A service panel distributes electricity throughout a building. The service panel divides the power coming from a source and feeds it into different circuits. A fuse or circuit breaker protects each circuit in the home. The panel contains a main power switch and several breakers that provide overload protection.

Homeowners who need to change their electric panel must have a licensed electrician change it out. Replacing a panel involves entirely removing the old panel and replacing it with one that meets with current code standards. Many old service panels are now inadequate. They create dangerous safety hazards that homeowners do not know about.

Homes that do have a more modern service panel may need an upgrade. Homeowners may find an upgrade necessary when buying new appliances that put higher demands on the electrical system. An electrical panel has a lifespan of between 20 to 25 years. When homeowners start experiencing flickering lights and can feel heat coming the panel, it is time to call an electrician for an upgrade. In some situations, circuit breakers deteriorate to the point where they burn out. Waiting too long to replace an old system runs the risk of the electrical panel shutting down or possibly causing a house fire.

Having an electrician replace or rebuild your present electrical service panel will prevent many problems in the future. In most situations, a complete replacement will cost less than constantly making repairs. Homeowners need to check with their insurance company to learn about the requirements to reduce their premiums for making electrical upgrades. Typically, both utility bill reductions as well as insurance cost savings will easily justify the investment in a panel change out.

When upgrading to a modern service panel system, it may be necessary to have an electrician rewire the entire building to meet the increased electrical demands, replace ancient wiring and improve energy efficiency.

Electrical upgrades are governed by local building code regulations. Many electrical repairs, installations and repairs must be inspected and approved. Because of the skill and knowledge it takes to upgrade a service panel, only a licensed and experienced electrician can do it safely and efficiently.