Choosing an Electrician

Most homeowners need the services of an electrician at one time or another. Even if you are comfortable performing many of your own simple electrical repairs, you probably need the services of an expert for more complicated electrical additions and repairs. There are some important factors you should take into account when you are looking for an electrician. You will want to hire somebody you can trust, and who you feel is competent to get the job done right. Of course, getting a good price is also important, but low prices should never be your primary motivating factor when hiring an electrician. Here are some tips you can use to help find the perfect licensed electrician for your needs.

Proper Licensing

Licensing is an important consideration when hiring an electrician. Although it is certainly not a guarantee of hiring an electrician you will like, it is a sign that they have the proper training and knowledge to perform the work. Although you might be tempted to hire a home “handyman” to handle relatively simple electrical jobs in order to try to save money, the best choice is a licensed electrician. In fact, you might have local codes and regulations that prohibit anyone except a licensed electrician from working in your home. Electrical work performed by a person not properly licensed can also sometimes cause problems with your home insurance policy, since the insurance company may deny a claim that was caused by work not done by a licensed electrician.

Always Get Estimates

When choosing an electrician, it is always a good idea to get more than one estimate, since the fees charged by electricians can vary. Getting several quotes will help you make the most economical decision. However, although a higher cost does not necessarily mean a higher quality job, it is also important to never choose an electrician based solely on a low quote. Pay attention to the electrician’s qualifications and references in addition to price.

Checking References

Checking an electrician’s references is a good way to help determine if they are the person you want to hire to deal with your electrical issues. Always ask a potential electrician for references. By speaking to past clients, you will learn how happy they were with the job that was performed, and how easy the electrician was to work with. Although checking references can be helpful for even the smallest of electrical jobs, it is even more important if you have having more extensive work done. For example, if you are contemplating having your home rewired, it can be helpful to talk to some of the electrician’s former clients who also had this work performed.


Although not all electricians use advertising to promote their business, many of them do. The quality of an electrician’s advertising material does not really have any bearing on the quality of their work or their level of expertise. In fact, if you find an electrician who does a lot of flashy advertising, you might find that they have higher prices that help to support their advertising budget. Although you might utilize advertising to find an electrician, you should refrain from factoring it too heavily into your decision to hire one.

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