Choosing The Right Residential Generator Switches

Residential generator switches can allow you to automatically switch the power supply from your electric grid to your back up generator. Not having one leaves you in quite a pickle in the event of an emergency. The alternative to this safe method of powering you home when the utilities are down is illegal and a hazard to everyone.

When you supply electricity back into the electric grid from your own wiring system this is called islanding. The utility company is likely to send a worker out to start repairs, and he or she won’t know that the live that they are working on is actually live. Your neighbors are not likely to be aware of the electricity flowing through the line as well and this poses a huge risk of electrocution for anyone who comes in contact with the line.

When you are supplying electricity to your home rather than using a portable generator you generally want an automatic switch. This is especially true if there is equipment or machinery in the home that cannot or should not experience delays. When there is a utility failure the automatic switch simply transfers the power supply over to the generator, eliminating long delays.

Once the utility failure has been corrected the power supply simply transfers back to the utilities. The generator is then shut down into a mode where it can slowly cool off. Though the power is up and running you will notice that the generator may sound as though it is hard at work. This is simply because the unit is steadily fanning its motor and when the unit has returned to its standard temperature it will shut down completely.

There are numerous options to choose from in residential generator switches. If you are not happy with the automatic transfer system you can always choose a unit that offers a manual setting. With this, once you have identified a utility failure you can manually switch the power supply using the included switch or button. Once the power has been restored you will then manually return the power back to the the main utilities.

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