Circuit Breaker: Technology For Higher Safety

Safety is always the main concern in human life and this is the main reason in inventing circuit breaker. This is certain electrical supply that aims to provide higher safety for electrical devices as well as the entire electrical system in your home. By installing this supply, the risk of fire accidents due to overload current could be prevented well.

There are a lot of benefits you can get from installing circuit breaker in your home. With the presence of this safety device, any overload electrical current could be detected earlier. Besides, this device is also responsible to break the circuit in order to interrupt the electrical flow. Through this mechanism, any overheating risk on your electronic appliances could be immediately stopped.

However, the main benefit of circuit breaker is that this device could be reset after tripping. Compared to the same circuit-breaking function offered by fuse, resetting breaker will be much safer and easier to do. Fuses will be destroyed after performing its function to interrupt the electricity flow, so you need to replace it physically. Surely, the replacement process will be quite risky since you need to make physical contact with the electricity system.

When you are going to install circuit breaker in your home electrical system, you have to know well about the types as well. There are three main types of circuit breakers available out there. The first type is thermal breaker, the second one is hybrid, and the third one is magnetic. Those three types actually perform the same function, but they work in very different ways. Magnetic breaker uses electromagnetic to break the circuit, thermal one uses a sort of dissimilar metals in responding the overload flow, and the hybrid one uses both the mechanisms of thermal and electromagnetic.

Then how to determine the right one for your home? You can make it appropriate with the appliances that use in your home. If you find difficulty to do so, you can simply ask the sellers to pick up the most suitable one for your home. Or, if you hire a professional electrician to install the breaker, you can ask him to use the best type for your electrical system.

However, being very careful is still a compulsory thing to do. You have to immediately check your electrical system when your circuit breaker is constantly tripping. It could be a sign of something wrong that needs further attention and examination. The problem could be from appliances with improper wiring installation or could be from many more sources.

Since electricity could be very dangerous when we are less careful, the presence of circuit breaker in your home is a must. Always make sure that the breaker in your home works well before undesired accident attacks your home.

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