Clearing Myths About Solar Power

Today, without a doubt, solar power is making rave reviews, and all for good reason. After years of exploitation of all the non-renewable resources that our planet has gifted us with, it is now to turn back to alternatives. The best part about these alternatives like wind and solar power is that they are available in plenty and are non-exhaustible.

Now being adopted world wide as a healthy and safe alternative to fossil fuels, this power derived from the sun is the very reason for lighting up our atmosphere, our seasons, our day and night, our warmth and our existence! Sadly, in the absence of the right understanding there are many myths that are surrounding this energy. The power is not without critics and ignorance and among the many myths making the rounds out there, here are some of the most ridiculous and common ones! 

Solar Panels destroy the external decor and take up space?

Well, for one, it is imperative to redefine the meaning of decor. Without functionality, any aesthetically appealing addition to the home, internally or externally is meaningless. Today, every living space is expected to be functional as it is a visual delight. The solar panels that help harness solar power are anything but decor-destroyers. Residential ones are small enough to remain inconspicuous and at the same time do everything from heating water through the course of the day and night and even lighting up the home and garden after dusk. 

Solar energy is very expensive to harness?

The price of the solar panels is a one time investment. Depending on the amount of the sun’s energy you wish to harness, the budget at hand and the type of panels, the solar power panels can be purchased post-comparison shopping. Today the purchases come with good tax breaks, discounts and rebates. Did you know that you don’t have to work on capacity in the beginning itself? You can work slowly on the capacity of the panels to harness and store energy. The equipment can be added to slowly, until your needs are met. 

There is nothing you can do with all the extra energy stored?

The east part about installing these panels is that they enable you to save energy. Today, home owners around the world are also selling the extra energy to the nearest grid! Solar power may not completely eliminate the power company utility bills, but it does reduce it by at least 40%, and additionally gives you the ability to tap on a viable solution by selling the extra energy harnessed for a good profit!

The power from the sun when harnessed and used wisely can actually translate into huge savings per year. The panels are an upswing in investment with the viability of solar energy and harnessing technology becoming increasingly intriguing and fiscally lucrative day by day. The potential of solar power is being tapped on by thousands of homeowners through solar panels. The cost effective and safe energy is the way to go green!

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