Commercial Generators


No power. No customers. No revenue.

Lost power means lost revenues. In some cases, though, it could mean irreparable damage to your brand’s reputation. No matter your business need, commercial generators are protecting yours—from the damage of power outages. From legally required backup power systems to those that simply help you get an edge on your competitors, you can rely on commercial standby generators to protect your bottom line.

Every year, more than two million U.S. businesses experience a power outage lasting eight hours or more. Because this statistic is so powerful, it pays to understand how much a power outage will cost your business. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that on average, power outages cost $80 billion per year and that 98 percent of those losses come from the business sector.

Financially speaking, power outages can cause substantial losses for the company affected. For example, according to the US Department of Energy, when a power failure disrupts IT systems…


of companies lose


lose between $500,000
and $2 million


lose more than
$2 million

Lost revenue is only part of the story.

Consider direct costs, intangible losses and how essential your products and services are during a power outage.

• Security systems become disabled, increasing the risk of theft

• Refrigerated goods spoil

• Employees are idled

• Interrupting manufacturing processes can cause long-term damage to equipment and product

• Computer systems go down and vital data is lost

Keep the lights on and the doors open.

Many businesses have a lot to offer customers during power outages. In addition to making revenue loss less likely, keeping the doors open can provide important customer benefits.

Convenience store / Gas station — Power lights, cash register, security system, refrigeration and fuel pumps to serve emergency workers, motorists evacuating the area and local clean-up efforts.

Restaurants — Power lights, cash register, refrigeration, a full kitchen and remain open during an outage, serving people who need to eat out during a power failure.

Office environment — Power lights, computers, telephone, and elevators. Keep sales coming in and customer service available.

Pharmacy — Power lights, refrigeration, computers/data systems, security system, cash register, and telephone to ensure customers can get medication and medical supplies during an emergency

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