Connect Power Or Electricity Supply For New Homes

When you are setting up a new house or building one crucial aspect is to set up your utility suppliers and particularly power suppliers. This means getting gas and electricity for you home, and without these your house will be very much lacking as a home and most businesses won’t be able to operate. Almost all of the luxuries and appliances we are used to today require gas or electricity to use, and this means that we need them for cooking meals – using the hob, the oven or the microwave, for working – using the computer, for leisure – using games consoles, televisions, music players, for heating and even for washing. A home without gas or electricity then would be a home that was cold and empty and that left you resorting to reading books by candlelight – romantic for one night in a power cut but not a situation most of us would be happy to live with.

When you set up your power supply this will involve being connected to a power grid to get your energy directed to your home. When you do this you will need to decide if you want electricity and gas, or just electricity. Gas is not fully necessary as most gas appliances can also run on electricity – for example yo can have electric heating and electric hobs. However it is not possible to get just gas (or at least not advisable) as you won’t be able to run things such as computers off of gas. Setting up just one utility as opposed to two makes things simpler and reduces the number of different direct debits coming out of your accounts, however at the same time if you get gas heating you will be using a more energy efficient way of heating your property and will be able to avoid spending more than necessary as a result. Gas heating for example is considerably cheaper than electric heating.

When you set up both gas and electricity you will normally do so using the same suppliers. Normally when you apply to the local grid you will do so for both electrical and gas supplies and they will talk it through with you. If you have bought the home from a site developer, or have bought it from someone else then the building will likely already be connected to a grid and getting a power supply will simply involve choosing an electricity supplier and setting up an account with them. If the building already has a power supply then you need to contact the suppliers to let them know if you’ve moved in. If you want to change to a different supplier you will need to tell them that you want to cancel and then set up a new account. It’s crucial when you move in to take note of the electricity and gas meter readings to ensure that you aren’t paying for any previous residents’ electricity use.

However when supplying a completely new building with electricity you will need a company that’s not only able to supply gas and electricity but also one that is licensed to connect. To do this you will need to look at authorized utility infrastructure in your area. A quick Google search will bring up your options and you can then compare quotes to get the cheapest installation.