Cutting a Budget the Kilowatt Meter Way

Common kilowatt meters are used in homes to determine electrical energy usage. By determining the usage of appliances and electrical items in homes, energy conservation becomes inevitable. Professional meters are used by electricians to measure the energy current in power lines and circuits, usually of a building.

There are one to five phase meters that can measure one current or, like the five phase meter, can measure multiple currents either separately or combined. This is useful for businesses when renovating or constructing a building. Currents that require lower energy when combined rather than each separate would change the design of electrical wiring in a building, possibly saving hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Some kilowatt meters can automatically determine the direction of load current flow. This is important when restoring a building to know where electrical lines may be cut in the wall, where the energy comes from and where the energy is going. More expensive kilowatt meters have the capability of controlling switchboards and can monitor or control the input and output of energy to a building. For instance, a business with multiple power tools, computers, or high energy required appliances can be turned off by a switchboard at the close of each day. By cutting power to the high energy appliances, a business could save a load of money each year.

Some business ideas for the kilowatt meter include providing online databases to compare certain items for wattage use and cost of use. If multiple different computers, faxes, power tools and copiers, among other electrical business appliances, are able to be compared, a business can make an informed decision on which item in each category would cost the least to run on electricity. Again, this could save a company money.

There are various models of kilowatt meters that can potentially save a company more money. One such meter monitors the entire building's energy. The component is wired into a circuit breaker box and plugged into an outlet to provide a reading on the electricity use of all items plugged in throughout the building. By finding the kilowatt cost from an electric company, a business could multiply the electricity used by the kilowatt cost to estimate a year's electricity cost. If this sounds like too much work, there are other meters that can be programmed with the kilowatt cost and can provide the actual cost to run each item the meter is plugged into. Some of these meters are also able to project the weekly, monthly and yearly costs to run each item plugged in. This allows a business to accurately estimate electricity costs for budgeting and determining ways to cut expenses.

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