Don’t Get Caught Out By Cowboy Electricians

You might have seen the news or television programmes which unmask the cowboy traders in your neighbourhood in an attempt to stop them from taking advantage of more homeowners. You may well have experienced a rogue trader yourself or know of people that have been. Cowboy traders cost the UK economy thousands of pounds and cause emotional distress to home owner’s right across the country. This article will help you to avoid those electricians, plumbers and builders that prefer to cause you more problems rather than fix your problems.

Qualifications and Certifications

Most trades have a certification body which assesses their qualifications and work to make sure that their traders are good enough to get on their register. For electricians this is the NICEIC or the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting. For traders working with gas such as plumbers and central heating installers they have to be registered with Gas Safe, otherwise they are trading illegally. You can check the electrician’s website to see if they display the badges of their specific certification body and they should also carry their registration card with them on all jobs. If your electrician or plumber cannot provide you with proof that they have been certified then do not work with them, you are letting yourself in for a whole load of trouble.

Customer Reviews

By doing a quick internet search for something like electricians in Newcastle or plumbers in Hull you will be presented with a list of your local traders. You may also be able to see some of their customer reviews, especially if they have a map and business page on Google or the other search engines. Once you have the names of a few traders that you are considering you can also do a search for their name and this will bring you more specific customer reviews. If there are negatives you will be able to avoid them before they start working on your house. Likewise, the positive ones can be seen as an indicator that they have provided good work in the past. Do not take much notice of the reviews on their own websites because these can be doctored or fabricated entirely.

Referrals form Friends

To find out which are the most reliable electricians in Newcastle or plumbers in Hull, why not ask your friends, colleagues and neighbours? They will be much more likely to give you an honest review than anything you find on the internet. Also, because most traders get the majority of their work through referrals, they will be more likely to work hard and well if they know that you might refer them in the future. If you trust the people that have given you recommendations then you are likely to end up with a good trader, not a cowboy.

Avoiding the rogues and finding a reliable trader is something that every homeowner wants because when you get stung by a cowboy it can leave your house unsafe and your bank balance empty. If you follow this advise then you should end up with a good electrician, plumber or builder that you trust will do a good job for you.

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