Electrical Services – Can You Handle Electrical Trouble on Your Own? (Part 1)

Everybody knows that the electrical energy is so powerful and can really harm or in the worst scenario even kill you, if you aren’t careful enough. If you aren’t an expert you better stay out and don’t get involved in fixing electrical troubles at your home. Even the people with little bit more knowledge and experience in this area can make a mistake and be fatal. I don’t want to scare you to death, but electrical energy is unmerciful and my advice is let the professionals do their job. If you have some serious electrical problem, such as installation problem I advise you to hire a company that provides Electrical Services to handle that.

When I can handle the problem by myself?

There are problems that can be solved without any kind of special knowledge or experience. In this article I’ll describe how to change your exploded bulb.

When you have to change the damaged bulb it’s really easy and there is no need to call an electrician, but sometimes the glass of the bulb can be broken and the metal part of the bulb is stacked. This could happen if you are using some cheap and low quality bulbs. So it’s time to call the Electrical Services Company, unless you have experience with same trouble or you want to apply my tip.

First you have to turn off the switch. If you don’t know how to determine the on/off positions of the switch then turn off the fuse that stands for that bulb. Then, you have to find a normal plastic, I repeat plastic lighter. Don’t use metal lighter! Every normal lighter has the same dimension as the metal part of the bulb, so you sticking the lighter and you try to make same round movement as you do for changing unbroken bulb. I’ve taken this tip from a friend that used to work for Electrical Service company and it saved me time and money too. I assure you that if you following every single step, this method is completely harmless.

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