Electrical Works makes sure it works like new.

It’s easy to see why Harold Hoyle views everything with a critical eye. The 95-year-old Fruitland Park resident spent 30 years in the military, serving in World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam. During his years of service, he flew various aircraft and served on a nuclear weapons maintenance squadron.
“The jobs I performed in the military required pinpoint precision,” he says. “That’s why I’m very critical anytime a company comes to my home and does work for me. Everything has to be exactly right. That’s how I evaluate anyone who does work at my house.”
Fortunately for Harold, there was nothing to criticize when Electrical Works recently installed a generator on his property. In fact, he readily admits that he has never dealt with a company that provided such prompt, professional, and high-quality service.
“What Electrical Works did for me was the most professional job I’ve ever had done by any company,” he says. “Whenever I asked them questions, the employees were more than happy to answer in full detail. They were extremely accommodating, courteous, and timely. The cost was below the original estimate, and they made things simple for me by taking care of everything, including licensing. I would highly recommend Electrical Works to anybody.”
Harold is one name on an ever-growing list of satisfied customers who appreciate the competitive prices, timeliness, attention to detail, and reliable service Electrical Works offers.

In With the NEW

Lifelong Lake County resident and Electrical Works founder Joe Ciceri became a licensed electrician in 1997. Since opening its doors in 2007, the company now boasts 24 employees and handles all aspects of electrical installations, from site development projects to troubleshooting and home repairs.
As a company grows and develops, a number of different aspects of its branding and corporate messaging develop with it—a logo being one of them. Electrical Works recently unveiled a logo that promotes a higher-end, industrial look.
“We really want to promote our business, family, and how much we love the community,” Joe says. “Although my family moved to Oxford one year ago, our headquarters remains in Leesburg. We feel proud to serve residents and commercial businesses of Lake and Sumter counties, and felt our new brand and look were the best way to convey that.”

Ensuring a Good Connection

One thing that hasn’t changed is how Joe values family—both in his personal and professional life. Just as he has grown his business, he has grown his family through fostering and adopting children. He and his wife, Sabrina, have six children: Sierra, 26; Tristan, 21; Mia, 14; Jackson, 7; Anthony, 5; and Nissi, 5. They also have a 1-year-old grandson, Maverick.
“Joe is a caring husband who has been an excellent role model to all our children,” Sabrina says. “He has worked tirelessly to be an outstanding provider.”
The same can be said of his work family, too. Joe’s family-owned business is every bit as much about family as it is business.
“At Electrical Works we’re all one big family,” he says. “It’s not just a job here; we’re part of a team. We promote a culture of integrity, excellent service, and community involvement. We enjoy sponsoring and attending community events because it allows us to hang out with old friends and meet new friends.”
Unlike many family-owned electric companies, Joe offers plenty of benefits to attract and keep workers. Those benefits include 401k, profit sharing, quarterly bonuses, medical insurance (health, dental, and vision), and paid vacation.
“As we grow as a company, we look for ways for our entire team to better their lives through the company’s success,” Joe says. “It’s a serious responsibility to maintain a strong business model so my employees have sustainability in where they work for their families.”
That attitude is precisely why employees such as Chris Ethridge enjoy coming to work each and every day. Chris has served as estimator of Electrical Works for four years.
“I like the family feel of this company,” Chris says. “We all take our jobs seriously but also crack jokes with each other and get along very well. If you have an issue you need to discuss, you can talk to the management team, as well as Joe and Sabrina. They do not have a like-it-or-leave-it attitude. They listen to what you have to say and try to adapt.”
Joe Macaluso is another happy employee. He was hired as warehouse manager but within less than a year was promoted to operations manager.
“Electrical Works is undoubtedly the fairest and most honest company I’ve worked for,” says Joe, who spent 29 years with Florida Power and Light. “I brag about this company all the time to my family and friends. Joe and Sabrina are good, down-to-earth people who genuinely appreciate their employees. Here’s an example of that. We hired an employee on December 21. On December 22 Sabrina handed out bonuses and gave a bonus to the brand-new employee.”
Joe and Sabrina also think of new ways in which they can service their loyal customers. That’s why Electrical Works is now installing generators, which become a neccessity during storm season. Joe recommends that anyone considering buying a generator to do so now.
“It’s a process and can take weeks to get done [due to] the permitting,” he says. “But it is definitely an investment that makes all the difference in the world when your power is off due to a storm. We also instal surge and lightning protection.”
For any family-owned business, values and integrity are the source of their success and their longevity. That’s why Electrical Works—pardon the pun—continues shining bright.