Eliminate Extension Cords With Adequate Receptacle Outlets

Extension cords are a common sight in today's technologically rich and gadget friendly society. They can be extremely convenient, due to their ability to provide electrical power to areas that do not have receptacle outlets nearby. In fact, many older or historical homes may have only one or two electrical outlets per room. This is a very impractical situation, especially in places that require large amounts of electricity, such as a kitchen. In an attempt to compensate, many homeowners opt to use extension cords to supply power to places that are hard to reach through other methods. However, caution should be used and if possible, the use of extension cords should be avoided altogether. According to statistics from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there are about 4,000 extension cord related accidents per year that required emergency room care. An estimated 13 percent of these cases involved children less than five years of age (1). Contrary to popular belief, extension cords are not intended for long-term usage. Extension cords are often snaked under rugs or carpeting, which can be a fire hazard. Additionally, they can result in electrical burns, or present a tripping hazard for people who are occupying the room. The safer alternative for those in Georgia, for instance, would be to contact an Atlanta electrician to discuss options of increasing the number of receptacle outlets within a home or room. Eliminating extension cords within a home is particularly important for anyone who has pets or young children. Extension cords can cause serious damage if they are chewed on or played with. Accidents can happen even under carefully supervised conditions. Therefore, the long-term benefits of increasing the number of electrical outlets will far outweigh any initial costs involved in the installation process.

Advantages of Contacting An Electrician For Assistance With Receptacle Outlets
At first, it may seem tempting to try and install additional outlets without the help of an electrician. However, it is not only more cost-effective, but also more efficient to call upon Atlanta electricians to survey the situation and recommend the best solution. They can use their expertise to create an end result that is both user-friendly and reasonably priced. Electricians often visit the home before starting the project so that they can provide a price estimate and answer any questions or concerns. Usually, they will provide status updates to the customer so that there is full disclosure of when the task will be completed. The choice to install additional receptacle outlets within a home is a decision that is smart, convenient, and easy to act upon with help from your local electrician.

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