Explore the Advantages of Hand Dryers

Hand dryer is the most common device used in wash rooms for drying hands. It is a very responsive and effective alternative to traditional paper towels. The device uses 12 sheets of air traveling at a high speed to dry hands in just a few seconds. They are mainly of two types manual and automatic. Manual dryers work on the principle of an operating button whereas the automatic type works on the principle of infrared sensor.
In the present day, automatic dryers are most commonly preferred in response to the aim of providing high level of comfort to customers and clients. These are rust proof and offer high level of safety in terms of health hazards.

There are numerous advantages of using hand dryers and some of the most important are listed below:

The very first advantage is the cost benefit. One hand dryer device goes well for years together. The initial investment is definitely high as compared to paper towels but practically the annual expense made on paper towels is much higher than that spend on hand dryers.

Another advantage is the environmental benefit that is with regards to the restricted use of paper towels. As companies and restaurants have started using hand dryers, the non-recycle waste is eliminated to about 5-15%. The technological device is eco-friendly and helps live in a better atmospheric state.

It also improves cleanliness in the washroom and is virtually maintenance free. With paper towels the wash rooms used to have litter of papers here and there but the use of hand dryers has lead to improved cleanliness. Over that no specific labor is required to clean the dryer on a daily basis; it just needs annual maintenance, thereby saving on labor cost.

One key importance of hand dryers is maintaining a proper hygiene. These days many diseases have invaded into human life most of which are caused by touching. While using soap, there are chances to get infections as the germs from other person can stick to the soap while using it. Later on, when the same soap is used then the person can catch an infection. The most dangerous and widely spread disease today is the H1N1 that can only be prevented by maintaining a proper hygiene. Safe and effective sanitary methods are a great way to reduce the risk of contacting any disease. This leads to a healthy and infection-free life.

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