Filtering Your Air to Protect Your Family

If you do an internet search on “toxic air” it quickly becomes apparent why the filtering system in your heating, air conditioning or HVAC Hendersonville, TN home or business needs a high quality filter. The search results lead to headlines that have words like 'chemical peril', 'weird smells' and 'toxic chemicals'. The scary news is that the toxins in the air can come from places far away because they are carried on air currents to parts unknown.

If you knew what you are breathing it would be cause for concern. The concern would be doubled if you considered that more air pollution is created inside the home or business than outside. Those furniture polish sprays, fabric protectants, dust mites and plastics are all polluting the air you breathe. Fortunately air pollution in the home or business is a problem a professional heating and air conditioning professional can help you solve easily by evaluating your filter needs.

Wrong Filters are Never Right!

As with most things today, there is a dizzying array of filter options. Once upon a time you would go to hardware store and find different sizes of pleated air filters. All you had to do was find the right size for your furnace or air conditioning system. But today you will find different types of filters making it more difficult to decide on the best option for your particular unit.

It is amazing how many people have the wrong type or size of filters installed in their heating and air condition units. Professional technicians called for service on air conditioning Hendersonville, TN homes have installed find filters that are too small or so dirty not a molecule of air could squeeze through. Heating Hendersonville, TN homes properly also requires the right type of filter to be installed.

The factors that need to be considered before purchasing one or more filters are:

>> The type of filter your system requires for maximum efficiency and effectiveness
>> Dimensions of the filter needed to insure the filter fits properly once installed (height, width and thickness)
>> Life of the filter meaning how often does it need to be replaced

Buying cheap filters in an effort to save a few dollars can lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars in increased energy costs, damage units due to overworking, and dangerous levels of indoor pollutants. It's so easy to purchase a filter that the choice you make can seem as if it has few consequences. But that is just not true.

Right Choices Make Clean Air

There are various types of filters to choose from today.

>> Fiberglass disposable filters including pleated fiberglass that collect dust but are not considered to be efficient

>> Electrostatic filters that collect dust and other air pollutants and have a higher efficiency rating than fiberglass filters

>> Electronic filters that installed on a wall for additional filtering capability

>> HEPA filters that are most efficient and can filter typical indoor pollutants including dust and aerosol particles.

The HEPA filters are state of the art. HEPA is an acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance. To qualify as a HEPA filter, it must be able to filter at least 99. 9% of air particles that have a. 3 micron diameter. They can clean the air of dust, pollen, chemical particles and much more. These filters are used in all types of units including HVAC Hendersonville, TN industries.

It is always wise to let an experienced technician check your home or business furnace or air conditioner filters. Whether you are air conditioning and heating Hendersonville, TN homes or are maintaining an HVAC Hendersonville, TN industrial unit, the filters used are important. Air pollution is all around. You just don't know for sure where it's coming from.

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