Finding The Right Electrician to Rewire An Old House

Finding The Right Electrician to Rewire The Old House You Recently Bought

Although many old homes (built more than 60 or 70 years ago) are loaded with charm, making them irresistible from a buyers point of view, you will often find that the structural designs of these homes are at odds with today's standards and safety requirements. As you can probably imagine, the electric wiring in many cases is rarely compatible with today's requirements.

The One Thing That Can't Be Avoided

Buying an old house and neglecting to rewire it is, without any exaggeration, a risk that could seriously endanger your whole family – therefore rewiring is the one thing that can't be avoided, and is one of the most important things to do prior to moving in.

That's why it's imperative to make sure the electrician you hire is fully qualified. A truly qualified electrician who has previous experience with old style electrical wiring will be well acquainted with the various safety measures and precautions that need to be taken care of, so when the renovation is complete and it's time for you and the family to move in, you can all do so without a worry.

Today's Modern Appliances and Old Style Wiring.

Old houses that haven't previously been renovated aren't usually equipped with wirings suitable to take the full load of many of today's modern appliances. Any unseen complication or oversight on the electrician's part could prove to be a potential hazard for your family, and of course for your home. That's why the electrical you hire must be extremely thorough when conducting the preliminary inspection.

Before replacing the old wiring a qualified electrician will carefully inspect the premises, check the internal and external structure on the house, and make a list of everything that needs either to be replaced or repaired. It's also required to carry out the necessary electrical power checks. After locating the fuse box or circuit breaker, the electrician will note all cables, light switches, electrical devices that run through each breaker, and then check the electric power source in every room.

Imperative: Hire An Electrician with Previous Experience in Old Style Homes.

Rewiring is a dangerous task, which is another reason why it's imperative you hire a qualified electrician with previous experience in rewiring old style homes. Now when it comes to finding an electrician experienced with old houses, the builder you've contracted to do your renovation will more than likely have someone who he / she has worked with in the past.

If not, then usually the next best way to find qualified trades people is through recommendations from family or friendly neighbors. And if you don't have any luck there, there's always the local estate agent, who, being a local, is sure to be able to recommend the right person.

NOTE: Always Ask for A Written Quote Before Giving The Go-ahead

Although rewiring an old house can turn out to be quite expensive, it is definitely not something you can overlook. That's why having a fully qualified, experienced professional do the job for you is the only safe way to go. To determine an electrician's qualifications always ask for written qualifications and references. And don't forget, it's only after a thorough preliminary inspection has been carried out that the real cost of the project can be assessed, so be sure to insist on a written quote before giving the go ahead.

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