Fittings For Dado Trunking

Electrical power supply has changed over the years with the introduction of the dado trunking system. This plastic trunking system is built to carry all the power cables through a work station simply effectively and also to have a pleasant appearance when fitted. The advantage of this system has grown over the years as more and more applications are added to the system. Originally the system just transported the cables through the trunking to the various plugs and switches that controlled the final power equipment. The major advantage is that the trunking is surface mounted and constructed of various shaped plastic dado type holders that are easily installed and in which the cabling can be changed quickly according to changing needs. The dado trunking can be mounted at whatever height required, either neatly at ground floor like a skirting board or at waist height like a dado rail or just below the ceiling where it will rarely be seen.

The typical function is at the typical dado or waist height because of the different options that then are able to be used. The system has moved on significantly today with the plugs and switches that the trunking used to supply now being built into the trunking itself. This system allows extra plugs to be added at any time provided there is room in the trunking and provided that a suitable power cable has been run to that part of the trunking. The fitting of plugs and switches completely changed the use of dado trunking as the trunking now contains the complete power source for the work place. The system is totally safe as the trunking is not only tough but also a totally insulated container. The plugs snap fit into the trunking and these can be increased or decreased as the work demands.

The modern dado trunking has separate channels built into the section so that separate lines can pass through the trunking to the back of the plugs and switches channels. It is quite possible to see the electrical supplies passed through one section while the telephone system is passed through another section. The dado trunking typically has a section in which the front can be removed to allow access to the cabling and enable quick and easy changes. The real advantage comes because because it is surface mounted everything can be reached within minutes safely and securely. Finally the sections can be doubled up if there is a significant demand for extra supplies.

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