How a New Samsung SHS-3120 Can Benefit You

I bet you have not thought about how a new Samsung SHS-3120 can benefit you. Most likely, you have not even thought of electronic door locks. They are relatively new, and without the advertising on television to broadcast them to a large audience.

But those that are involved with home improvement and security are familiar with this door lock, and other electronic door locks. These deadbolts provide an assortment of features, that all dwarf the abilities of a traditional door lock. Features such as keyless entry, digital keys and other security measures all combined into one package designed to make your life easier.

Samsung SHS-3120 Convenience and Ease of Use

The Samsung SHS-3120 is packed with features to make entering your own home much more convenient. Features such as keyless entry, lighted keypad, and an auto-locking mechanism allow for easy usage and peace of mind.

This unit is a keyless entry for home deadbolt. It uses a keypad on which you enter a personal code to unlock it. In a few short seconds, without touching your keys at all, you can get entry into your home. The code is chosen by you, and be can changed any time you want. At night, the keypad lights up when you press a button, allowing you to see it much easier. And the auto-locking mechanism locks the door after you shut it, meaning you do not ever have to worry about locking the door again.

Samsung SHS-3120 Security Features

With all the features to make the Samsung SHS-3120 easy to use and convenient, it may seem that is not as secure of a deadbolt as it can be. Well, that is completely the opposite. The convenience features of the unit not only increase ease of use, but also increase the security of your own home.

This electronic door lock also has a random combo feature, which lights up two random buttons after you enter in your code. After you hit those, the door unlocks. This is protection from anyone that may be watching you, displaying to them a false code. After a few incorrect codes, the deadbolt sounds an audible alarm.

The digital keys that the Samsung SHS-3120 uses also help to avoid a very large problem with traditional locks, which is key bumping. Keybumping is act of forcing a lock open with the wrong key. It is so easy, even a 10 year old child can do it. But since this electronic door lock uses plastic digital keys, it is completely immune to key bumping.

One other major security feature is the high quality construction. Built of tough, tamper resistant metals, this lock will handle a beating, whether it is years of use, extreme weather, or even potential burglars.

How a New Samsung SHS-3120 Can Benefit You

These are just a few ways a Samsung SHS-3120 can benefit you. Ease of use, peace of mind, convenience. And do not forget the added value your home will get when you install one of these on your front door. Good luck, and may you enjoy your new electronic door lock.

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