How An Attic Vent Fan Will Lower Your Energy Costs

Did you know that your attic can reach up to one hundred and sixty degrees in the summer months? If your home lacks proper energy efficiency due to poor insulation, this can increase your air conditioning cost because of all the extra power it will take to cool down your home. Did you also know that an attic vent fan can do as good or even a better job than some other cooling systems and even provide ventilation for your entire home with less power and give you a cheaper utility bill?

As previously mentioned, your attic can get as hot as one hundred and sixty degrees during the hottest parts of the summer. This can turn your attic into a giant simmering oven that can cook any prized personal possessions and cost you hundreds of dollars in increased utility prices. In the winter months, even though your attic is cooler, moisture from rain or snow can seep into your home and interact with the air in the attic to cause mildew, mold, and floor damage. However, it would not be very practical to spend money heating your attic to prevent such things. Don’t worry though! The solution lies in the installation of a fan in your attic.

An attic fan works by sucking in air from outside of the home and propelling it through the vents inside your home with no extra equipment required. This will ensure that every room from the bedroom, family room, to the kitchen is properly cooled. Basically, in the summer months, once your attic hits a certain preset temperature, the fan will pull cooler air inside the house and push the warmer air outside the house. Some of these fans also come with a humidistat. This is important during the winter months because a humidistat will pull the moisture from the cooler air thus preventing mold and other damage.

An attic vent fan, due to its efficiency, is also capable of cooling your whole house without you having to exhaust all of your financial resources, give up the quiet of air conditioning, or sacrifice the cooling efficiency of a central air system. This can save you money and still allow you to enjoy all the comfort and luxury you deserve. So if you are looking for the next best solution for your cooling needs, look up to the fans from your attic.

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