How to Buy Siemens Circuit Breakers Online

Siemens has been a leader in circuit breaker technology for years and are commonly used in many homes and offices. Buying them online instead of at a local electrical supply shop can save lots of money.

Siemens is a German conglomerate and has become one of the world's top suppliers of transportation, production and building technology solutions. They operate in 190 countries and have been in the business for more than 160 years with a reputation of quality and innovation. Siemens manufacture different types of circuit breakers. Low voltage circuit breakers for residential use come in 4 types which are all geared toward the overload and short-circuit protection of the electrical system in your home. High voltage circuit breakers for commercial and industrial applications on the other hand have capacities of up to 5,000 amperes and are designed to protect your electrical system.

Almost everything is sold online now, Siemens circuit breakers included. With the internet being so easy to access, it has also become a vehicle for abuse. If you want to buy your circuit breakers online, there are some things you need to take into consideration to make sure that you achieve your goal of saving money by buying online.

1. Know the technical specifications (type, capacity and application) of the circuit breaker that you are buying. It will limit the possibility of ordering the wrong item and incur additional costs for returning it and the waste of time waiting for the right one to arrive. Check with the Siemens website to find out if they have the type and capacity that you need.

2. Search online for reputable Siemens-accredited distributors and dealers. The Siemens webpage provides a list of the distributors and dealers in your area. These distributors may have online stores. Buying from these suppliers ensure that you are getting a genuine Siemens product and not copycats which are proliferating today.

3. Compare prices from different Siemens-accredited suppliers. If you are thinking of buying used or refurbished circuit breakers, find out their prices vis-à-vis a new one of the same type. If you want to buy a new one, though, compare prices with different suppliers.

4. Remember to add in the freight costs. High capacity Siemens circuit breakers may be heavy and would entail high shipping costs so if your chosen online supplier does not have a store or warehouse near you, buying from them may run up a higher bill than buying directly from a brick and mortar store within your area.

5. Make sure you buy from suppliers that give warranties. Siemens Corporation gives a warranty on circuit breakers depending on the type of breaker. Your supplier should be able to extend the same warranty to you, the end user.

6. Look for a supplier that has a return policy. No matter how prepared or careful you are when ordering, there is always a possibility of ordering the wrong one. The supplier you choose should be open to returning the item and having it replaced or refunded.

7. Make sure that the suppliers you choose have either physical offices or stores or non-web contact information so you can contact them if there are any issues that cannot be dealt with online.

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