How to Lower Your Electrical Bill

Would you like to find a way to avoid paying your electrical bill without having your electricity cut off? Of course, who wouldn't? Paying the electrical bill has long been one of the biggest bills in my family, but by following some simple rules, we were able to all but eliminate the charges completely, and now we pay about $ 10 per month. Yep, just $ 10. How did we do it? Well, we used three basic principles.

The first was that we simply reduced the amount of energy we used. I know, it sounds pretty simple, but do you realize how much energy you use simply by leaving the lights on in a room you're not in? It's actually quite a bit, and it adds up over time. When we're watching television now, we always make sure that the lights are off all over the rest of the house, and not only is the picture quality better, but so is the electrical bill. In addition, you can take out some of the light bulbs from your chandeliers and bathroom vanities. With fewer sources of light to power, your home will drain less energy from the electrical company and you'll be charged less for your power usage.

The second thing we did was to set up our own power generator. Most people would choose solar panels to be installed on their roof, but for us, with our heavily shaded apartment balcony, it made more sense to put in a small windmill that hangs over the edge of our balcony. It's wired directly into our unit's power supply, and can generate power all day and night. Most of the time, you're not actually using the energy produced by your solar panels or windmill, but you're feeding energy back to the electrical company, which reverses many of the charges. Within three months we were able to recoup the cost of the supplies of installing our windmill because this alternative energy source was so efficient, running day and night every day of the year.

Finally, no matter what your rates currently might be, or whatever advertised price you find, you should seriously consider switching your electric company to a competitor. When you make a switch like this, you simply ask for a new customer discount from the new company, and more often than not, they'll give you some significant savings. In addition, you can play the companies' against each other, since your current company will really try to keep you on their budget sheet. By making a switch, you'll get all kinds of offers to switch back, and you can save a lot of money each time you switch, although you probably won't want to do it more than once or twice. However, even switching only once, we were able to cut our cost by about thirty percent, which is no small number considering it took only two phone calls to achieve.

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