How to Repair an Onan Generator

As with all machinery, parts wear and tear over time due to years of use and accidents. You've already spent time and money on finding and purchasing the right generator for you, and the last thing you want to do is waste money on faulty parts and crafty workmanship. So where do you go and who can you trust to repair your Onan generator? The best case scenario is to find a reputable Cummins Onan dealer with the proper knowledge and experience necessary to make repairs.

Not every Onan generator owner has the convenience of living near a Cummins Onan dealer. If this is the case, what do you do now? It's time to hit the internet and find a dealer. There are a host of websites out there all claiming to be reputable Onan dealers. To narrow down the list of choices, look for an official Onan logo and copyrighted material on the webpage. All reputable Onan dealers advertising on the web will have lots of organized and easy to understand information about their products on their website without having to direct you to another site.

The official Cummins Onan website has a location finder which is simple to use. Fill out the location finder form with accurate information and let the website do the work for you. Now that you've found a dealership near you, go ahead and bring in your generator for repair. Associates at official dealerships are knowledgeable about Onan products including their usage and repair. Not only can they make repairs using parts made specifically for an Onan Generator, they can answer any questions you may have.

Local Cummins Onan distributors and dealers are located throughout the country. When conducting a local search via the official Cummins Onan website, each location listed as a result of your search will state whether or not the distributor or dealer makes repairs. Directions and distance as well as all contact information including a physical address, telephone number, fax number and website “if available” are listed. Product type, ie Onan Engine, portable, and residential, is factored into the location selection process as well.

Parts and accessories for your Onan generator are available through Onan distributors and dealers and through the Cummins Onan store. Parts can be purchased directly from the Cummins Onan Store over the internet. Prices and full spec sheets are listed on the website as well as suggested complementing products. Operator manuals and additional information about Onan generators are available for download off the website.

The Cummins Onan Company prides itself on having one of the biggest customer service programs of its kind in the country. In order to become a Cummins Onan distributor or dealer, the place of business must be certified. All distributors and dealers employ properly trained and qualified staff to ensure expert installation assistance. Cummins Onan has an extensive training and certification process which is why sending your generator to an official distributor or dealer, for those who choose to go that route, is an ideal solution.

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