Information About Wind Power Generator

Wind power generators are device that converts the energy of the wind into a useful energy form. The common type of this generator is a 3 bladed turbine, which converts wind energy to electric energy. This kind of generator is becoming famous, as lots of countries turn away from usual fuel energy sources to renewable sources.

In other ways, anything utilized to transform wind energy could be looked as a wind generator. From this viewpoint, even something as easy as a sail on a ship can be looked as a wind power generator, converting the wind to energy for the sailing ship. A windmill attached to a grain processor or a water pump can be looked at as wind power generator as well. This type of wind power generator was utilized since the second century BC in Persia, and the machine spread all over the world.

More commonly, this generator is only looked at as a machine that converts wind energy to electricity. By the end of the 1st decade of the twentieth century, there were 100 electric generators placed to windmills in the US, with some generating as much as 25KW. All through 1920s, the wind power generator still rise in fame in the US, acting as a foundation of small amounts of electric energy in rural place which weren’t attached to any kind of centralized grid.

With the arrival of the strong national electric grid, powered by nuclear plants and coal, the usage of the wind power generator lessened in the US. Although still utilized in the 1960’s and 1970’s on farms for water pumping, few generators were utilized to actually generate electricity. In the early 1980’s, this started to alter, with the new wind power generator coming back, and an increasing interest in alternative power sources to oil.

The new wind generator is often on a horizontal alignment, with 3 blades attached to it. The generator alters direction to countenance the wind, as determined by a computer. They’re designed to efficiently get the energy of the wind, with as little wobbling as possible. The new wind power generator is normally placed above a pillar some 200-300 ft high, and the blades are between 60 and 130 ft long. Most wind generators have changeable speeds, letting them to best use the wind, and they could be manually turned down if the speed of the wind gets too high, to ensure no damage comes to the machine.