Interior Lighting to Improve the Aesthetic and Increase the Value of Your Home

Interior lighting greatly helps improve the aesthetic appeal of a home. This sets the mood in any room and can greatly enhance the beauty of the various elements present inside. The first time “feel” of a room is set through lighting and hence it is an integral part and also one of the most important parts of interior decoration in general.

Homeowners need to take lighting seriously not only because they can appreciate their own home much better and derive greater pleasure from it but also from an economic point of view. Homes with great interior lighting have a much higher resale value compared with homes that do not take this seriously. Thus the value of your home depends a lot on the interior lighting and you should make sure that you understand this important aspect of your home.

Different kinds of homes require different kinds of lighting. Also, different areas within a home need different kinds of lighting to add to their aesthetic appeal.

General lighting is the most common and its purpose is simply to illuminate the whole room. This is well suited for the living area and some bedrooms. One very good thing to consider with general lighting is to have the ability to dim the light to an ambient value, so that you can adjust the brightness.

In addition to general lighting, homes need to feature accent lighting as well. In contrast, the purpose of accent lighting is to illuminate only a certain portion of the home, usually an object or architectural element. Thus if you have an antique sculpture or a great piece of art, you would like to include accent lighting for it to highlight this object. Accent lighting helps give importance to objects in the room. It can also be used for bookcases, showcases, etc. that are prominent in a home.

Another type of lighting that is commonly overlooked is the task lighting that provides sufficient light for a particular task at hand, such as cooking, reading, etc. These lights are specialized and used for a certain purpose only. These are important if you want to carry out a task effectively and can be hugely beneficial. Task lights can also add a great element of style to the room. It is important that task lights make things easy without straining your eyes, so they should be glare free.

These lighting elements need to be combined in a home for each room. When selecting these kinds of lights, make sure you know what the purpose of the light is. For example, it is best to have soft and diffused lighting in the bathroom. Such diffused lighting is also ideal for a bedroom meant for a romantic encounter, as it sets just the right mood. On the other hand, this kind of lighting is ill suited for the kitchen or living room.

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