Magic Chef Parts – The Real Story

Frankly, there's a lot of misinformation with regards to Magic Chef Parts as to why they're so expensive. As they've been known for a long time as a relatively cheap home machines and appliances a lot of people expect that the parts for the aforementioned brand will be similar in costs.

For many of the simpler items this may very well be true, but these are the items that are still in mass production. Since Magic chef was taken over by Maytag corporation in recent years they stopped production of many of the more complex items. There are some items that are still produced such as microwaves and wine coolers, but for the most part many of the machines such as tumble dryers, ovens and washing machines are no longer in production. People bought these items because they were substantially cheaper than most other alternatives. As you can imagine many of these people were on low or lower incomes. Seeing as these items are no longer in production many of the spare parts have now risen substantially in value. The people that wanted to buy the item to originally save money may find that once they break down the replacement parts can cost substantially more than what they'd have cost just a few years ago.

Due to this massive increase many people who are hit by the recession are now in a difficult position, because when their machine washer breaks down the Magic Chef Parts needed to repair it can cost so much that in some cases it's cheaper to buy an entire new second hand replacement.

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