PAT Testing – Understanding the Quality and Importance

Without PAT testing, the risk of an electrical fire can nearly triple after just three years of owning any portable appliance. The older an appliance gets, the greater the risk of an electrical fire. Naturally, if the PAT testing isn’t well performed the risk of an electrical fire still remains high.

Appliances that are eligible for the Portable Appliance Testing are not necessarily what all of us would consider “portable.”Fridges, dishwashers, ovens, separate freezers, washing machines and dryers. Other appliances that are eligible for the PAT testing are not necessarily what many of us would consider to be “appliances,” either. Laptops and desktop computers and telephones are part of the appliance collection that needs to undergo the testing process, especially in offices.

Both the workplace and the residence contain appliances that must undergo testing. Of course, public areas like hotels, schools, libraries, and even tourist attractions that have electrical appliances even if they are only accessible by the employees. All landlords need to recognise the value in having their rental properties evaluated annually. Tenant safety and the integrity of the building’s safety can often rely on the quality of the testing that is performed.

While many consumers do follow the testing requirements, they often don’t know exactly how to go about ensuring that the tester is responsible enough to thoroughly perform his or her job. You can follow the tester about, leaning over their shoulder and getting in the way. Of course, job performance is often hampered by such micromanaging. It is reasonable to believe that there is a much different approach that won’t offend the contracted individual there to perform the tests.

NAPIT, which is the National Association of Inspectors and Testers, helps to verify the quality of the professional that is coming in to perform this service. Some of the best rated companies carry the honor of the Government Trustmark, which is basically the government’s stamp of approval on the high quality work that is performed by the testers and inspectors.

References and website details also count. Is the website up to date? Does it look like it was just tossed up on the internet or does it offer you actual information that you can use to help you make an informed decision? How easy is it to contact the company by phone? Even if they have email registration you should still be able to reach the company by phone in order to ask a few relevant questions or to file a complaint if the service doesn’t go well?

The need for high quality PAT testing is really not in dispute. What is frustrating is that too many companies are willing to send in an employee that either doesn’t know how to deal effectively and honestly with the testing process or doesn’t want to be bothered to go through all of the necessary actions. By making sure that you’re using a company with a solid reputation, which is licensed and insured so that your safety as well as the safety of others is well protected.