Paying Your Electricity Bills On Time Will Help You Save Money

These days, electricity prices have been getting more and more expensive and with winter season almost approaching people are finding ways as to how they can save on their electricity bills. This article will provide you tips on saving money from electricity and can be applied immediately if you want to.

Companies that supply their consumers with electricity and gas have offers that help you have discounts when you pay your bills by direct debit. This ranges from 10% – 15% discount depending on the amount you will be paying for your electricity or gas consumption. This discount is being offered to push you to pay by direct debit because those companies know that when you pay in this kind of process (direct debit) they will receive the payment almost instantly.

Many gas and electric companies now have billing centers that enables you to pay for your electricity bills and gas bills at once. These companies offer you discount if you are ever billed through them. The reason why you receive a discount just by paying through them is because they know that you are a consumer of their product. Also companies bill their consumers with electricity and gas by using one paper which also saves the company from extra costs on billing materials, which is then passed on to you (consumer) that helps you lower your electricity bills as well.

To those that do not pay by direct debit but pays with the use of cheques or paying directly by having to go to a post office, you may still get a discount just by paying on time. Having to pay your bills on time is a lot more than paying your bills because you electric and gas supplier reminded you with notices. Again, the discount still ranges from 10% – 15% when you pay on time.

Many companies that bill their consumers and even companies that supply their consumers with gas and electricity offer discounts if the consumers themselves send their meter reading through email or by telling it through phone. And because those companies recognize the efforts that you will make by helping them not send you bills, they will give you discount instead.

The most effective way on saving money and lowering electricity bills is by having to change your outdated light bulbs into the modern energy saving bulbs. Most electric companies offer this kind of gesture as their token of appreciation to their loyal consumers. Some have said that they only called their electric provider and got free energy saving light bulbs. Not plugging appliances that still connected to the sockets consumes significant amount of electricity. By simply unplugging those when they are not in use can save you electricity and money.

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