Professional Electricians Are Needed for Rewiring an Old House

Rewiring an old house is something that you must give careful consideration to, as this can be extremely costly. I recently made the expensive mistake of trying to do a botch job, thinking I could get away with only fixing part of the problem and not rewiring the whole house which totally backfired on me.

I recently bought an old three bedroom house in Stoke on Trent that was in need of some renovation. Little did I know before I thought the property that there were some serious issues with the electrics and some difficult electrical jobs ahead even for the experienced electrician.

I thought I could get away with just changing my old a dilapidated fuse box, one which looked like it had taken a step back in time to the first world war! What I did not realise was that the rest of the old wires in the house simply couldn’t cope with the amount of electricity flying through them!

I tried to do the job myself, I’ve changed a few plug sockets before and I really thought I’d be able to change an old fuse box, I mean, what could be so difficult, blue is left, brown and right and green and yellow wire are earth right? The easiest way to explain what happened is simply the house nearly burned down and I nearly killed myself! Turns out there is far more to changing a fuse board than I originally thought and believe you and me, it is not something that should be tackled without a considerable amount of expertise, knowledge and experience.

So as you don’t make the same mistakes I did, what I’d like to do is point out some considerations when looking at updating the electrics of an old house.

Wiring – is the wiring black or grey? If it’s black then the electrics need checking as this means the cabling is old! New cabling is grey and heavily insulated in grey PVC so get it checked!

Plug sockets – if your plug sockets are round and you have some round pin plug holes, then this is real sign that your electrics is old. When these types of circuits were installed many years ago, there wasn’t the heavy demand on electricity like there is in the modern day home today. All my kids have laptops, TV’s, DVD players, Playstaions etc. etc. Old circuit boards simply can’t cope with the demand of the modern day home. Get it checked.

Fuse Boards – if your fuse box looks old and dated and it uses copper wiring then get it checked straight away, again, old fuse boxes simply can’t cope and will be prone to blowing all the time.

What you need is a professional electrician who can check your electrics, rewire your house properly making sure it has all the necessary safety certificates which can be extremely useful when selling your home. If you need qualified and professional electricians in Stoke on Trent then look no further than Copeland’s Electrical Services.

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