Reasons To Invest In a Standby Generator During Summer

Every year, millions of Americans are affected by power outages and loss of electricity. While some outages occur due to maintenance or faulty systems, majority of major electricity loss is due to severe weather. Power outages not only result in inconveniences, but also jeopardize the safety of your family as well. Majority of the time, we take the modern conveniences of refrigerated food, heating and cooling for granted. But during major storms where power could be interrupted for days if not weeks on end, an investment in a Standby Generator is worth considering.

Although generators can be purchased year round, there are certain times of the year that it is more feasible and logical to do so. Here are a few reasons to invest in a standby generator during the warmer months of the year.

Requires Professional Installation

Standby generators are sophisticated equipment that can not be installed by your average laymen. They generally connect to other fuel supplies such as natural gas or propane and most of the time, require permitting and specialized equipment and know-how. Since these generators access underground supply lines, there is no better time than the summer months for contractors to easily dig underground. During the more frigid months, soil is harder to access and crewmen need to exert more effort to remove snow or ice. Crewmen are also more apt to work more efficiently and quickly when the weather is conducive to outdoor labor likely making the installation speedier. Standby generators, once installed, are fully automated and access underground lines once the main power has been disconnected. Some generators can even resupply your home with energy in as little as ten seconds from the time electricity has been lost. The complex installation process ensures that this is a seamless transition and that your generator will run efficiently when you need it most. Opting to purchase and install a generator during the warmer months is a smart choice.

Possible Tax Credit

Dependent on your financial situation and tax eligibility, home generators may qualify you for rebates and credits annually. Whether for a home business or residential use, the IRS has provided for some tax relief to encourage individuals to invest in generators and increase energy efficiency. Summer months are a perfect time to make a large investment as they fiscally fall about the middle of the traditional tax year. This leaves individuals a lot of time to prepare the necessary paperwork and check with your accountant or tax professional to ensure maximization of tax credits.


When Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to more than an estimated 8 million homes on the Atlantic Seaboard for upwards of a week, standby generators were in high demand. Contractors and suppliers' schedules were booked solid for weeks, if not months at a time. An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure. Waiting until the last minute when storm season is upon us and generators are in high demand may mean that you are not getting the best deal possible. Just as purchasing Winter clothes in the Summer months ensures a great deal, scheduling the install of a standby generator during the off-season months means a better chance at scheduling and possible discounted prices or special manufacturer rebates. Hurricane season on the Eastern seaboard generally starts in late October – November. Investing in a standby generator in the Summer months mean beating the severe weather by several weeks ensuring that your generator is ready for use when your household needs it most.

Points to Consider

Standby generators are more expensive than a traditional portable generator but seamlessly provide emergency backup power to your household when needed the most. Dependent on the size of the generator purchased, they can provide your entire household with all power needed, or simply power a few essentials like heating, cooling, refrigeration, medically necessary equipment and lights. All homes should consider the amount of time you could comfortably live in “emergency mode” without the common conveniences such as hot water for example. Although a standby generator is a purchase that can be considered year-round, Summer is an optimal time for investment.

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