Sensor Operated Bathroom Mirrors or Pull Cord?

If you have a light in your bathroom other than the main bathroom light, perhaps on your bathroom mirror how do you want that to function? The International Protection Rating (sometimes known as Ingress Protection Rating) is an internationally set standard to provide classification as to the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of objects into the electrical circuit or water into electrical enclosures. Taking this into account, what is the type of switch you would prefer to operate the lights above or behind your bathroom mirror?

Switch options for mirror lighting
There are three types of option you have for operating mirror lighting.

  • Wired into the main lighting. (so the mirror light operates with the main bathroom light)
  • Pull cord operated. (A pull cord on the mirror unit operates the light function)
  • Sensor Operated. (A sensor housed in the mirror, detects your presence and operates the bathroom mirror light)

Always usa Fully Qualified Electrician Regardless of how you choose to have your bathroom mirror lights operate. It is important that you ensure that the mirror is installed by a fully qualified electrician and pay attention to the type of mirror you are buying. You have to make sure that the IP rating matches the zone in the bathroom where you intend to install the bathroom mirror. The area typically where you may choose to place a mirror or two mirrors is in two Bathroom Zones covered by the International protection rating. Zone 2 and the zone formerly known as Zones 3. To avoid any ambiguity when considering a mirror or indeed its functions, then the safe bet would be to consult a fully qualified electrician.

Pull Cord or Sensor Operated Mirror Lights
With a pull cord operated bathroom mirror light, you have to physically touch the mirror or a draw cord to enable the operation of the mirror. This is all well and good if you are about to operate the light in the light or you are using the mirror light in conjunction with the main light. However what if you walk into the bathroom when it is dark and you wish to only use the mirror? This may be an advantage of using a sensor operated mirror. Whichever you choose the main advantage of having a light above, on or even within your bathroom mirror is to be able to have more control over the reflection you receive.

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