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  • Commerical & Residential Service

    Electrical Works is proud to offer electrical services to both businesses and private residences.

  • Landscape Lighting

    We provide excellent landscape lighting options to highlight and enhance your night-time curb appeal. Uplighting, pathlights and more.

  • Pool & Spa Lighting

    Set the mood in your pool or spa area by enhancing it with lighting features or custom color LED lighting.

  • Gate Systems

    Add protection and security to your property with a convenience electric gate system.

  • New Service, Repairs & Upgrades

    We can create a new electrical connection, or simply repair an old one. Looking to change out your equipment and upgrade? We can do that, too!

  • Generator Systems

    In case your power goes out, don’t be in the dark. Electrical Works can install a whole-house generator to keep you up and running.

  • Manufactured Home Connection

    Putting a manufactured home on a new lot? Let us connect you to the power supply.

  • Lightning Protection

    Florida is known for lightning strikes. Electrical Works can help protect your home with surge protection at your meter — helping to block the power surge before it enters the home and destroys valuable electronics.

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