Smoke Detectors – Avoid Fires and Save Lives

Fires in the home take many lives each year. They occur most often when the family is sleeping and a properly functioning smoke detector has repeatedly proven to prevent untimely fatalities.

Although the evidence clearly states smoke detectors do save lives many homes do not have properly functioning smoke detectors. There are many reasons for this; some people may object to the expense, for others reasoning may include not having the knowledge to install it properly. Some have smoke detectors with dead batteries in them – rendering the device useless. While it is recommended that batteries in each device be replaced every six months a lot of people will simply forget or remove a battery in an over sensitive detector and therefore the detector is essentially useless in the event of a fire.

Is Your Detector Too Sensitive? Calculations from the National Fire Protection Association and the US Fire Administration suggest that large numbers of fires in the home are caused by Christmas trees and holiday lights. People are reminded to replace batteries at each time change and it is recommended to check them before adding any holiday decorations using electric as a safety measure in the event a fire occurs. While cooking holiday meals the smoke detector may sound the alarm but it is not recommended to take the batteries out. Tip: If your detector seems too sensitive, use a vacuum cleaner to clean dust out of the device as this can make a big difference.

Smoke Detector Placement In the United States, local laws vary on placement of these units in the home. The rule of thumb is one per level and one in the vicinity of each bedroom. Statistically, fatalities that do occur in homes with working smoke detectors are more often than not because most homes have only one per level and while asleep, residents hear the alarm too late.

In some areas, homes that are a new construction involve laws that are a bit stricter and take advantage of newer technologies. New homes must have smoke detection devices wired into the electrical system and provide devices in each bedroom. Many families are following suit and adding the wired alarms when updating homes. It's imperative to work with a professional in this situation. If you're looking to do this in the Atlanta area, it is imperative to contact an Atlanta electrician before attempting to install any electrical components in the home in order to ensure proper installation and keep safety hazards at bay.

Many state programs provide free fire protection equipment to low income residents. However after an Atlanta fire took the lives of three young sisters in 2009; Many debates have sparked over the effectiveness of the older model devices. Atlanta electrical contractors are offering area residents advice on how to upgrade to newer wired models.

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