Square D Circuit Breakers

Are you looking for information on Square D Circuit Breakers? This article presents an introduction to some of the best breakers on the market.

Circuit breakers are an important part of home and industrial electricity systems. They monitor and control the amount of current flowing through the circuit. They are basically protective devices. Their main function is to detect any fault in the circuit and to break it, like a fuse does, in case there is an electricity overload or a short circuit. Unlike fuses, that have to be replaced after one tripping, circuit breakers can be reset. This resetting can be done either manually or automatically.

Square D is a very popular brand owned by Schneider Electric, which is a French company. The Square D catalog has many lines of electrical products to offer but its most popular offering is its wide range of circuit breakers. The popularity of their breakers is immense and their share in the market is unparalleled. It would not be wrong to assert that the majority of American households use Square D circuit breakers.

This kind of popularity speaks volumes about the efficiency of the company and the quality of its products. The Square D Company is actually a very experienced brand that has grown by leaps and bounds over the decades.

There are many unique features of Square D breakers that distinguish them from their competitors. To begin with, they are easy to set up and install and they come with a limited lifetime warranty. Another unique feature of is that they have the Visi-Trip indicator, which makes it very easy to locate the breaker that has tripped. This is useful especially in cases where there is a large panel of breakers.

Square D has a huge range of breakers to offer. They have extensive options for every kind of utility and application. From low voltage breakers for domestic use to high voltage breakers for industrial and commercial use, Square D has options for almost every job.

Square D circuit breakers can be purchased both online and in some stores. But there are unique advantages to shopping online. For example if your home circuit system requires a model that Square D contractors in the market have stopped carrying it's highly likely that you can find old Square D breakers online. They're often offered at a cheaper price with no compromise on quality or safety. They generally function as nicely as new breakers once they have been refurbished.

While buying any breaker, ensure that you know the exact amperage requirements of your job. To make sure, you may need to consult an electrician. As always be careful during installation and always consult a professional if you have any questions regarding your Square D Circuit Breaker.

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