Tamper-Proof Receptacles – What Are They and Are They for Me?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, about 236 children in Atlanta recently suffered severe burns and electrical shocks because they inserted their fingers or metallic objects in electrical slots.

It is also true that every year 2400 children across the US receive electrical injuries and over a dozen children below the age of six lose their lives due to the absence of tamper proof receptacles in their homes.

You need to be extra cautious if you have toddlers running around in your homes. They are inquisitive by nature, and you need to keep poisonous as well as sharp substances out of their reach; Also, you have to be extra cautious so that they do not insert their tiny fingers into electrical parts.

Taking into account the numerous injuries suffered by the infants, the National Electrical Code (NEC) issued guidelines in 2008 to include tamper proof receptacles in locations such as residential homes and daycare centers. All the municipalities and states have to follow the revisions mentioned in the 2008 NEC that clearly states the use of these receptacles with all the 15-20 Amp 125 volt outlets in single-as well as multi-family homes.

How does tamper proof receptacles protect us is the next logical question that comes to mind. The answer is simple. These receptacles have a shutter system that automatically closes the electrical slots as soon as plugs are removed from the outlets. Therefore, whenever your child tries to insert a sharp metallic object or stick their fingers in the socket, he or she will not come in contact with any live electrical components.

Although Atlanta electrical contractors have recently started installing tamper proof receptacles in homes after Georgia adopted the 2008 NEC, these outlets have been used in pediatric wards of hospitals for over two decades. Atlanta Electricians can easily replace your existing outlets with tamper resistance receptacles, because they do not require any special installation or wiring. The shutters present in these devices do not hamper the normal insertion or removal of plugs.

Tamper resistance receptacles are not required in homes built before the 2008 NEC. Nevertheless, it wouldn't hurt to have them installed in your home as soon as possible as a precaution, as you never know when you may have children of family and friends for a visit. There are several advantages of getting tamper resistant receptacles installed in your home by hiring the services of electricians in Atlanta.

  • These devices are hard-wired solutions and therefore, you do not have to worry about losing, breaking or inserting the device.
  • They are much better than plastic outlet caps that we often fail to replace
  • They offer automatic protection even after the cord and plug has been removed

By hiring an electrician in Atlanta to replace standard receptacles with tamper-proof resistant devices may cost you more than buying a child's car safety seat, but they will offer them greater protection for years to come in the comfort of their home.

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