The Advantages of An Electric Tankless Water Heater

Many are following the growing trend of using the new electric tankless water heater. For many years most households and businesses have used conventional units. These have a storage tank that stores the water and keeps it at the desired temperature all the time so that it is ready to use as soon as the tap is turned on to release hot water. The electric tankless water heater does not have a storage tank but heats the water as it flows through the heating unit.

With the conventional models the storage tank is kept full and hot all the time. It uses an excessive amount of energy to keep the contents hot. An electric tankless water heater does not contain a tank this means that there is no expense wasted in trying to keep the water at a preset temperature. Rather the digital controller is set by the user and then the water is heated to that preset temperature as it passes through. Since there is not a tank in which to store water, there is no chance that the user will ever run out of hot water.

Saving money on the electric bill and having an endless supply of hot water are the two main advantages that are the reasons most people make the switch to the electric tankless water heater. But there are a couple more advantages that customers like about these new units as well. They are generally very easy to install. The user's manual that comes with the unit contains step by step instructions for hooking the unit up properly. But if there is any doubt, a qualified plumber can easily hook it up and have it running properly in a matter of a few minutes.

The newer units are available in several different sizes; this will help accommodate larger families or businesses. Smaller units may be sufficient for small housing units. Some of the smallest models can be hooked up right at the source of the water. This can be a major convenience for those who have a detached garage or shop but need a small supply of hot water.

These units are usually a good size and generally save space compared to conventional models. They also can be placed anywhere, they do not have to be contained in a closet, and may even be mounted to an outside wall instead. These are many of the advantages of choosing a new electric tankless water heater.

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