The Benefits Of Kohler Residential Generator Sets

A Residential Generator is ideal for homeowners who wish to have emergency backup power in the event of a power outage. Many people are realizing the value of having one of these units in the house. Homeowners need to know a few things about the unit before buying one.

Matters such where and how it should be installed, are also important. Selecting the right unit is very important and homeowners many need some help in making this decision. To ensure a unit has long life and it operates quietly a four cycle industrial duty diesel engine, which is liquid cooled is recommended.

Air-cooled kinds are very noisy and furthermore they need copious amounts of air to run. A more even temperature is required with liquid cooled and they are much quieter. For many they would be considered the better option.

An integral air cleaner will save both money and time. Using this means an added muffler will not be required. A spin-on oil filter full flow, with a bypass should be used for the lubrication system. In order to be able to access parts it is highly recommended that homeowners buy branded units instead of buying cheap off brand versions that are mass produced. Many of these will not last much longer than a few months.

A standard twelve-volt system would include a battery charging alternator, starter motor and a solid-state voltage regulator. Generators that work with diesel should have a start/stop switch and a pre heat switch. Should the engine experience oil pressure loss then it would need a safety shutdown system. This would be needed for high water temperature and overspeeding of the generator.

AC generators normally have a four pole revolving field. Clean power is provided for by an automatic voltage regulator. All of this is necessary for a Residential Generator to provide power to the home.

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